Monday, March 29, 2010

Is he dead?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had written a hoax in this blog recently claiming the Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew had a massive heart attack, curious of the consequence of it in his tiny island where everything depends on him.

Not surprisingly the hoax caused a storm. The stock market which I heard dropped, was followed immediately by the state controlled press with a report claiming it rose, an obvious attempt to assuage the fears of the business community. One writer wrote that he nearly dumped all his shares to avoid their losing value.

Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom he appointed Prime Minister is not of consequence at all, as most people know. He can be safely ignored. There is nothing he has or can do without his father.

So, as we are very certain of business and political mayhem in Singapore with his death, it is time to warn all those foreign banks and investors in Singapore that it is not safe. Not safe for their investments in an island where everything depends on the old man.

Which reminds me that since the last several months, we have never seen the 87 year old tottering Lee Kuan Yew in public at all. At the time of my hoax, the Prime Ministers' office conveniently reported that he had gone to London, but unlike in the past, there not even a single news report from the state controlled press of his London trip. No pictures of him in London. No pictures of interviews with London luminaries. No nothing.

We all know that when he travels abroad, he is accompanied by several journalists from his Singapore state controlled press who report every word that he utters. In this case, total silence.

You know what I think? His trip to London was a lie. He never left Singapore. He was probably in Singapore all along, dead worried about what would happen to him and his son if the public fell for my story.

I hate to say this, but I beginning to wonder whether in fact he is actually dead! In other dictatorial countries such as North Korea and Soviet Union, since they also control the press like in Singapore, they do not report the death of the dictator sometimes for several months so as not to alarm the public.

In Singapore we know the economy is bound to collapse with his death since the entire island is run by this man.

So my question is, is he dead? And is the Singapore state controlled media deliberately hiding the inevitable fact from us?

If we do not hear anything from the Singapore state controlled press anytime soon, it would have been several months since we last had any news whether the man was breathing.

Remember he is 87.

Perhaps it is time for even more Singaporeans to pack up for New Zealand now, the recent hot favorite for Singapore emigres, and for foreign businessmen and crooks to take their money and get out.

Leaving now is a prudent decision. The Singapore ship will sink with the old man. There is no doubt about it. Better now than too late.

If the brain drain today from Singapore is bad enough now, it will turn into an unstoppable flood the moment news breaks out the man has gone to his Maker.

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Anonymous said...

Be patient!!

post-LEE said...


If LEE KUAN YEW is indeed dead, I need to prepare for celebration.

[ONE.] Confer the new title of Minister Post-Mortal to LEE by burning the appointment certificate to the place called HELL.

[TWO.] Pop the champaign. The bottle may have aged while waiting for this day. But I expect the bubbles to be refreshing.

[THREE.] Prepare my house for Singapore relatives to seek refuge while the power struggle take place in the LEEgime.

Anonymous said...


Are you even sure he has Maker? And Maker worthy of a capital M? Sorry, I just felt distasteful that you reckoned old man will meet 'his Maker'. Because if old man has any sense of the afterlife or whatever close to it, he would not have propagated his act thus far.

Sorry, old man is not a man of God. He is not worthy of a Maker. He shuns it & the idea of an afterlife because this very life he's led astray is everything he holds on to.

A typical person afraid to die, because one is so attached conscious life on earth, 'done so many things' just for himself, he cannot let go.

On the other hand, a wiser person is never afraid of death. He knows his part on earth, completes it in his own accord not for his own benefit but for the prospect of a better world, or for the fact that he knows his duty.

Old man has done no duty. Everything he's done falls under the facade of a false righteousness. He's overextended himself for his own good & for the wrong reasons.

He gains no respect from me. And he will gain none from his 'Maker'.

If I were his 'Maker', I'd be ashamed that one of my creations, so blessed with intelligence, cunning, aspiration & potential, turning out to be one of the lamest, most predictable & unconvincing con-artists. (which in turn somehow managed to win over so many of his 'digits'?)

Anonymous said...

he's playing poker with Mahattir somewhere in an old folks home for retired despots

Anonymous said...

LHL recently gave a speech on astroturfing.

Is this where he gets his inspiration?

China employs 280,000 people to troll the Internet and make the government look good.

at least 280,000 people had been hired at various levels of government to work as "online commentators." Known derisively as the "fifty cent party,"

The government increasingly combines censorship and surveillance measures with proactive efforts to steer online conversations in the direction it prefers.

Anonymous said...

This just wont go away.

Vincent Brossel, an Asia specialist for Reporters Without Borders, told TPMmuckraker that the government in Singapore has an outsized influence in the country's court system. As a result, said Brossel, "when they make a defamation case, they are sure to win."

Sunny said...

Who say I will die?

" Even when they going to lower me into the grave, I will raise up and make sure they obey me".

Remember this word.... hehehe

Anonymous said...

It's a cause for celebration when he dies!!! :D A public holiday to commemorate his death is seriously necessary although I know the Mini Emperor would NOT want the island's monotony to be disrupted, for any reason including his death. Nevertheless, hopefully the day he dies is on a Friday or a Monday so that the weekend starts or ends later!

ISK (Gopalan its me! the one that e-mailed you on considering to 'run' to Australia)

P.S.: Can't wait for the celebration to start! :D