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Gopalan Nair's advice to Singaporeans from San Francisco California, leave Singapore for your sake and your children's sake

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled propaganda newspaper, Channel News Asia of Sept 2 2017 has the story "Commentary: More Singaporeans going abroad but are no less Singaporean for it" As expected with state controlled propaganda anywhere, when it is bad news, they usually spin it for a good face. Just as in the former propaganda organs Soviet Union's Pravda and Izvetsia, they used to state that grain production had increased 100 fold when no such thing ever happened.

In this Singapore report, the only truth is indeed more Singaporeans are leaving the island for settlement abroad. What is not true is that any one of them has any desire to continue their Singapore connection. The vast majority are a one way ticket case, who say good riddance to the Lee family and their island fiefdom.

In fact since the past 30 years or so, the numbers leaving Singapore have been steadily increasing relative to the increasing education levels in the island. This desire to leave the island is both unstoppable and inevitable and the reasons should be obvious to anyone. Singapore is a dictatorship plain and simple for anyone to see. Although it may be possible to hoodwink some foreigners into thinking otherwise, if you are a Singaporean living in the  island, very soon you will begin to see what it really is. And when you realize what it really is, you will begin to have a burning desire to leave the island as quick as possible.

Let me remind you what the Lee family's Singapore really is.

The state propaganda apparatus tells you that you have the rule of law. And the Constitution states that it should have rule of law. Nothing can be further from the truth. What you have is Kangaroo courts with compliant judges who will invariably punish and destroy any political opponent on trumped up charges brought by this government. In fact these judges are more politicians than judges who keep the ruling party, the PAP in power, in return for a secure career and handsome wages. These judges are the most unscrupulous characters, the dregs of society who are prepared to prostitute themselves and punish their fellow citizens because it is profitable. They have no morals or character whatsoever. From the island's disgraceful history you can see the list of good men and women who were all destroyed by these political courts, from JB Jeyaretnam to Chee Soon Juan. Singaporeans are fully aware that their courts have gone to the dogs, but they cannot say it openly because if they do, these Kangaroo judges would destroy them. So they smirk and wink in private on the state of their courts but openly put up a straight face. In effect these Singaporeans are hypocrites but in the face the ruination that they face at the hands of this dictatorship, what else can they do?

And then the Constitution states there should be freedom of speech. But if people are allowed to criticize this government freely, they know that their political grip on power would come to an end. So they amend the Constitution by stating there is freedom of speech only if you get a government permit. But the truth is, even if you applied you will never get it. Therefore in effect there is no freedom of speech at all. This legal amendment is clearly unconstitutional. There is no reason why peaceful speech should be criminalized. Any honest court anywhere in the world would have struck down such a clearly nonsensical provision. Not in Singapore. The judges are perfectly willing to go on with the abuse and willingly declare that freedom of speech is a criminal offense.

And then you have the prohibition of even peaceful freedom of assembly. Nowhere in the world except perhaps in North Korea is it illegal to peacefully gather in public protest where no harm is occasioned to anyone. But not in Singapore. In Singapore even a perfectly peaceful protest is illegal and these government judges are perfectly happy to say it is so.

Every organ of state, every government department or institution is run by the cronies and henchmen of the ruling party. If you are foolish enough to publicly state your opposition to the regime, you will never get a job either in state organs or even in the private sector. It you are already working for a state sector, or a government linked private organization, you would be immediately fired. Even if you are working for a private organization, government thugs and goons would require your employers to have you sacked. You have simply no hope of a career or any success in the island if you are an open critic.

Singaporeans who presently live in the island have realized a long time ago that in order to survive in the island, you have to adopt the attitude of a hypocrite, some sort of a Jekyll and Hyde. Publicly you have to state that the Lee family's government is all good and perfect, and this way you would be able to keep your job. Otherwise you are in for a lot of trouble. I find this a very disgraceful and distasteful way to live. Why should you have to sell your independence and your opinions for a livelihood. Why should I not be able to think what I want, say what I want or act the way I want provided I am not harming anyone else or breaking any law? It is this realization that is forcing hundreds and thousands of Singaporeans to leave the island for settlement aboard.

And this demand that you submit to the Lee ruling family's wishes, not only ruins your minds, it destroys the minds of your children. Growing up in Lee's Singapore, a child is told that he should keep his mouth shut and not publicly criticize to succeed in his career. And what sort of a life is that? Such a child grows up a coward, a timid soul who is forever tailoring his ideas to whoever is in power. Such a cowardly attitude drummed into their heads over many years, eventually results in a person only capable of following, never leading. Such a malevolent upbringing not only ruins his mind, it also produces and entire society of timid souls.

Singapore's greatest existential threat today is the dying off of the Singaporean in Singapore island! This might sound a strange statement but it is true. As the average Singaporean is more educated, he begins to see very soon what his island really is. It dawns on him that living and working in Singapore is only for the benefit of the Lee family, not his own. He can live in that island only as long as he is prepared to allow the Lee family's grip on power. If he questions it, he is finished. He begins to realize that this is a disgusting way to live and wants no part of it. He does not want his son or daughter to grow up a brain washed zombie to please the Lee family. So at the first opportunity he leaves. And that is what you see today, the massive outward flow of Singaporeans for settlement to the West.

I have been living in the San Francisco bay area, California USA for the past 26 years. I cannot be a happier man anywhere else. Here in California my success depends entirely on my own ability. If I have ideas and they are viable, there is no reason why I cannot make a success of it. There is no need for me here to support any political party or receive the patronage of anyone. There is no need for me to grovel at the feet of any Lee family member or crony. I have my rights to be who I am and there is no need to lick anyone's boots. Not so in Singapore island under the Lee family government.

Singapore is a good place only for those who do not care much for their right to self determination, self respect or their right to be free. While the local educated and skilled Singaporean disgusted at the way they have to live, leave the island, the Singaporean component of the island is greatly reduced. From an already tiny number, the numbers drop precipitously. Today although there are no specific numbers, many people widely believe that there are more Singaporeans living abroad than in Singapore island. You have vast numbers of Singaporeans in every Western country in the world, in Canada, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Germany and almost every other country in the world. And almost to last man, every single person who has left has cut his connection to the island permanently. This is because, after coming to the West, the Singaporean realizes how much better life is here. For once he can be completely free. He can say what he wants, do what he wants and pursue his career without having to worry whether the Lee family is pleased. Singapore children in the West can have the best education in the world, an education where you are able to think freely and not a society where you are constantly monitored and surveilled to ensure that you are still support the Lee family.

And the ones who have left become a catalyst to draw even more Singaporeans to the West. After realizing how much better life is in the West, he persuades his brothers and sisters and friends to join him in the West. This results in a multiplier effect several times over, with just one Singaporean in the West resulting in 10 more Singaporeans to leave the island.

Singapore only continues to survive today only by the massive importation of foreigners. Foreigners bring in new businesses, and foreign labor work in these businesses. For foreign businesses Singapore continues to be a paradise. Foreign businessmen in Singapore do not care whether the island has any human rights whatsoever. All they are concerned is to make as much money as they can while they temporarily do business in the island. In order to run their businesses they use the dwindling number of unskilled and uneducated Singaporeans. Additionally they use massive numbers of foreign workers who work at sweat shop wages. This sort of exploitation of the workers is encouraged by the Lee family government and their cronies who profit from it. Singapore has become another Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia where massive numbers of low cost immigrant labor serve to benefit the tiny ruling class and their cronies. The only ones who benefit in Singapore are the Lee ruling family, their relatives and friends in high places and the opportunists who devoid of all moral character, lick the boots of those in high places. In addition foreign businessmen make money for their foreign businesses paying low wages to exploited locals and foreign workers.

The Lee family government is already hurting badly. The lack of Singaporean men has meant that national service is not having sufficient numbers for military service. Barracks are becoming empty and the falling numbers has meant a danger to national security. Elementary schools are being closed due to the falling numbers attending. To make matters worse, the island has the lowest birth rate in the world and even without massive emigration, the almost zero birth rate would effectively destroy the Singaporean identity. To make up the numbers, the government has had no choice but to import massive numbers of Chinese nationals from Communist China with an immediate grant of Singapore citizenship. They prefer to bring in Peoples Republic of China nationals since looking at them, one would not know if they were Singaporeans or other people, since being ethnic Chinese, they look alike. As a result of this, Singapore has lost it's Singaporean identity. What you see today in the island is a Peoples Republic of China city in Singapore with the culture, norms and behaviors of citizens of the peoples Republic of China. The numbers of Malays whose island it originally was and the Indian population have become so small, they are almost non existent. As the Lee family are ethnic Chinese, they have shown that they prefer ethnic Chinese to anyone else.

Anyone with any ability to think independently and have a mind of his own is going to be miserable. That is why, if you can, you should leave in even greater numbers.

To the reader: If you like what I write, please disseminate widely in every social media platform so that as many people would read this and leave the island in even greater numbers.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont San Francisco California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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