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Singapore is a terrible place. If you can, you should get out. Emigrate.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To say Singapore is a terrible place is an understatement. The most important thing to be happy is not a million dollars. It is to be able to be who you are, think what you want, believe in what you want and most importantly the chance to be yourself.

In Singapore it is not possible to be yourself. Not possible to have common sense. Truth is what they tell you. And over a period of time, you slowly begin to believe the nonsense you are forced to believe. 2 and 2 is no longer 4. It may be 5 or 6 or anything they want you to believe.

Singapore is a dictatorship. And the laws and social conduct of the island is tailored to prop up the dictatorship of the Lee family. Laws in order to have any legitimacy have to be at least be based on common sense. Not in Singapore. In Singapore the laws generally have no basis under common sense. They are legislated by a Kangaroo Parliament in order to secure the island dictators, ie. the Lee family and their henchmen.

Let me give you an example. In any society, it would not be illegal to hold a peaceful protest anywhere. We are not harming anyone. After all we are human beings and being human beings, we have the right to criticize, as long as we do not harm anyone or break any laws. Not in Singapore. In Singapore, even though it is obviously legal to hold a sign up and say "Down Down the prime Minister" it is illegal under Singapore laws. You will be arrested even if that is all you did. The government argument is such activity will disrupt public order although there is no logical proof of this. But your common sense tells you that no disorder will occur if you just did this. So the reason why you have such a law is obvious. The dictator of the island does not want anyone to threaten his position.

Another example. If you call the Prime Minister corrupt, you will be arrested. But the truth is, he is corrupt. He is the highest paid politician in the world in a city state which is one third the size of New York City! By any reckoning this is obviously corruption. The man and his cronies are simply minting money. But if you did call him corrupt, you will be sued in his Kangaroo Courts, imprisoned and bankrupted. But common sense would tell you there is nothing wrong in calling a politician corrupt if he is indeed one. Not in Singapore. If you did you will be destroyed. His henchmen in the government and the courts would make sure of that.

The Singapore dictatorship has a set of laws designed to ensure you just obey, regardless of whether it makes any common sense or if it is good for the country.

Let me set out the nonsense in the island

1. You are told the Constitution is sacrosanct. The basis of all laws. The Constitution clearly allows free speech. But the state has abrogated this right. It is no longer true that the Constitution is sacrosanct. it is not. And you are required to believe it.

2. Peaceful assembly is protected under the Constitution. But in Singapore it is not so. You need a police permit. And even if you applied for one, you will never get it. And the people have accepted  this prohibition.

3. Under the Constitution, there has to be rule of law. But in Singapore every judge is appointed by the state and required to use the law to silence all dissent. So you no longer have rule of law. But you are required to say it exists. You have Kangaroo courts. And the people accept it.

4. Under the Constitution, you have the right to a free press. But every single newspaper is state controlled. You no longer have a free press. But you are told to say you have a free press.

5. The rulers are all from the Lee Kuan Yew family except for obvious cases such as the Tamil Shanmugam who is not ethnic Chinese. This is nepotism. But if you said so, you would be sued jailed and bankrupted. You have to say there is no nepotism.

6. Everyone under the Constitution has to be treated equally. But not in Singapore. If you are seen as a critic your picture is displayed in the state controlled press. You will be fired from your job. No one would ever employ you. Many critics have been reduced to make a living on the streets of Singapore by selling their own books. The ordinary Singaporean simply accepts this. It appears they support the government persecution of critics. They are unable to think that this is injustice.

Over a period of time,. when you are required to believe this nonsense under pain of punishment, you slowly begin to believe the government nonsense. You slowly begin to lose your logic under this constant brainwashing. Just as in Orwell's 1984 when Winston finally believed that Big Bother was kind and good, in Singapore people have finally begun to believe that there is no nepotism, there is indeed rule of law, Singapore is indeed a democracy and a paradise and anyone who criticizes is indeed insane. That is what they want you to believe and they have in fact succeeded.

The island society has been successfully brainwashed because otherwise they would not be able to continue.

This brainwashing permanently destroys your reasoning, your logic and common sense. it affects everyone in the island from the parents to their children.

This is why I strongly recommend that you should leave the island for your own sakes and the sakes of your children. You do not want to destroy your children's normal reasoning ability because this is what happens in this one party police state created and run to keep the Lee family entrenched safely in power.

Singaporeans have over the years become willing hypocrites who openly state the government line but privately think otherwise. Or their minds have been brainwashed over the years by threats of punishment and the need to obey that they have indeed begun to actually believe in this government nonsense. Either way it is very bad. In order for you to live your lives to the fullest, you have to be able to have self determination and the ability to think and formulate opinions and personal beliefs as normal human beings. This is not possible in Singapore island. And that is why if you can, you should leave the country for your own mental state of mind.

It is internationally known that the island's workforce has the lowest productivity among countries. The government understands this and has tried over the years to raise it without any success at all. This comes as no surprise. For a doctor to excel in his work, he has to first of all love his work. Secondly he has to know that he will be left alone as long as he obeys the laws. But the laws of Singapore are weird. He cannot criticize the government, he cannot question authority, he cannot associate with opposition politics, but yet he has to excel in his work. This doctor is no longer a normal human being. In order to live in the island, he has to cultivate this disgusting split personality. In his work, he has to think like a normal human being, but when it comes to his social side, he has to think like the way the dictators want him to. Even if he knew otherwise, he has to say that free speech can only be allowed if you have a government permit! In the end, in an unpleasant life like this, he either becomes very unproductive or if he can help it he leaves. And as to how successful he is does not depend on how good he is at his work. It depends on how much he supports the dictatorship.

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