Monday, July 21, 2008

Singapore. July 21, 2008, another day in court

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This was another day in court.

2.15 pm, Subordinate Court Singapore, Court No. 6. This was the application for my lawyer Mr. Chia to withdraw from further representing me. From my previous blog, you can see the reasons for Mr. Chia's withdrawal. It is with my consent. He is a good man and a good lawyer.

Court granted his application to withdraw from representing me for all matters including the High Court blogging matter.

The disorderly behaviour allegation case against me will start as scheduled on Thursday July 24, 2008 at 9 am in Court 6, Subordinate Court. Full continuous dates have been given for this case at my request. This way, the case will end sooner.

My renewed application to permit me to travel to the US to take care of my affairs in the US was again denied. Although I made a strong plea to permit me to travel in the light of the fact that I have been here almost 2 months now, the court refused the request. The court's argument was that the disorderly behaviour case is scheduled on this Thursday, so no prejudice is suffered by me. The court completely ignored the fact that the blogging case is fixed for hearing only on September 08, 2008, which is more than a month away.

The prosecutor had suggested that he will try to move the Sept 08, 2008 blogging case forward to an earlier date but he could make no promises.

It is interesting to note that in this disorderly behaviour matter, there are 2 charges against me. One that I behaved in a disorderly matter on 4th July 2008, American Independence Day along a street in Singapore. Their allegation is to quote their exact words " I had gesticulated with my arms!". Why would I want to do that for Heavens' sake! How exactly I "gesticulated" is not stated.

The other allegation is that I insulted the police officers in bad language. In Singapore, it is an offense to insult a police officer. Although I deny having insulted anyone or "gesticulated" as they claim, it is interesting to note that the Singapore police have very delicate nerves indeed. An American police officer would not have minded if anyone insulted them, as this happens almost on a daily basis, but apparently not so with the Singapore police. It would appear that in the case of Singaporean police, the moment they hear any insult, they immediately melt, cry baby and forthwith commence legal proceedings to punish the offender. A terrible waste of tax payers money, I would have thought. Have they ever thought of employing more robust police officers with greater tolerance to the daily rigours of life, and not weaklings? Perhaps not.

In any case, has Singapore any laws prohibiting police officers from insulting innocent bystanders? I doubt it, in Singapore; Lee's police state!

These police officers all seemed thoroughly ignorant souls. No knowledge of the laws, no knowledge of the Constitution and worst of all, no self respect. They appeared to function only to carry out orders, regardless of the justification, reasonableness or otherwise of that order.

Therefor what can one expect from these men anyway. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Rest assured, I will be disputing this false accusation of disorderliness and of insulting anyone.

I did not get the name of the Judge sitting today in Court No. 6 Subordinate Court. The government prosecutor or the District Attorney was Mr. Peter Koy. Next time I will manage to get his full name.

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

You haven't yet learned your lesson, have you? You got into trouble because you insulted a judge in your blog, and you cry, moan and scream all day about the government keeping you in Singapore.

And instead of keeping quiet, your backside gets itchy, your hands gets itchy, your mouth gets itchy and you are looking for more trouble by insulting the Singapore Police Force.

If you keep doing this I can assure you that your troubles will keep you in Singapore for a long long time. You can perhaps start planning how to spend Christmas in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

You can find out the name of the Judge from the Subordinate Courts website.

I suggest that when you get his name, you refrain from insulting him/her in your blog, otherwise you end up digging a bigger grave for yourself.

By the way, enjoy the 9th August Singapore National Day celebrations while you are here and spend the day at the parade while you haven't got much to do.

Anonymous said...

Stupid American. Act hard tough and you will get more shit.

Anonymous said...

They are just gonna make things deliberately difficult for you and annoying bec they find you a threat and you are indeed getting under their skin which our fearful stinkaporeans would think twice of doing such!

Mr Nair give them hell! But I do sympathise with you though!

Its their country!

Anonymous said...

singapore police is made of paper, whereas US police is made of wood

Anonymous said...

I want to say you good luck, the world is watching at you now. Singapore has a chance to show the world that they respect human rights, wich is not currently the case.
I've made a post on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

Just an observation.

Police in Australia also treat their suspects with respect. They get less resistance when suspects know that they are treated properly.

Otherwise, complaint will be made against them. (Bad police: Watch out, Good police has nothing to worry about)

I got this feeling that New Zealand will regret recruiting Singapore police into their ranks.

I wish you all the best. An Aust Broadcasting Corp journalist is arrested for drug trafficking ...

ABC is watching the Singapore Justice Syetem because of that.

I am taking this opportunity to contact the ABC to give some attention to your trial.

Anonymous said...

IN Singapore the crooks are the people who put the good into jail, you see. Like the Oppositions done nothing wrong but kena jail, sued! IN Singapore everything works in reverse

Overall, Durai's sentence was light. How to discourage people from wrong doing with monies involved. What Kind of system or justice is this?
jail him only for show ...

Anonymous said...

TT Dorai gets to go overseas on business matters while on trial for a criminal offence ; gets his jail sentence shortens; his charges dropped

BUT Nair is to report everyday... GOES TO court .....booked...what a joke. World Class or what?


Anonymous said...

I hope you will be strong and take courage. Hopefully, everything will go well and as for your safety is concern, please do not return to Singapore ever again.

This is a big loss for Singapore and its future generation. But honestly speaking, who cares? The govt is only interested in its people paying taxes and more taxes... ... till we die.

Anonymous said...

The weak ass singapore police did'nt do much to the press at the shangri-la asean summit when they mis-behaved. Oh and the stupid american dumb ass singaporeans should only be greatful there are people trying to defend your weak, timid asses! In reality Singapore offers nothing to the international community! Stuck on your plastic little shithole, hiding from your pathetic ass leaders! Singapore is nothing but a shitty little disneyland for the dip-shit Singapore Chinese! Oh and your racial harmony day what a joke! Idiots!

Anonymous said...

And to actually served your FORMER Country! Unfortunately, I highly doubt Ms.Rice will do anything? The U.S. certainly does not want to upset there relationship with "Sink the Poor"! For what reasons only god knows why (pick a god any god)? I hope in the end this tarnishes "Sink the Poor's" reputation and leaves a vile pile of S*#t to clean up!

Anonymous said...

The gaahmen doesn't know what to do with this guy. They stall for time until the higher up give the order. The lower guys kiasu don dare to make up their mind. Could take a loooong time.

Anonymous said...

SPF officers expect to be addressed as "Sirs" or "Ma'ams" as those officers in the State are, yet, at the same time, do not expect themselves to treat suspects with respect. In their eyes, being a suspect=being guilty. When they arrest/detain you for something that you allegedly do, you are already guilty without a trial. What's worse, they will do everything to threaten you into signing a confession. I know, because of personal third party experience.

A person I know and am very close to was once arrested for suspect of extortion (which was not the case at all!). He was only a teenager at the time. What happened behind closed doors at the police station was that the investigating officer pulled out his service revolver, removed a bullet, and threatened the accused with it, insisting that he signed a confession admitting to the crime. What kind of justice do we have here? Can you imagine what a young, teenage boy must have felt under such circumstance? I wonder how many of the convicted criminals in Singapore are actually guilty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nair,

You should probably know that there is a section prohibiting anyone from hurling insults or abusive language towards anyone else: sec 13a (1) of the miscellaneous offences act, which is a non-seizable one. so hopefully that answers your moronic question.

If you didn't know that such a section existed, then kindly look it up before you shoot your vitriolic-and-sorry-attempt-to-be-articulate-but-ends-up-having-no-substance mouth.

Playing host to the likes of you is equally a terrible waste of taxpayers' money too. Taxpayers who, incidentally, include those very policemen whom you deem "weaklings".

You are clearly not a police officer so you do not know the insults they get from the general public in the midst of their daily duties.

Most unfortunately for the likes of you, these very policemen do have knowledge of the laws of Singapore. It is just terribly unfortunate that you do not agree with those very laws; they do not sit very well with you.

But you know Nair, this is Singapore. And Singapore has laws of its own. When you break those laws, you will be dealt with accordingly, Nair. Just like any other law-breaker.

Do enjoy your prolonged stay in Singapore. And please don't bitch and moan about having to stay here longer than you would have liked.

Take note, too: You might not realize it, but You do have the freedom of expression to say whatever it is that you want.

It's just that you need to bear responsibility for what words come out from your mouth. Or those words which you publish here.

Those people you talk about have the freedom of expression to take legal action against you if they deem it necessary. They have as much right to take action against you as you have in saying all those things that you say.

So don't bitch and moan please. Look yourself in the mirror, and reflect on all your publicized posts, and you will find out why all this is happening to you.

I can summarize what is happening for you, if you'd like: the state of SIngapore is exercising its right to expressing itself against your opinions.

Freedom of expression. So how do they intend to go about expressing themselves in response to what you have done/said?

By means of legal action.

It's only fair, innit? You express yourself in your own way, and those whom you talk about respond in their own way.

If that is too unbearable for your liking, then contest it in court.

See you in court Mr Nair.

And Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Judiciary is double standards when it comes to dealing with people that threatens the regime. TT Durai goes scot free, gets a lot of leeway. Why?

Anonymous said...

Did you say "pay peanuts"? Well, in case you don't know, we don't pay peanuts here...

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

Avoid making similar mistakes and give them reasons to hurt you more and detain you longer.

Know the rules and skirt them!

Anonymous said...

did anyone see what honorable Rice said about Malaysia? that Malaysia has to be transparent in handling certain cases.. and she released the statement in Singapore!

how weird can this be?!!

Anonymous said...

So did Condi Rice bring up your case? I understand she was pleased during the ASEAN meeting. The North Korean issue was more important to her alright.

Why haven't you protested? Even Chee and Yap can do so. You're suppose to be the gung ho American--land of the Free home of the Brave (not that you were born in America)

Oh, while you're in Singapore, why don't you attack the PRCs more since you wrote such a critical comments on them?

Anonymous said...

You can all say what you like -this is Lee Court and Lee's Country- that is why we Stinkaporeans are suffering under his regime!
Wake up !

Anonymous said...

Yep damn right! Its their country!

Big Lee Group - Talk about Meritocracy?????

For all you know WKS=LHL=??? may be relatives too??? Any hint?

They can do anything they want, yeh!

Anonymous said...

"Lee 's claimed "meritocracy" way of life been?

Was it also an inaccuracy that his daughter-in-law, Ho Ching, sitting at the helm of Temasek as its CEO, Chairman of Chartered Semiconductor, Director of SembCorp? Was it also an inaccuracy that his son, Lee Hsien Yang, become the CEO of Singtel, director of STIC and more? Was it also an inaccuracy that his wife's brother, Kwa Soon Bee, is the director of Keppel Land? Was it also an inaccuracy that his nephew, Edmund Lee, became the CEO of DBS Vickers? Was it also an inaccuracy that many of his relatives just happened to be at the helm of GLCs?

To add on: CCEO of NHG Brother-in-law of PM; WKS cousin of PM and more ........

So who are you guys fighting?? One big happy FamiLEE!

Anonymous said...

How did you get asylum in the states?

Anonymous said...

No action from Mr Nair and no new update, pretty boring .

Anonymous said...

sec 13a (1) of the miscellaneous offences act...more chicken shit laws from a leader with no substance. Where is my 3+million dollars for doing nothing? Wake up Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Your fearless leader is bringing the PRC's to take the Singaporeans job's. Why? Cheap Labor! Laugh now folks, cause in the end it is Singaporeans who will get burned!

Anonymous said...

I think you are just a no ball no gut chicken shit. If you are on the right side of the law, you should carry on blogging. You stop blogging because you know what you do is wrong ie insulting judges and police officers. Just plead guilty at the court and shorten the pain. Nobody is interested in the chicken shit including Condi Rice.

Anonymous said...

I just do not know that Singaporeans are such a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous guys,

Reading your comments it is clear as Singaporeans you have problems with the way your government functions and responds. Why hide behind anonymity? Why not join Mr Nair in his crusade? If you need changes, they will only come if you all stand up and be counted as Mr Nair has done these years. In Britain in the early part of the 20th century, the Suffragettes did stand up strongly for women's suffrage, and the Civil Rights Leaders in America did similarly for their rights in the later half of 20th century, and with the result, Senator Obama is within a touching distance of becoming the President of USA, and Condi Rice is now the Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair, where are you, no news from you?

I am so surprised that you were brave enough to came to Singapore and challenge Lee, although I think it was kinda stupid, but I have to give you "Two Thumbs Up" for your consistent beliefs.

I think you mix up your personal grudge against Lee Family to much, so your judgment also biased.

You always complaint foreign workers are less talented than Singaporeans, cheap wages, this that, bla bla bla. Well, FYI, I am a foreign talent, Have a Postgraduate Degree with salary more than 7k SGD, working in MNC. So, I asked you a question, Am I a cheap foreign worker???? Not talented enough??? give me a break!!!!

Still fresh in my mind, my professor in University told me that as a Professional that have good Academic Background, the first thing you must not do is to generalized a subject. I think you generalized all foreign workers as cheap and not talented enough.

So tell me honestly, admit that you are a biased person.

Let see whether you post my comment or not!!!

Anonymous said...

You might want to watch out with this kind of post. You start to lose the moral high ground when you call people monkeys.

That being said, I'm still wishing you all the best and watching your case.

Anonymous said...

you're a Indian borned in Singapore and you kept making the, "I am an American!!" cry...

Which part of you is American?

If you consider yourself as a foreigner... then stay out of our country's business...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Norman,

The dissatisfied, anonymous (I'm one) people who post their comments here do not have the guts to stand up and speak for themselves, like Mr. Nair did, because most of us are too afraid to do so. See what happened to Mr. Nair. Do you think your beloved Mr. Lee and his government will allow this kind of talks? Singapore Constitution guarantee its citizens the rights of speech and assembly. Yet, history, court cases, and unjust laws indicate otherwise. In Singapore, an assembly of more than 5 people will constitute what the government calls "unlawful gathering". Also, the law specifically give the government discretion to arrest anyone for "unlawful gathering", even if there are less than 5 in the party.

Technically, we can vote the PAP government out at general election. This would be the preferred method, if it's all fair game. However, the governing party put in place so many restrictions (such as GRCs and whatever requirements the running party has to meet in order to participate as one), so much so that the opposition parties are unable to meet these requirements, thus having to forfeit their chances at a run at a fair election. I may be ignorant, but I'm not sure there's any other democratic country in this whole world that holds its elections in similar ways.

Just look at the Singapore government when it comes to criticism directed towards the way they run the country. Never once did they acknowledge those criticisms in a positive way. Each and every criticism, regardless of their origin, is a result of "someone trying to do us in". Presses around the world were even terrified in making a negative comment about the Sg government, let alone lowly pheasants like myself.

I am not trying to belittle the contributions of Mr. LKY. In fact, I admit that Singapore owes it's economic success to the forefather. However, I think it's time for his "Human Rights can take a backseat to economical success" theory to come to an end, don't you?

Anonymous said...

am so surprised that you were brave enough to came to Singapore and challenge Lee, although I think it was kinda stupid, but I have to give you "Two Thumbs Up" for your consistent beliefs.

I think you mix up your personal grudge against Lee Family to much, so your judgment also biased.

You always complaint foreign workers are less talented than Singaporeans, cheap wages, this that, bla bla bla. Well, FYI, I am a foreign talent, Have a Postgraduate Degree with salary more than 7k SGD, working in MNC. So, I asked you a question, Am I a cheap foreign worker???? Not talented enough??? give me a break!!!!

Haaa!!! another ball-less anonymous. So what you are earning 7k? You are earning 7k bcos for that same post, a pure bred singaporean could have earn minimum 10k++++++.

You are just new to this land and know nuts about ikan jew and his ill-doings. So shut up and take care of your 7k job before you got sabotaged and lose your job, got depress and end up to the statistics of HDB suicide Hall of Fame Jumpers. You can email to your loved ones abroad and brag your 7k-ness. No need to brag here.

So that concludes you are still a foreign bowow who scavenges for cheapo bargain, saves the CEO kitty so he can have more golfing sessions.. Cos back in your country, you may well be earning also rupees, pesos or perhaps reminbi

Anonymous said...

khalid, is that your name? you wrote your name correctly or just a fake name??

I just take what is yours, the SGD hahahaha. I don't buy hdb like you and don't intend to buy one, don't mind lose my job in singapore as it's only temporary anyway. I'm working in singapore just want take the SGD anyway. hahaha. I've been to many countries and also take USD AUD JPY etc. yes i am a parasite, a damn talented parasite!!! woohoooo!!!!!

how about you? where are you? or maybe just like most of singaporeans, live in fear, just do blogs, engaged in the war that you can't even win and at the end of the day only 2 famous words come from your mouth, "NO CHOICE" hahaha..what a loser!!!

FYI, if you read Mr. Nair Post, you'll see that the one who did suicide were the singaporeans, not a foreign workers!!!

Anonymous said...

The culture of ungracefulness etc...understandably was all along created by our unique political activities in particular the PAP and Lee style. Even couples dare not give birth to more babies because of the PAP policies. What else to say beside PAP get lost!

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan Nair, it is strange that you are convicted as i strongly think that it shouldn't be. It just merely words, critics, or story.

And our government is really hor.. Eat too much and got nothing to do. Without critics where got improvement. Like that also cannot accept.

Anyway, I support you and hope that you will come back to Singapore again for visiting.

Unknown said...

To: Mr Gopalan Nair,

Well done Sir, for showing us what a mockery the Leegime has made of our legal system.

Here's a thought - don't pay them a single cent - they would then have wasted weeks of civil service man hours for no discernible return.