Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th, Singapore. Independance Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not satisfied with having arrested me for just writing a blog in criticism of the Judge Belinda Ang in the Lee Kuan Yew vs. Dr. Chee Soon Juan case respecting her bias during the 3 days May 26 2008 to May 28 2008, now the Singapore Police have resorted to beating me up.

I suppose they are not satisfied with the fact that I have not relented and withdrawn my accusation that this Judge was clearly biased during the trial to favor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his son. But no matter what, the fact remains what it is. No amount of police brutality against me can change the facts. Neither can it make me say that 2 and 2 is 5, simply because it is not.

Judge Belinda Ang was biased. There is no doubt about it. She behaved that way for all to see. If no Singaporean mentioned it, it was because they are afraid. They live in a police state. They live in fear and in subjugation. I do not live that way. I am a free man. And I will say what I saw.

If Singapore continues to claim that it is a first world country, after this, that statement is only useful during a round of beer at a lively party. After this Singapore is no better useful than for the butt of a solid joke.

On July 4th, 2008, Independence Day, at about 11 pm, I was passing by Race Course Road Little India. I earlier had a small Scotch in celebration. And why not, it was after all the 4th of July, 2008, even if I was in Singapore. Just before reaching the junction of Bukit Timah Road, I hear loud calls asking me to stop. Looking back, I see about 4 people in civilian clothes. They confront me and ask who I was. And where I was going. Surely I have no reason to give any information. They appeared no better than thugs. Gangsters. I refused to give my name. Or any information.

The next minute, these cowardly unruly ill mannered ungentlemanly and gangster like persons in plain clothes, force me down to the floor. They man handle me. They hurt me. They shove my fact to the hard tarmac floor. They use their boots to kick me while I am in the floor. A Malay officer is especially brutal. He hurts me badly. They abuse me by calling me bastard and other dirty names. They intentionally cause sever pain and hurt me. And all for what? Just because I did not oblige them with my name? In the physical encounter, with about 10 policemen in plainclothes overcoming me, they have obviously won the physical fight. But in the moral question, they have failed miserably. They were thugs. Singapore government thugs. Lee Kuan Yew thugs. Another example of Lee's first world country.

The newspapers all owned by Lee Kuan Yew and his government can of course conveniently say anything they want about the incident. What else do you expect of a state controlled monopoly of news media? I have been falsely accused of touching the police car, and shouting abuses at the police. None of that ever happened. I was walking peacefully along the street, when these state sponsored thugs in civilian clothes ask me to stop etc.

This is what I am going to tell the Singapore government. I, Gopalan Nair am deliberately being singled out for victimization. We all know that on that day, Friday July 4th 2008 at 11 pm at night, there would have been hundreds if not thousands of Singaporean who may have a little to drink who may have behaved not necessarily as a proper English gentlemen, so to speak. I am sure there have been countless arrests. But you know, none of them would have made the headlines in the Singapore press. They would all have been given warnings and let off.

But surely in the eyes of this pathetic Singapore government who are at the butt end of jokes all over the free world, Gopalan Nair has to be singled out. Gopalan Nair had to be punished. A mountain has to made out of a molehill. His name has to be splashed all over the Singapore propaganda press. He has to be made to look like a real criminal, just because he did not have the decency to respond to some thug looking characters who wanted to know who he was.

Any way, the answer is not guilty once again. We have no free press here. All I can do is to use this blog of mine to tell my side of the story which I will continue to do. The Singapore dictator cannot intimidate me. I will not allow it.

And mind you, the entire action against me makes no sense. If the intent is to shut me up and keep me quite, it will not work. I will return to California and write and agitate with increased vigor the fact of the of the lack of any freedom in this island republic.

I understand the Far Eastern Economic Review is being sued. But unlike the Far Eastern Economic Review who can be prevented from circulating within Singapore, my blog cannot be stopped. No matter what my message will be coming through with heightened intensity to Singapore.

And what is worse, I had been just another blogger before my arrest on May 31, 2008. With my arrest by this government, I have been propelled into international fame, where now I will be taken much more seriously internationally than if I had been left alone for my blog post of May 29, 2008, the blog post which has made me internationally famous.

I am grateful to the US Embassy and the US State Department which is monitoring my case at the highest levels in Washington. I know that I have the US Government behind me in all this. I know I am not alone.

I also know that I have the entire free world who cherish their freedom behind me in this. Truly I am not alone.

I wish to thank those supporters out there particularly for their financial support. I was at Block 292 Bishan, at 9 am, yesterday, Sunday, with the Singapore Democratic Party helping them with distributing their leaflets and selling their books and literature to the public. At the location, I am particularly grateful to a supporter who handed me a very generous donation to help me sustain myself in Singapore during this ordeal. Not only to this supporter but to the countless other supporters who have given me both financial and moral support, I wish to say a heartfelt thank you for your kindness.

As you know, I have no choice in this matter. It is not possible for me to apologize to this Singapore government or to anyone else to seek mercy. I continue to stand by what I had said in my blog namely that Judge Belinda Ang was not a judge at all during the 3 days while she sat in judgment in the Lee Kuan Yew vs. Dr. Chee case. I would of course gladly apologize for the choice of words used, but the essence of the meaning of what I said remains intact and correct, for which I cannot apologize.

I am sorry that I was not able to be at Parliament House for my protest to demand that this government either give me a speedy trial or let me go home. I will have to see the outcome of the Pre Trial Conference tomorrow before I make a decision. Also there is the matter of the investigation against me for the alleged disorderly behavior.

All in all I intend to hang in there and not give up. Every political action has a price. In this case, I am lucky I am an American citizen. At least this dictatorial Lee Kuan Yew regime cannot have a hold on me forever, unlike the plight of my fellow Singaporeans who remain citizens.

They on the other hand they cannot escape the Lee Kuan Yew grip, unless they themselves decide they no longer are prepared to be enslaved.

Thanks to all.

Gopalan Nair
Imprisoned in the island paradise, Singapore
Against my will


Anonymous said...

seriously singapore is a fucked-up joke. We are a "democratic" country which runs no different to a Chaing Kai Shek/Mao Zedong governtment albeit with "polls" conducted but are more or less won by cheating.

for example when a constituent falls into opposition hands, the govt don't bother to upgrade cause its held by "foes". tsk tsk. such childishness. so much to serve the singapore people.

The PAP has been ruling for 40 plus years and the reason why they keep winning cause all the good opposition leaders are exiled or in jail with the only exception of Chiam.

The only great thing Singapore did was to build more fucking ERP and now even a Chinatown can be filled with ERP. I will not be surprised if my house outside will have a ERP sooner or later. And they tell us to change our lifestyle to be more simple, but what about the MPs? They can live in nice houses and have good cars and their sons and daugthers study great schools with much ease. Even in NS, they get treated like a prince. And we commoners have to moderate our lifestyle? Questionable.

europhia core said...

Dear Mr Nair,

I hope you are all right. Have you made a police report and copied to the US Embassy yet? If not, I hope you do so as soon as possible. Do show the wounds as evidence. Do not take a shower so as to preserve evidence.

DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION!!! This behaviour must not be tolerated, not in Zimbabwe, NOT IN SINGAPORE!

I fear for your life, do take care!


Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

I'm afraid that the Singapore Government will severely punish you to set an example for all Singaporeans to see, and to instill fear among them. They did it to American teen Michael Fay by canning him for vandalism, ignoring the pleas from then US President Bill Clinton.

You are now a political pawn for them and they will not let you go without severe punishment. After this incident, few (local) bloggers will have the courage to criticize the Government.

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair,

Will you be making a police report on the physical assault you were subjected to. (I saw the picture that Mr Yap Keng Ho took of the bruise.)While a different personage (ie. opposition leader), remember Anwar's black eye?

Also, will you be following this latest incident up with the international press that has already reported on your first arrest. What about the local papers in your hometown?

Lastly, you may be interested in this discussion:

Anonymous said...

Have a recording device handy. Click it on REC the minute you sense something is wrong. At least a voice recording will nail these bastards. Can podcast for all to hear.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again - the person who asked you if you were going to make a police report (I'm urging you to, actually).

As nightmarish and painful as this incident might have been, I'm kinda glad it happened. It has given you the opportunity to document it in your blog and for sure the PAP thugs have already had a look at it.

When this goes to trial, they will have to contend with what is also written in your blog, and I hope with the report I'm urging you to make.

Thank goodness for the Internet.

Anonymous said...

My typical Singaporean upbringing screams at me to tell you how foolish you are, for standing up for something in which you have a speck of possibility of winning and having the potential to lose so much..

Yet, I feel I need to thank you. I believe that you have the power to effect change in this oppressive and paranoid Singapore we live in. I sometimes feel like we are living in a facade of compassion and feedback, where the people have no true power or control. A benevolent oligarchy[quite possibly dictatorship] maybe? Now, globalisation in the last decade has opened the necessary avenues for change to occur. I believe that in Singaporeans a paradigm shift is waiting and has been waiting for 40 years to occur. Now that the tools are avaliable, there still needs to be a trigger and I believe that is you.

Thank you for standing up and speaking out against this paranoia and unfairness. Singapore will be a better place for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

Bad times need good men to come to the fore to challenge evil.

Not sure if you'll win this battle since you're dealing with some
pretty vindictive and unscrupulous people, but rest assured your blogs
have not been vain.

Regardless of the government's allegations I am sure most people
capable of thinking will accept your version of events. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

oh gosh, I just realize that the Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates) was talking in Singapore on may 31st. This was after you were arrested.

The republicans are not for you. Would things be different if it is the democrats?

Anonymous said...

Concerned voice from the Dallas, TX: Have you tried calling California office of US senators, Diane Feinstein and/or Barbara Boxer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Nair for helping us to expose the dark side of the people in absolute power. You have my full support.

p.s. I spotted a typo in paragraph 6, "They shove my fact to the hard tarmac floor.", I thought should be "my face."

Anonymous said...

To practice as a lawyer in the USA, can Gopalan Nair have such bad command of English?

This is a fake.

Bukit Chandan said...

We strongly condemn the Singaporeans who beat you up in a barbaric way.

If in Malaysia, they will surely not get away with it that easy.

Best Regards.........

Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are? Go back to America. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I couldnt help but anticipate this posting, after the article published on how you allegedly knocked/touched/whatever a police car and then hurled slurs against an officer.

The most immediately apparent thing about the article was that its purpose and tone was to shake the faith of your supporters. But i think that your real supporters who know the implications of this entire saga would be following this blog rather than listening to the utter bullshit that is fed by the controlled media. I am therefore glad to see that your spirit remains stronger from this incident.

Still, I cant help but be slighlty confused by the huge discrepancy between your account of the incident, and that given by the local media. Firstly, there is the difference in what both you and the press said about touching a police car. Of course i would much rather believe you. Second would be the total reversal of who hurled racist slurs at whom. You claim the total opposite of what the media claimed as well.

But the difference, no, total opposite in the telling of the incident, should be a huge wake up call to Singaporeans, that the press they trust so much is far less credible than they once thought. Of course, that is if we are to believe everything you say. Perhaps some photo evidence of scars or bruises you sustained during the incident would help? In any case, you are far more upright in character than your opposite number; since you have stood in the face of those who do wrong and dared to voice out. I have no reason to doubt what you say. You still have my support all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Nair!
I admire your courage in returning to the country you have left and trying to make a difference. Many have turned and left never looking back. I intend to as well.

I may suffocate here, but sure, anyone with a speck of brain would realize that we have two choices, revolt (like Chee) or leave. And to protest is to submit oneself to what you have done. Lee is making an example out of you to show any potential "trouble makers" the dangers of opening their mouths. So most will just leave Singapore.

Thus! I applaud your bravery as such. However, I do think it's useless to try to wake the people up. Look at the amount of negative comments you have, of people blinded to the system and with full faith. Your actions are really "dalling on death ears".

I do hope you return to the USA asap, and stop being a prisoner in this place.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can only say I used to be stupid before. B4 I went to Canada...I would have believed every word the Singapore media says...But now I've started to realize you can't believe everything the media says...especially the Singapore media...In fact, I am totally disgusted by the Singapore media. It is so obvious the report on you were biased or I should say blatantly untrue. It is disheartening to know that Singaporeans in general believe in whatever the media reports...and more saddening to know that the Singapore media or government treat their citizens as idiots.

Anonymous said...

Sorry..but did you actually really shout "I'm an American! You can't do this to me"?

Anonymous said...

You were man handled by 10 policemen and you do not have a scratch or even a black eye to show off? Anwar would not be pleased! Clear manipulation of facts. Being a ex-Singaporean, please stay out of our affairs. We really do not need people like you nor your pathetic CPF monies.

Anonymous said...

fucking straits times says otherwise on how you got arrested. i wonder how much of the information they published were accurate...

how i wish i am a u.s. citizen too, free from the thugs of stinkapore

i support you!

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

You were man handled by 10 policemen and you do not have a scratch or even a black eye to show off? Anwar would not be pleased! Clear manipulation of facts. Being a ex-Singaporean, please stay out of our affairs. We really do not need people like you nor your pathetic CPF monies.

Who are all these silly Anonymous chaps leaving behind silly comments such as this? lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.01 am,
No black eye to show? I thought he showed a very black eye on Uncle Yap's blog interview. You must be reading only the Straits Times no wonder you are talking like a frog in the well. Well, there are two sides to the story, it seems. Only one can be true, but I find the story about Gopal thumping on a police car, not sure whether it is marked or unmarked, rather incredible. Nobody goes round thumping on police cars, marked or unmarked. If the police, who must be on surveillance mode, and not sleeping mode, can only be alerted by a thumping on their mode of transport, then what chance have they got against armed criminals who would have gotten that close? Obviously they must be there for a purpose and I suspect that purpose is to keep Gopal under surveillance so how is it possible that he can sneak up to them and thump their car? Gopal must be a super sleuth to be able to spot them first and not vice versa. Therefore I find Gopal's version more credible.

Anonymous said...

if you fail to stop when called to do so by the police in the US, would they hand you flowers and say please? I like your guts but I dont like your logic.

Anonymous said...

gopalan, tell us the truth. did you or did you not hit the police car when you were at the junction before you were surrounded by those so-called thungs? did you use abusive words as well? nothing was stated in your blog although these were mentioned in the press. clarify this in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Take care buddy. Will keep in touch over this blog. Tell us your version, so that we have 2 sides of the story. Thanks

Anonymous said...

'thugs of singapore?' I think all this choice of diction grossly exaggerates the situation. yes, disillusionment might make one feel particularly resentful of the amount of jingoism in the press, however one should get over it after a while.

As much as I sympathise with this gentleman being battered by public authorities, there is no proof that they were acting under orders or for lee kuan yew. it seems to be just an assumption. this seems to be hypocritical as well, seeing as how the straits times apparently gives a biased view; so does this, since it makes assertions based on assumptions.

behaving like an ass in public is not the way to inspire change. waving your citizenship in the face of the government to spite them doesn't help.

and yes, it was the choice of words that has landed him into this mess. blatant disrespect for a judge is very close to contempt of court.

Ultimately I hope you are able to return to the US as soon as possible, and I hope you grow up. all this sounds very much like the ramblings of an American teenager.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that you could be so naive as to think that you could go into the devil's lair and not get assaulted. You have spat at the sky and now the consequences are happening. It is sad that human being's can have high IQ's and still be cruel assholes with low emotional quotients. That is the reality of the Leegime. Singaporeans by and large have turned into the good Germans and out of fear continue to let the insanity go on.

Anonymous said...

Why are you 'celebrating' the 4th of July when you are not from that land? You merely deserted your own country and chose to be a 2nd class citizen there. Hence I don't think 4th of July holds any significance for you. On the contrary, on the 9th of August you will feel a hint of bitterness. While we're all celebrating the birth of the nation, you are in your pathetic lonely state chewing steak and burger in a foreign land.

Anonymous said...

Michael Fay?, a plea to forget about it. I support nair but, about that issue is what he deserve, vandalism shouldn't be small case.

Anonymous said...

you're a 'hero' without a true cause. period.

JoeVu said...


I salute yr guts & commitment to S'pore! Despite yr good life in US
you still make an effort to alleviate the pains suffered by the
many "un-sung" heros in S'pore in the likes of Chee, Jeya, Wah Piow,
Dr. Lim Hock Siew, Poh, Syed Zahari,Dr Lee, Chia T.P, and the many banishees in Aust., Eng & USA.

Inspite of the pains and the monetary loss suffered by you, I
thank u with all my heart!
I hope you will continue yr job to alleviate the pains of the the people of S'pore! Hope this wld not
be yr last trip to s'pore! We need you!!


Anonymous said...

Seet Giao Torre said...
Why are you 'celebrating' the 4th of July when you are not from that land? You merely deserted your own country and chose to be a 2nd class citizen there. Hence I don't think 4th of July holds any significance for you. On the contrary, on the 9th of August you will feel a hint of bitterness. While we're all celebrating the birth of the nation, you are in your pathetic lonely state chewing steak and burger in a foreign land.

Sorry mr pathetriotic, im off to malaysia. Yes arrr!!! Away from the same old boring parade, traffic jams and waste of taxpayers $$ on same old fireworks. And never once I even watched the parade even on TV. Never have and never will!!!

Anonymous said...


Tue Jul 08, 09:54:00 AM PDT

For all you know, this is one of the officers who wants him to sneak out of the country, so case can be closed. And they can avoid the embarrassment and sleep well after that.

BTW the word POLICE if we switch letters and make two words, the perfect words would be COP LIE

Anonymous said...

nair nair is the lair.
he is not any lawyer whatever.
he fucks prostitutes and he never pays.

now he wanted to screew up someone big.

what eh f ck!

jail him for life!

Anonymous said...

I believe in Gopalan Nair.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why so many anonymous commenters tell him to get out of Singapore and go back to America. The Singapore authorities have impounded his passport and are preventing him from shouldn't these comments be directed at the Singaporean authorities instead of Mr. Nair? It seems that he would like to leave, but is prevented from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Freedom always is together with courage. Singapore has long way to go. The problem in this country is that courage and freedom are in scarcity.

Joe said...

Mr Nair,

As usual, the PAP has for the last 30 years postured and showed what it has achieved!

This is the personification and the show of its self-glorifications, their abilities to waste hugh some of monies to celebrate their victories!
Year by year, these somewhat celebrations become more grandeur
in scale!

It's also in a way to glamourize
the ruling elite and to brag to our neigbours how rich we stand!
and also to the electorate that
they are in good hands!