Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008; 2 months and 2 days languishing in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First Day, Charge of Disorderly Behavior and Insulting Police Officers on 4th July 2008, American Independence Day, at or near Little India Singapore. I deny both charges.

July 24, 2008, Court 6, Subordinate Court Singapore, 9.30am

Case begins in court. 9. 30 am.

If anyone was to read the following narration and was to think that I had just killed 20 people in broad daylight, it is nothing of the sort. You see it is Singapore that you are dealing with, where small petty incidents and taken out of proportion if Lee’s political opponents are involved; taken out of context, twisted and a mountain made of a mole hill.

And not just that, taxpayers money wasted like water; with court cases everyday, state controlled newspapers writing full page twisted biased articles to vilify defame and discredit the offender, hoping to make him look in the eyes of Singaporeans who are gullible enough to believe such nonsense, that the man who had the audacity to criticize Lee and his country, is indeed much worse than Guy Foxe himself; the criminal who set fire to London.

Again and to bring you back to reality, the accusation here is merely that I misbehaved and yelled at police officers. I am sure you will agree that all over the world, people sometimes misbehave and out of frustration or otherwise, call a policeman a pig or a donkey. And sometimes, I am sure you will agree that some policeman; not all; deserve such a scolding. And if that were to occur in any civilized country; the culprit is faced with no more than a warning, admonished and permitted to go his merry way; especially if it is his first time for such an infraction.

You see, policemen are afterall civil servants. They serve us. We pay their wages through our taxes. Therefore the best rule is that we should not insult insult anyone, not just policemen and we should be kind to animals. Similarly policemen should not insult citizens and they too should be kind to all living things.

But not in Singapore. Oh no. Especially if a former opposition politician such as Gopalan Nair were involved; the most minor indiscretion has to be dealt with as if he had committed no less that serial murders. The full extent of the Singapore Police Force and the state controlled newspapers has to be used to vilify and defame him. A warning is never sufficient if Gopalan Nair is involved. A warning may be sufficient for other ordinary men; but Gopalan Nair is not an ordinary man; certainly not in the eyes of this dictatorship. He is one of a few but growing number of Singaporeans and former Singaporeans who feel it is time that Lee and his cronies should be told that Singaporeans should not be treated as slaves any longer. Not just Singaporeans but no one should be treated that way.

So Lee is afraid of what he sees. That is why he reacts this way, with prosecutions and defamation actions whenever he hears any criticism. This is not the reaction of a confident man to criticism. This itself is proof that he fears the growing numbers of people who are now courageously coming out to be counted. Standing up to this dictatorship demanding to be heard even braving arrest prosecution, conviction and imprisonment.

In Lee's Singapore, men such as Gopalan Nair have to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Taxpayer’s money should be spent generously and lavishly for that purpose. He has to be charged. His face has to appear in the state controlled Straits Times on a daily basis with twisted reporting to show him as no better than the devil himself. Not just for one day but on a daily basis. So much so that everyday while I remain in Singapore against my will and walk about the streets, almost every Singaporean recognizes me.

But mind you, that is not to say that I myself did any such thing. I have denied both charges. This much has to be clear.

But the bad news for the Lee government is this. That if the intention of the government is to make me look bad, the effect is just the reverse. On a daily basis now, no less than 20 people approach me and congratulate me on what I have done. And what is worse for the government, after congratulating me and asking me to stand my ground; they curse this government.

They are aware, thank God of the truth.

I am becoming increasing popular in this country while I continue to remain here. And I hope the state controlled Straits Times will continue posting my picture daily on it.

And to remind you once again, the accusation against me is only that I behaved in a disorderly manner, whatever that is and I yelled curses at police officers. I deny those charges. No big deal on any score. This is not theft, murder or high treason. Please keep that in mind. Thanks.

In court at commencement of the trial, Gopalan Nair asks for full names of Judge, Prosecutor and Investigating Officer for the record. Suprisingly all of them refuse to give their full names. Prosecutor is prepared to say only that he is Peter Koy. Prosecutor is Chinese. They usually have a full Chinese name as well. The Judge is prepared only to say that he is James Leong and refuses to give his full name. In the case of Investigating Officer in the case, he uses a completely false name. He claims to be S Vicki. He wishes to remain to be entirely incognito.

When I pressed the Prosecutor that he should not attempt to hide his true identity, that these are legal proceedings and he should give his full name, his answer was that he uses the name of Peter Koy only, that is how he appears in court and that he sees no necessity to give his full name to Gopalan Nair or to anyone else! Imagine that! These are legal proceedings and he is refusing to give his full name; and not only that, the Judge is himself trying to hide his true identity. Even he is not prepared, in legal proceedings, mind you, to give his full name. He stands by his position that there is n need to fully identify himself even though these are legal proceedings in court. As for the Investigating Officer, he is determined to hide his identity completely. I understand from some court documents that his name is indeed S. Vikneshwaran, Investigating Officer Central Police Division, HQ, but why he should be so determined to remain under false pretenses like a thief is indeed mind-boggling.

I do not know why the Judge, the Prosecutor in court and the Investigating Officer are all so determined not to provide their true names! Mr. Peter Koy, the prosecutor, the Judge in this case, Mr. James Leong and the gentleman who goes around under an entirely false name, Investigating Officer Vicki all must have some compelling reason to hide their identities. Or else why the great reluctance in stating who they are?

As to why they are so determined to hide their true names in official legal proceedings at any cost, is left entirely up to you. I have since discovered through my research that the Judge is actually Mr. James Leong Kui Yiu and the prosecutor is Peter Koy Su Hua. The Investigating Officer is S Vikneshwaran of the Central Police Division. I intend to ask him when he testifies again what his true name is and that going around, as S Vicki will not do at any cost. It will be interesting to see how he answers.

As for the Assistant to the Investigating Officer, I was informed that he is Tony Thien! Again full name was not provided despite my asking.

Since the court was quite prepared to allow all government parties in the case to go around under false or incomplete names, I then asked the court, admittedly facetiously, that since this was so, perhaps they should change my name in all court proceedings to Gordon, since any other name would do! I pointed out that what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander after all. The Singapore constitution does require equality under the law and if it is all right for judge, prosecutor and police officers in the court to be going around under false pretences, and incomplete names, why then should I not be permitted now to be called Gordon instead in all court proceedings.

As expected, and you would have guessed this much, the court denied my request. Gordon was not allowed for me, but the prosecutor can use an incomplete name, the Judge can do the same, the Investigating Officer can use an entirely false name but in my case, Gordon was not permitted. Please do not misunderstand me. I am very proud of my full name Gopalan Nair and would rather die than be called something else. But for the sake of testing the equality of persons before then law, it was quite clear that it was one rule for the Judge, the Prosecutor and the Investigating Officer but entirely another for the Singaporean Dissident, Gopalan Nair.

A point needs to be clarified on the state controlled Straits Times report on me, of July 25 2008. It said without more that I asked the court to address me as Gordon in court proceedings. This is not entirely correct. I only asked that this be done, after the judge insisted that he, James Leong was not prepared to tell us who he is, the prosecutor was not similarly prepared and neither was the Investigating Officer. For the record, I am Gopalan Nair, and very proud to be none other than Gopalan Nair, now and always.

I then asked that the Investigating Officer, being a prosecution witness, not be permitted to remain in court during the proceedings. It is well known that in the past in Dr. Chee's cases, it was found that the Investigating Officer sat in court during the proceedings, listened to the evidence, and was subsequently found to be coaching other prosecution witnesses who were yet to testify. This is a serious abuse of process. My request was granted, surprisingly, with the prosecutor Mr. Peter Koy Su Hua confirming that the prosecutor will not be present in court while others testify.

My application for the other police witness Mr. Tony Thien to be sequestrated was disallowed on the grounds that he has to help the prosecutor with administrative duties. The judge had directed the prosecutor to order him not to relay any information to other police witnesses but to what extent he would keep that word, one does not know at this stage.

After the above exchanges in the morning, came another shocker.

The prosecution now, on the first day of trial, requests leave to serve on me amended charges. Although the prosecution had all the time in the world, since my arrest on July 4th 2008, American Independence Day, they wait until the day of the trial, July 24, 2008, 20 full days later, to surprise me with amended charges.

Naturally I object. The rule of law is very clear. The prosecutor is required to give notice to the Defendant of the charges he has to meet in sufficient time, for trial preparation. It is entirely unacceptable to surprise the Defendant with charges to which he had no time to address. I strenuously object. But the prosecutor argues that I should proceed and defend myself to them because according to him, the changes are minor and therefore such a practice of handing in amended charges at the last minute is permissible.

Thank God I am a lawyer and not a layman even though for the purposes of this trial, I am a layman. Had I been a layman in the true sense with no legal training at all, this prosecutor would have got away with it.

The court orders that the trial itself start on Monday, July 28, 2008 except for the testimony of Dr. Cheong which will be heard that day, and about which I explain below.

The first witness was supposed to be Doctor Gabriel Choeng of the Raffles Medical Group, A and E Department. Another surprise. Prosecutor Peter Koy Su Hua suddenly produces a medical report of this doctor and serves it on me; the first time I have ever seen it. He then says that unbeknown st to me, Dr. Cheong has to leave the country for a year on Sunday night, 2 days later and that I should cross-examine him on his testimony that very day or else he will not be available for a long time!

What in Heavens! The police had from July 4th 2008 to give me the police report and they spring another surprise on the day of the trial with a medical report and a request that I conduct a cross examination of the doctor that very day, right away!

Upon my vigorous objection, the Judge agreed to have the doctor's testimony to be taken on August 6th, 2008, which happens to be a trial date for this case. Not wanting to wait that long, and being faced with an impossible situation, I reluctantly agreed to do my best that afternoon, after I had consulted my legal help, Mr. Chia Ti Lik.

Afternoon 2.30 pm. Court No 6, Subordinate Court, same day

2 amended charges, one for disorderly conduct and another for insulting police officers are read to me. I plead not guilty.

The charges are that on or about 10.30 pm on July 4th 2008 at a place known as Little India Singapore which is an area where the Indian community is concentrated, I had behaved disorderly in that I had gesticulated with my hands (whatever that means) and I had insulted police officers by using expletives at them. These 2 charges are not only baseless, they are absurd. I had no reason for doing this and no motive whatsoever. As to why the police are charging me with this, only they know. I have all along denied these charges and have clearly stated that I intend to fully dispute them.

Doctor Gabriel Cheong, of Raffles Medical Group, A and E Department now takes the stand. He was the doctor who first examined me at Cantonment Police Station during the early hours of the morning after my arrest on July 25, 2008 while I was in custody.

The doctor is referred to his medical report prepared by him. In summary it states as follows. He saw me at 0125 hours on July 5th 2008. The examination was completed at 0133 hours. That he was asked to examine me for injuries and to take a sample of my blood for alcohol analysis. That I had told him that I was forced to the ground by police officers and that my spectacles were damaged. That I had complained of pain to my wrists from the use of handcuffs. That I was clinically ambulant. That he noted alcoholic breath. That he noted superficial abrasions over both my wrists. That there was no evidence of bruising or cuts on the rest of my body during examination. That he deemed me fit to be locked up. That he took a blood sample at 0128 hours. That testing of the blood was carried out by Center for Forensic Science. That the results are still pending at the time of the report.

The prosecutor then asked the doctor to summarize his findings. The doctor repeats what is in the report. He states that I had full range of motion with both hands, left shoulder and elbow. And then he repeats what is in his medical report. For the first time, he states that he noticed an abrasion on my right eyebrow.

To the prosecutor’s question as to why he did not mention the abrasion on the right eyebrow, his answer was that he was only concerned with life threatening injuries and that he was not looking for other lesser injuries. He did however say that I had tenderness on both elbows as well, although this too did not appear in his medical report.

At my question whether such injuries to my right eyebrow could have been caused by forcefully pushing me to the ground, the doctor agreed that it is impossible to hypothesize as to what amounts to excessive force, as was my contention that I was thrown to the floor with excessive force.

However to my question to the doctor as to how I behaved with him during his medical examination, his answer was that I did not behave disorderly before him, that I was polite to him and to all intends and purposes I behaved towards him like a gentleman. Moreover the medical report on my blood analysis from Health Sciences Authority dated July 08, 2008 states my blood alcohol level to be 24 mg per 100 ml. This report categorically proves that I was not drunk at all, and what is more, I am even fit to drive a car. The alcohol limit for drunk driving, as you know is 35mg per 100ml.

The case was adjourned to Monday July 28, 2008. I will be writing on what transpired on this day in my next blog post, hopefully tomorrow.

Gopalan Nair


Unknown said...

"You see, policemen are afterall civil servants. They serve us. We pay their wages through our taxes."
You are no longer a Singaporean. You don't pay taxes anymore. Therefore, your statement doesn't apply to yourself in this case. While I pity your plight in a way, I think you had a big hand in digging your own grave. Just suck it up and deal with it.

zhanzhao said...

Waitaminute.... 1st you challenge the authorities to arrest you, then say they are wasting tax dollars for charging you for after the arrest. What didja think they were gonna do, pat you on the back?

You knew what you were in for, and that you were definitely going to court for this (you said as much in your original posts). So stop wasting OUR tax money.

Anonymous said...

the similitude is such that they are like pharaoh and his regime.
and if only you stop your drinking and submit to God alone, who have absolute power over all, then you're a super small fraction like Moses.
and the end is for the God fearing.

and why the bochap attitude and the cowardice of the people to not stand up for what is right?
"Thus did he(Pharoah) make fools of his people, and they obeyed him: truly were they a people given to sin"
says God in chapter 43,verse 54 in His last divinely revealed scripture.

aaah thats why.

its ashamed that oppression like this should be confronted by people who are commanded to do that. namely the true worshipers of God, but we're asleep.
God help us. we're in crisis.

Anonymous said...

the similitude is such that they are like pharaoh and his regime.
and if only you stop your drinking and submit to God alone, who have absolute power over all, then you're a super small fraction like Moses.
and the end is for the God fearing.

and why the bochap attitude and the cowardice of the people to not stand up for what is right?
"Thus did he(Pharoah) make fools of his people, and they obeyed him: truly were they a people given to sin"
says God in chapter 43,verse 54 in His last divinely revealed scripture.

aaah thats why.

its ashamed that oppression like this should be confronted by people who are commanded to do that. namely the true worshipers of God, but we're asleep.
God help us. we're in crisis.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Nair,

Your July 4th threat: "Therefore as from Monday, July 7th 2008, 9am, I will be holding a one man protest in front of Singapore Parliament demanding that I be given a trial immediately or I be allowed to go home." worked like a charm.

The S'pore govt were panic-stricken at the terrible PR fallout of an American sitting in front of Parliament in protest at his treatment and their hand was forced at very short notice to trump up a charge, any charge however grotesquely absurd, to stop that happening. They would have had you up for criminal littering if you so much as brushed the mud off your shoes onto the five-foot-way, that much is clear. As is the fact that you will receive no justice in any accepted sense of the word in any S'pore court.

Evidence will be fabricated, witnesses coerced into perjuring themselves, barefaced lies advanced to and gratefully accepted by the 'honourable' judge. The embarrassing retards of the PAP Internet Hyena Brigade will be commanded to swamp this blog with the lamest, vilest innuendo laced with crude racist comments in coarse language since they have no sense of shame. No one who has followed the travesty of justice that was the Chees' trial is under any illusion as to the lengths this govt will not go to, or the depths it will not sink to, to kill dissent among its cowering citizens and demolish any entity daring to challenge their self-proclaimed probity and divine right to rule. That much we know and have come to expect of a nervous political party running on empty with a leader living on borrowed time. So no surprises here then.

Thanks to the Internet your unenviable, painful sacrifice is not in vain. Amongst most of my acquaintances your blog is essential reading. Thank you for your clear and succinct blow-by-blow accounts of your adventure in the paradise its own citizens cannot wait to abandon. Each sentence is yet another nail in the casket of the nauseating Fascist pretender who wears no clothing but who would be crowned king.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the court proceedings summary. However I'd rather you differentiate your feelings, opinions with italics and the actual proceedings.

This will help a reader know which statements are yours and yours alone, which ones are the way the court handles the case.



Anonymous said...

The whole civil sector in singapore is full of shit wasting our tax payers money, especially the army and police. We just need the old man to die... hopefully just before the elections in 2011..

Anonymous said...

Well Done Mr Nair - Give the Lee Regime the despots hell back!

The Medical Report on the the blood alchohol level to be only 24 mg is good! Also the dr himself said you are a "gentleman"!

Stand up for yourself and your values unlike some cowards who curry and favour the Lees for fear and monies!

Keep up the fight altho it is tiresome! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Well Done Gopalan Sir!

Thank you are a lawyer and not a layman for the Lee Junta to use Bully tactics!

Go for it and fight them back!

Anonymous said...

You are accurate unlike PAP times.

You state the facts! Unlike Lee Regime!

But regrettablly they are out to "fix" and "kill" all oppositions so that they can have all the pie to themselves - only PAP RULES!! SHIT - COCKY PAP S.O.B!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Orwell's 1984...where up means down and good means bad. Good luck to you.

Bukit Chandan said...

What we can 'see' from your latest writing are these:

1. The Singapore Government is autocratic.

2. The court is a 'kangaroo' court.

3. The people involved in this case who dare not reveal their names are cowards.

4. Only cowards have something to hide from the truth.

Best Regards.........

Anonymous said...

All the best to you Gopalan, keep fighting. The world is indeed watching, and laughing with you, not at you.

Anonymous said...

Gopalan Nair, are you taking us Singaporean as idiots! You think Singaporean will believe whatever you wrote here?

Stop whatever you've written in your blog. Since you have dropped your Singapore Citizenship then dun come here and tell us how we should live our live!

Anonymous said...

"On a daily basis now, no less than 20 people approach me and congratulate me on what I have done."

I hope you are not prone to exaggeration, but are you sure they are not the same 20 persons everyday?

Anonymous said...

"As to why they are so determined to hide their true names in official legal proceedings at any cost, is left entirely up to you."

If it's not legally binding to state their fully name, can you, a so-called liberalised American, respect their right not to do so. Instead, you spent many paragraph harping on this point which is not relevant to the case.

Anonymous said...

"His face has to appear in the state controlled Straits Times on a daily basis with twisted reporting to show him as no better than the devil himself."

I think you are indeed prone to exaggeration. I don't remember seeing your face everyday in the paper. Don't worry, there are not much stories to tell about you everyday. At least not yet, unless you are determined to create more (news) here.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gopalan,
Forgive those gentlemen for not giving full names. For the month of hungry ghost is near, ones should not anyhow give their real name just in case the "brothers" like their names and bring them "home" when their festive month end. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zhanzhao,

Mr. Nair did not challege the government to arrest him. The challenge he issued was directed to LKY, daring Mr. Lee to sue him as Mr. Lee said he would, to any bloggers who dare to reveal their identities (go back and read his blog entry CAREFULLY). If Mr. Lee had indeed keep his word, he would have taken Mr. Nair to court and sue him in his personal capacity, as in the recent case of Lees vs. Chees. Government funds should not, and would not, have been utilized on such matters in the first place. Whose fault? I don't think it's Mr. Nair's.

Anonymous said...

Here is the complete translation of the chapter for those who want to read it.
But it won't have any effect on anyone unless he or she conceive the fear and recognition of our Creator in our hearts - namely those with sense, or smart enough to use it.
And if you're smart enough, you can relate some stories there to current situations as the Book is a guide for all things.

Sylvester Lim said...

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

Bishop Desmond Tutu

By keeping silent about issues whether it is political or family, you are also an accomplice to the crime.

“A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man\'s self-respect and inherent human dignity.”

Aung San Suu Kyi

The longer the PAPs hold you, more and more people will get to know their small-mindedness and the facade that they have called a first world country. Buildings don't make a modern country. People do and their civil liberties. Many Singaporeans wish you well although they are afraid to speak to you. However, you can see that more and more Singaporeans are over-coming their fear when they reach out to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

It's time for Lee Kuan Yew, Fidel Castro, and Robert Mugabe to step down from politics. They have all done their share of greatness, but their time have past.

Lee Kuan Yew is a man that truly did great, but did not know when to stop.

Singapore today is a wealthy nation with a highly educated population and a well working bureaucracy.

What other nation is better prepared for freedom than Singapore?

It's time for change. It's sad if the world have to wait for the death of once a great man to see hope.

So much is changing in East Asia. It is a need for a mature and free nation to lead. Singapore is needed as a free and well respected country that understands Asia.

Thank you for helping the progress. So many do not dear to speak their mind.

Anonymous said...

you're lucky you're not in North Korea and lucky enough to be allowed to enter the country. North Korea would firstly have refused you entry and tortured you from the start.

And please don't use the name of God in vain.

Anonymous said...

Balek kampong lah. You should now address injustices in your new homeland. Adios!

Anonymous said...


You misunderstood what Mr Nair is arguing. Mr Nair is suggesting the Singapore judiciary to release him from the restrictions by giving him the American passport so that he can go back to America.
Any sane person would agree that this is the best way to save 'the tax dollars' as you put it. There is an old proverb in India which my Indian friend is often fond of quoting and that is 'fishing in urine'.Sorry for the stark language, but it is the best way to describe the zero substance of the police case and their wasteful exercise.

Anonymous said...

I realise in the recently posting, the first few comments will be damn negative..
Please ... these people who monitor this blog so closely.. its obvious either u are sent by the gov. or u are simply dumb..

Gopalan Nair.. you have my support...

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan

What a convincing piece of statement you had crafted here but wait a minute, I am not convinced though. To say, about 20 people wishing you well almost daily is akin to say that thousands more do not wish you well at all. One moment, you were fighting in your capacity as a 'foreigner' for 'injustice' on your buddy, Chee & sibling and another moment, you were arrested in Little India for 'disorderly' behaviour...well, you are certainly wasting taxpayers (all Singaporeans) for spending time in court, prosecuting you and most probably, squatting in our jail for a long while too.

Anonymous said...

I find it hugely comical: when a neutral person [has neither vested interests in Singapore nor lived in Singapore before] find kinks and faults in Gopalan's blog, most people here are ever so willing to jump on him/her and ask that he/she live among Singaporeans in Singapore before commenting.

However, when a Singaporean is able to find faults in Gopalan's blog postings, those people will say that he/she is a PAP supporter/lackey/servant/bootlicker.

It really is comical, the irony. So everyone is supposed to be rallying behind Nair?

Unfortunately, that is not the case, as can be seen from the comments he receives. Haha.

Anyway, Good Luck Nair.

Anonymous said...

"The whole civil sector in singapore is full of shit wasting our tax payers money, especially the army and police. "

Try doing away with the entire civil service you idiot, and see what happens.

Nobody to help update address changes, tend to the sick, fight crime, defend the nation, stamp your passports/issue you with new ones, process applications...

What a moronic suggestion. And what can't you get it through your thick skull and into your equally moronic brain that the people in the civil service sector pays taxes too?

Yes: surprise, surprise!!

Civil Servants pay taxes too!!

Wow! How surprising!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair, I personally know the officers who arrested you at Little India and the investigation officer who processed your case as well.

I find that the facts have been distorted in your favour and do not represent the truth. Please feel free to visit my blog and read the entry Singapore Dissdent Goes Awry? to understand the facts of the matter as they were.

I honestly believe that you WOULD NOT have been arrested if the officers had known who you were at the scene. The officers involved are also regular patrolmen who could not have been acting on any special instructions.

As an avid reader of your blog, I am disappointed that you have chosen to act no different from those whom you detest yourself...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gopalan Nair,
there is such a thing called respect for others,
you see policemen, and u shout at them (pig donkey) ...what did you expect to happen? this is not primary school where you get a warning, this is verbal abuse...
not sure what your trying to do..

frankly im not impressed, you may think your trying to be a hero, but from my point of view, your just screwing your self up.. over


Anonymous said...

Hey readers, check this out.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your stay here Mr Nair, Oh I mean Mr Gopalan Nair.....forgot that I better address you by your full name since calling someone by its full name is so important to you.

And since this weekend is National Day, which you would be spending time in Singapore still (I doubt you will be going back to USA by then) may I recommend that you go enjoy yourself at the parade.

You would meet a lot of people who are also watching the parade, and I am sure you will have more than 20 people wishing you well.

By the way there would be also be a lot of policemen around, make sure you create trouble or be a public nuisance or you would be charged in court again and you will have to extend your stay in Singapore.

Happy 43 National Day....Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...




well done!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Try doing away with the entire civil service you idiot, and see what happens...What a moronic suggestion."

Yes it is, isn't it, "Alan"? Who suggested that? You did! And then you proceed to knock down your own argument.

That's called a strawman proposal. Did you really think readers would not notice this fallacy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair,

This is not an anti-free speech stance; instead it is an anti-abuse one. May I suggest that you DO NOT publish any post that is abusive. Like "alan's". I suspect that it is their racism, and not fair comment, that is driving their vitriolics.

Like it your not, your blog is YOUR personal property, and the abusers DO NOT have an automatic right of access to it. Your blog is not the same thing as, say, a newspaper that is financially supported by the funds of shareholders, advertisers and subscribers.

If these racist pigs have differences in opinion, they can well express that WITHOUT their racially motivated abuse.

Anonymous said...

@ Ganga:

[1] "I honestly believe that you WOULD NOT have been arrested if the officers had known who you were at the scene. The officers involved are also regular patrolmen who could not have been acting on any special instructions."

Come, come, Mr. ex-policeman Ganga Sudhan. Do you seriously expect us to believe that there exists a single member of the S'pore police force who is unaware of who Gopalan Nair is and what he looks like, given the huge political ruckus and his photo all over the newspapers? More likely they all have a personal copy of his bio with instructions to nitpick on the slightest infraction, however ludicrous.

[2] From your blog: "...abusive drunkards... I would even go as far as to say that he must have been extremely violent and aggressive to have 'forced' the officers into arresting him...he would choose to provoke officers and invite trouble for himself...The facts stated herein are as good as hearing from the officers involved themselves..."

Facts? You do not provide one shred of evidence for these gratuitous comments, all of which are wildly speculative and entirely without foundation. Indeed, you allude to drunkenness while carefully omitting the Health Sciences Authority's finding of a blood alcohol level of 24 mg per 100 ml, well below the limit required to drive a vehicle. So what price your credibility?

[3] You brag that you know the investigating officer personally. Your personal details are advertised online for all and sundry to see. Is there even the faintest chance that you would post anything the slightest bit critical of your police authority friends and ex-colleagues knowing that they are aware of precisely who you are? Were you there at the scene of the alleged incident? No. And yet you feel confident that readers should trust what you say and take your 2 cents as unbiased and at face value. Heh.

All in all, it seems that your 'thoughts' are lacking in depth and have been arrived at without due care or effort. Thank goodness you are no longer in a position to enforce the law against S'poreans.

Sathis Kumar said...

நியாயம் ஒரு நாள் வெல்லும், நம்பிக்கைத் தளராத உங்களுக்கு எனது வாழ்த்துகள்.. :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair has provided his version. I have provided the Officers' - albeit through my words. It is now up to the readers to arrive at their own conclusions.

I would however like to applaud Mr Nair's sense of fair play in allowing negative comments and opposing arguments to be posted on his blog commentary as part of the discussion.

Thank you and God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Don't budge. This tactic of using libel suits against legitimate speech is abhorrent and recognized as such. The Lee administration is facing growing problems but turning a blind eye. Do not imagine for a moment that things will not change. But change requires agency--i.e. people like hou.

Anonymous said...

ive just read the 1st 2 comments on this issue and i cant be bothered to read any further.

those 2 people typify the subservient ignoramuses in Singapore. the INDIFFERENT masses. as long as their lives are in order and in check they dont give a FUCK about what happens.

Singaporeans' freedom of speech has been so limited you'd think we were living in a communist country, which when you think about it, we kinda are. At least its how the country is being run. A democracy? please.

You people are telling him that he was asking for it (the lawsuit) but you guys are criticizing someone who's willing to stand up in what he believes in, he's putting his life at risk for YOUR own freedom. so what if he's not Singaporean? ARE YOU SINGAPOREAN? the irony lies in that you are not even doing FUCK SHIT while a US citizen has to remind you of the brainwashing and propaganda your fragile little mind has become polluted with.

go out of your house. experience the world a little bit. you'll see that sometimes keeping a low profile could only be detrimental for everyone in the long run as those in power abuse it and consolidate their place at the top.

there needs to be a change in guards for Singapore to TRULY progress. our values and freedom are sacrificed for financial success. Singaporeans have become the workhorses and robots with which economic utopia and efficiency is obtained. most have no life.

and as to gopalan's statement regarding cowardice. its a basic psychological mindset that is prevalent in everyone. those who are the most loudspoken and aggressive are the most insecure, coward people. looking at the resources available to Gopalan's opposition, it could hardly be said that this is even CLOSE to a fair fight. the irony of the justice system. there is no impartiality there.

those who disagree. you just fall under the indifferent category. i hope you never live to see the day that your rights have been totally subverted, and you, reduced to nothing more than a tool in economic advancement.

Anonymous said...

dude, go build a booming economy from a piece of shit fishing land. THEN come criticise Lee Kuan Yew and his government. you say all these things and yet have no idea who gave you the clothes on your back or a place to grow up in.


Anonymous said...

From your posts , I assume you dislike the way Singapore Govt. is processing as a country.

When you said that Judge Belinda Ang was biased in the Lee Kuan Yew vs Dr.Chee Soon Juan for the three days,aren't you doing the same thing for the past few months?

Say,this country has progressed so much under the reign of the so-called Lee.Empire,but when u gained something,you will eventually lose something at the same time.Do u dare say that there is a country that operates in a system with no flaws?

From the past,many great leaders have great accomplishments but also with significant flaws in it that was debatable and still it remains a controversy till now.
A good example is Joseph Stalin, the leader of the USSR,the Soviet Russia,what have he done and accomplished under his rule?He helped the country to be one of the two superpowers in the world at that time,reshaped Soviet society with aggressive economic planning, in particular a sweeping collectivization of agriculture and development of industrial power. He also constructed a massive bureaucracy.But at the losing end,he was responsible of the millions of deaths as a result of various purges and collectivization efforts.

Singapore is a country that can operate on the current way and the results just show that Singapore is progressing using the way that you somehow dislike.
Despite all your rants on how the Singapore Govt. is so ridiculous in handling these cases,the question goes to you.
Why were you so stubborn in not giving your particulars to the police that asked you to give them?

Kay,let's see this situation in another point of view.
When the police asked about your particulars and asked you why you are here and what you are doing.If you given the police a answer of your own and given them your particulars.Do you think they would pursue you and find a reason to charge you for mis-behaving in public?What if you gave a smile and answered them?It's because you made ugly comments about these civil servants and protested to not giving your particulars,makes the whole thing to a agrument and soon to a conflict.
You said you are a fully-fledged lawyer but what your actions has reflect on,is nothing much than a arrogant self-centered person.

Sorry to say,but this is not your wonderful country ,USA.
This is Singapore,my friend.
You come here, you obey their rules.
You don't come here to blurt out that 'Oh i thought this world allows freedom of speech.

Sorry Bro.but what you have said only makes me feel that you are so ironic to the point that I'm curious how a adult with a lawyer's degree can speak like One slapping himself on the face.

And last thing.I'm a kid and i know that when I'm in wrong i repent on it.Don't be so stubborn in proving that your right.What you have posted in this blog just show how much you don't want to be proven wrong.
And to the flamers that want to put me down...Sorry but Im not going to click on this ranting blog ever again.I rather view some EMO girls' blog saying how life is pointless and meaningless than this.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" @08:48 AM, good riddance if you don't wish to log in here again.

I hope you keep to your word; political civilization is wasted on your kind anyway, so no loss to those of us who are interested in progress.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean. said...:

"dude, go build a booming economy from a piece of shit fishing land. THEN come criticise Lee Kuan Yew and his government. you say all these things and yet have no idea who gave you the clothes on your back or a place to grow up in. SHAME on YOU."

Shame on YOU, so-called Singaporean, for not knowing your own nation's history. This land thrived from the time Sir Stamford Raffles (not LKY) founded it way back in 1819. If it was, as you so charmingly put it, 'shit fishing land', then your own bloody ancestors wouldn't have bothered emigrating here, now would they? Or are you implying your forebears were mindless imbeciles with nowhere else in the whole wide world to go to?

Long before the PAP or your godfather existed, S'pore boomed by virtue of its unrivalled strategic geographic position and its superb deep-water harbour. Those are its natural resources. That is why it became Britain's Far East crown jewel. Do you think the Japanese had nothing better to do than to waste lives and money occupying a useless fishing village? Even today despite political separation, Malaysia is still S'pore's hinterland and inseparable economic twin as it was long ago. With or without your venomous PAP's existence, our country would still be doing perfectly well, thank you very much.

Rip the propaganda blinkers from your feeble mind and look at this clip from 1960: [Changi, Singapore River, Tiger Balm (Garden), colour film footage from 1960 « Otterman speaks…] . That was 48 years ago bubba, in case you can't count. Does this look anything like 'a piece of shit fishing land' ???

Last question: do you like to wake up in the morning feeling a fool? No? Then stop playing with yourself, dude.

Anonymous said...

@ Ganga:

"Mr Nair has provided his version. I have provided the Officers' - albeit through my words. It is now up to the readers to arrive at their own conclusions."

Rubbish! Are you, a once-upon-a-time member of the S'pore police force, saying that you're speaking on behalf of the officers involved in this disgraceful affair? If so, then you need to append their names to your post to signify their assent. Otherwise we can only conclude that you're bullshitting desperately, and not for the first time either.

Admit it, you regurgitated a load of unsubstantiated rumour and scurrilous gossip without an iota of proof and tried to pass it off as fact. You were caught with your trousers down and your circumcised family jewels exposed for all the world to see. Now you're lamely trying to fall back upon the court of public opinion. That simply isn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid "singaporean" @08:42 AM PDT,

You are obviously oblivious to the fact that Singapore's economic boom has always been due to a Dutch man by the name of Albert Winsemius who was responsible for all of Singapore's five year economic plans until his death a few years ago.

Not the Chinese man, Lee Stinking Yew that you are crediting it for.

And you also are not capable of distinguishing the cart from the horse.

See, this is how it works, stupid:

Only when you get into a position of goverment do you also get the opportunity to prove that you are capable of the same economic boom that you can shop around the world for, for the best economic brains to propel the country forward economically.

Not when the stinking insecure Chinese in government prevents others from getting into government in the first place.

That's right: not the other way around!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Tue Aug 05, 08:48:00 AM PDT said:

"And to the flamers that want to put me down...Sorry but Im not going to click on this ranting blog ever again.I rather view some EMO girls' blog saying how life is pointless and meaningless than this.

Oh goody! So now you'll never know that you've been called the illegitimate imbecile son of a whore-mongering disease-riddled goat-herd and that the world darkened perceptibly the moment you were conceived. Your fetid post is as malodorous and about as insightful as your flea-bitten armpits. You haven't had an original thought in your entire misbegotten existence. No EMO girl's life could possibly be as horribly devoid of meaning as yours so look in the mirror and knock yourself out, why don't you, hotshot?

And if you now sneak a peek at this blog (as we all know you will, you pathetic little apology for a turd) you won't be able to reply without calling yourself a liar, will you? Pig brain!

Anonymous said...

Aneh,you have achieved what you have set out to do.LKY spent more than halve his life to achieve what he is today.You think what you are doing can create any difference? Anyway,You have no right to be concern whether Singaporeans are being oppress or being stifled.You have given up that right.Balik Kampong is the best option for you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

To be very honest with you, I've grown from initially being amazed by your audacity to openly challenge the Singapore government to become completely worn-out and exhausted by your pursuit of justice. Your pursuit of justice being a big question mark as it totally makes no sense for a US citizen to be so enthusiastic about the political situation in Singapore. My only fair inference is that you are not making use of the best ways and alternatives to reflect to people, especially Singaporeans, the need to speak up.
Over time, I've come to understand that Singapore has always been in a very vulnerable position when compared to other countries in the region. It is small and lacks natural resources and therefore demands critically that its people are well-educated and well-trained in order to sustain its economy. Given also the diversity of ethnic groups in Singapore, it is vital that people here are united and living at peace with each other.
Your case of defending the rights of the human to speak up for what they feel or believe which seems noble at first is beginning to wane in support and credibility as more people realize that they are the only resources in this nation that is heavily crippled by its lack of space and natural resources. They are beginning to realize that many material luxuries they are able to possess now, the renowned education system and institutions, the sustained peace and stability and economic growth of the country, are the fruits of a competent government that has served the nation for long, without complaints. Although it may be true that sometimes what the government does may not take into the account of everyone in the community especially the lower income group and the minorities, I'd like to make a point that no leaders, especially the pioneering heroes, in this case MM Lee, would want to see what they have built to go down and from what I can see and continue to hope is that they continue to improve on their policies and meet the needs of the lower class in Singapore especially in times of inflation like the one which we are experiencing now.
Mr Nair, not that i disrespect you or anything of that sort, but I'd advise you to come into knowledge that there are more political leaders and regimes that deserve more criticisms and questioning than the leaders here in Singapore. You are no longer a Singaporean but officially an US citizen, why don't you go back to your country and do the same thing you have been doing in Singapore? I believe in full confidence that you'll receive more support for your criticisms meted out on the administration over there, assuming that they are logical and well-supported, than to discredit a government that has been faithful and possesses the potential to be even better.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Tue Aug 05, 07:15:00 PM PDT:

From you post, one can definitely tell that you are a typical Singapore - Selfish, mindless, ignorant, and impersonal. As long as your own needs are fulfilled, you don't care if the rest of the world extinct. Tsk tsk... Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why even the pap supporters here are anonymous, they should list their names like those so eager to get them publish on the forums.

if singapore is not a police state, why are all posting anonymous and people using fake names?

i believe this already speaks a lot about Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"ERP will reduce congestion (for the rich and elites)"

Hey Pap doggies in this comments blog dont talk big lah! If you all are so happy with this bloody regime - state your full name!

Why so scared ah????


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on Aug10@9:00am:

I'm sick and tired of malicious and mean-spirited people like you who make assinine comments like this:

"You are no longer a Singaporean but officially an US citizen, why don't you go back to your country and do the same thing you have been doing the same thing that you have been doing in Singapore?"

Quite apart from the fact that it is Singapore, and not the US, that is in dire need of actions such as Mr Nair's, you have gone on yet another of those purile diatribe, albeit a variant one, on "foreigners should not be 'interfering' in Singapore's domestic affairs".

Why don't you face up to the truth?

1) Even Singaporeans are not allowed to 'interfere' in Singapore's internal affairs - as if you have not seen how the PAP places countless obstacles in the way of opposition parties and other activists.

2) Even when Gopalan Nair was a Singapore citizen, he was diasallowed from 'interfering' in Singapore's domestic affairs; instead he was persecuted for it.

If evangelizing is indeed your forte, I suggest that your efforts are misdirected. Why don't you instead go evangelize the PAP with the two points I raised?