Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Announcement July 8th 2008 Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Kindly be advised that I will not be holding any protest. Please ignore my earlier announcement. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Your support is deeply appreciated. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.
Gopalan Nair


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Anonymous said...

Why ? Dont't you feel that you ought to explain the reason for backtrackking?

Anonymous said...

Howcome now you don't wan to stand at
Orchard Road? Too hot or what?

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Anonymous said...

Why the sudden back out Gopalan? Are you scared that you'll be held here even longer? Have you yielded to the Singspore Government? Please comment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

As an ex-Singaporean,

I support your move not to hold your protest. I do not think a lot of people will understand the pressure you are under.

1. You are in your birth country, but you are no longer a citizen there. You do not have a home to return to in Singapore, at the end of the day.

2. I bet you must be missing America badly. Your home, your job and your family are in the US. You are American.

3. The majority of Singaporeans have allowed themselves to vote in a dictator. It is their decision. We can only do so much without becoming like the ruffians in white.

4. Your health is more important.

5. The world know your case now.
Give yourself a chance to return to US and write your experience in a book.

All the best in your remaining time in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

heard that your case postphone again!u nvr get to see the 'daylight' e way this goes on...find objective for ur doing & when all's done, go back, where your heart is, there's ur home.God bless and what u doing, is it worth it for here? really?

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE (AFP) - - Despite its impressive economic development, Singapore fails to meet international standards for political and human rights and there are concerns about the independence of its judiciary, an association of lawyers said.

The International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute identified a number of areas in which Singapore fell far short of international norms, said the association's executive director Mark Ellis.

"In particular, democratic debate and media comment are extremely restricted and government officials have initiated numerous successful defamation suits against both political and media critics," he said in a statement released late Tuesday in London.

The rights institute also issued 18 recommendations, which it said Singapore's government should implement urgently.

The group has published a 72-page report on the issue, several months after the IBA held its annual convention in Singapore. The association represents 30,000 lawyers globally.

"Singapore cannot continue to claim that civil and political rights must take a back seat to economic rights, as its economic development is now of the highest order," the report said, calling human rights universal and indivisible.

The IBA's rights institute "strongly encourages Singapore to engage with the international community in a more constructive manner, and to take steps to implement international standards of human rights throughout Singapore."

It called for Singapore to take its place as a regional leader on human rights, democracy and rule of law, as well as in business and economic development.

Singapore holds the rotating chair of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, whose new charter calls for establishment of a regional human rights body.

The IBA report said the cases of opposition politicians J.B. Jeyaretnam and Chee Soon Juan illustrate concerns over the use of defamation laws to stifle political opposition and expression.

J.B. Jeyaretnam, 82, a lawyer, was disbarred when declared bankrupt in 2001 after failing to pay libel damages to members of the ruling People's Action Party (PAP), including a former prime minister.

Bankrupts are not allowed to run for political office, but last year he cleared his bankruptcy, and has since announced his involvement with a new political party.

Chee, secretary general of the Singapore Democratic Party, was declared bankrupt after failing to pay libel damages to Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew and another former prime minister over remarks made in 2001.

Chee and his party are awaiting a judge's decision on damages against them in a separate defamation case, filed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father, Lee Kuan Yew.

"It certainly appears that Dr Chee has been made a target by the Singapore government, and that their criticism of him has gone far beyond a reasonable standard," the IBA wrote.

It said the Singapore judiciary had a good international reputation when adjudicating commercial cases that did not involve the interests of PAP members or their associates.

"However, in cases involving PAP litigants or PAP interests, there are concerns about an actual or apparent lack of impartiality and/or independence," it said.

The report expressed concern about "limitations on free assembly" in the city-state, and said the Law Society was not fulfilling its mandate to speak out on law reform issues.

Law Society president Michael Hwang told AFP his group could not yet comment because it had only just received the IBA report.

Government spokesmen were also not immediately able to react.

At the IBA convention last October, Lee Kuan Yew responded to allegations that his country ranked low in matters of press freedom, saying Singaporeans were free to read whatever they wanted.

He also said Singapore was built on the rule of law and did not tolerate corruption. This meant defamation action may be taken against those who impute dishonesty to government officials, in order to clear any doubts, he said.

- Screw the S'PORE GOVT!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

Perhaps you should file a lawsuit against the Singapore government for involuntary imprisonment when you return to the States. It is becoming a sick joke if they insist on retaining you in the country indefinitely over your blog.

I am with you for not holding the protest to save their face. I hope they will let you go for now.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, so many frogs in the well. Well, how come you all criticise him if he protests, and also criticise him if he does not? What do you all want actually? Not sure, confused, do not know what you want? Please be rational and reasonable. Make up your bloody minds, will you?

Anonymous said...

You've done what no other S'poreans or ex-S'poreans have done by standing up to the 'men in white'. The longer you're here means the bigger problem you are for them (see how fast they dispatched CSJ).
I know it's easier said than done, but have a positive mindset during your stay (this might be the last time they let you back into S'pore, as an earlier post said). Uncle Sam can potentially apply pressure to get this over with, but the Bush administration seems happy with this regime. Maybe an Obama administration can do more to help you, but that's months away.

Anonymous said...

Is that really him...? If people other then him has access to his e-mail account, they might be able to post on the blog, etc...Just that this does not seem to be a typical blog post from him...

Anonymous said...

1. So many plain clothes out of nowhere demanded to know your name? Is this a movie or what? Conspiracy plot?

2. Tone down your temper Mr Gopalan - anger can get out you of control. To deal with our friends, you need patience. You are a lawyer, should speak and write like a profound and cool dude.

Seriously, you can continue to campaign or fight or speak against but do it in a smart way. Dont use abusive language or fight against people who will are luring into trap using legitimate reasons.

Learn to be cool like cucumber in dealing with our local friends.

Anonymous said...

i know your love and anger with Singapore, but no point hitting your head against iron.

use your brains sometimes, avoid getting trouble with the law and use your whatever energies to educate singaporeans and opposition in how to deal with the politics.

think before you act and since you are a lawyer, you should not play into their hands.

Unknown said...

i respect your decision, the rest who are not happy with your decision should start protesting instead of throwing shit at you

Anonymous said...


Good for u when u did not do a one man protest. I believe that the cops in plain clothes must have been disappointed on your absence.

Once u have the chance,please leave singapore. SO THAT u can continue your blogs, feed us with more global media news (especially those about singapore) , gather more foreign powers to help us out from the Leegime. Be prepared to return once the time is ripe.

Right now, there is nothing u can do in singapore as you are like a Bird in the cage.

Anonymous said...

To various anonymous that just hide behind your computer criticising, shame on you!

This is a man that should be applauded for his beliefs and stand against the totalitarian regime.

Although i myself am curious to this decision of yours to withdraw from holding your protest. I can only imagine the horrors of what you must be going thru right now.

I'm ashamed that i'm not as bold as you to fight for my beliefs.

Be strong and perserve. One day, slowly but surely, our vision of how Singapore should be will be fulfiled.

Anonymous said...

dear gopalan, being a lawyer yourself, i thought you would have learnt from the mistakes of JBJ an SJ, and avoided a repetition of them: do not take the bull by its horns. you should know better - there are many contradictions in our system, and too, on many occasions, the system has given the impression that the people are nothing more than stooges. so, what you should have done was to highlight to the people, in factual point by point fashion, instead of trading insults with the Grand Master, these contradictions or undermining presumptions.
just see how bravely and aptly our judiciary had pointed out the great flaw in our government's view of presumed guilty till proven innocent. (see the Straits Times of 12 July 2008)
you could have commented on this too and gained a rapport with the masses.
in my view, it is in contempt of court to continue perceiving an acquitted person guilty of the offence in fact. to harbour such a perception is to undermine the credibility of the court. hence, this in one example of self-contradiction by the government.
anyway, wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you decided (or maybe the decision was made for you?) not to protest. You should get out of Singapore fast to tell your story to the world. We need you to tell your story to the world.

You are fighting a losing battle here. It is time to pack up and go home.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair

My sympathies to you in this miserable land ruled by despots!

Graciousless country ruled by Stinkaporeans!

The sooner you get out the better!

Hope you are you fast!

BTW what ever happened to Mr Ravi?? Sir??

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

Hope you are in the best of Health?

Hate to ask you this stupid question but hope Stinkapore is treating you well?

Emperor Lee is determined to keep you in his court till he wishes!

He did it to so many pp'le!

One living testimony and fought til tis date is JB J! God save him!

Now that Demon is doing it unto to CSJ and to your good self sir!

Pls beware of the despotic snile old man!

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair

You are a smart man.

You hve woken up unlike many Stinkaporeans who are still in PAP Dreamland!

PAP is still milking all the blood out of us!

I just wonder when will stupind Stinkaporeans wake up to reality!

Anonymous said...

Only a sick, psychopathic, despotic, senile, greedy, power greddy, money sucking imbecile idiot and more negative words that we can think of like the PAP Regime can do what they are doing to you , JBJ and many more oppositions!


Anonymous said...

If by 2011 the PAPaya govt is still around than the world must come to an end!

This is sure prediction!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Nair,

I hope you have a safe return to America. You have already gain the freedom that you yearn for out of Shitpore and perhaps it is better for you not to return. It is difficult for one person to fight THE SYSTEM. You will be ridiculed and whatsoever because of THEIR WILL. Please live your happier life in America and continue posting updates there, where you are safe from the 'laws' of the island.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair

How are you? Are you in good health?

Are the wickedest Lee Regime treating you well in Stinkapore?

Keep us posted pls??

Anonymous said...

Your blog used to be very interesting Mr Nair Sir!

In Singapore everything is blanked out!

Altho we live in Singapore I learn more about Singapore from your blog in the US. What an irony and shows the sad state of affairs in Stinkapore.

Pls never give up writing your blog. Do keep writing your blog!

We pray for you daily.

Anonymous said...

dear gopalan, do you have any contacts that can grant me a job and permit to live and work in the US. im dead tired of this place. our Grand Master had said before that Singaporeans will not learn to be gracious in his lifetime. in my view, we are like a prematurely ripened fruit: all full bloom in appearance only. thus the supposedly ripened fruit still remains unripe or bitter in taste. likewise, singaporeans in general, despite their increasing wealth and affluence, are still unevolved in thoughts and spirit. anyway, wish you well and all the best...

Anonymous said...

MP Dr Ong Chit Chung died, and the PAP government is refusing to abide by Article 49 of the Constitution, which states that the vacated seat in Parliament must be filled by election.

Anonymous said...

Well Gopalan, You said you were determined to find the truth about Singapore. What's the mystery? Singapore is ruled by a cunning sociopath with a high IQ but very little emotional intelligence. Lee is a typical dictator who would sell his mother to get power. The fact that he went to work as an interpreter for the Japanese during WWII in order to help them with their propaganda shows that Lee has no morals, he would cozy up with the Devil himself in order to get power. Mr. high IQ scumbag has ruined many a good man.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt many will follow in your footstep after viewing this pursasive emigration video Best Wishes.

Paul PatrĂ³n said...

How much money would you need to take to find the truth.

My name is Paul and i am willing to invest in your trial.

Do email me with as much details as possible.

I am a Singaporean American
left singapore at 15 for studies and have not been back since.

The Singapore government is too much of a dictatorship.
They control just about every bit of Singaporeans lives.
NS to CPF, everything is a big scam aimmed at making the lee family and those that help him become RICHER while old people around the country are suffering..

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing your blog?

Did the devils of Stinkapore Land prohibit you from writing your blog??

Soulness Devils thats what they all are! Money Kings!

Pls Mr Nair keep on writing your interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

Article 49 of the Constitution = PAP's Law of Convenience

Anonymous said...

hmm.. A man that does not honour his word!
i cant imagine if you are a leader of singapore.
Save your human right, your democrate movement for the US.
GET LOST, u should call urself singapore clown.

europhia core said...

"Maybe an Obama administration can do more to help you, but that's months away."

Oooooh....No wander why despot LKY says he prefer McCain over Obama.... That's right. Good to know.

Correction from my previous post - It's ok if you dont post as often...as long as you keep posting our comments - so that we know you are well and kicking.

If you can't think of anything to post now, it's OK rather than reiterating. Sometimes, silence is golden.

Cheer up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nair,

Some one tells me you are 58 years old. Is it not time to forget your rants, apologise to the Judge and promise that you will not return to your country of birth ever again. That way lies the solution and your freedom to go back to your adopted country. You have spent enough years protesting about a system which really will change only if the Singaporeans collectively wish it to do so. In the near future I do not see this happening as ordinary Singaporeans are busy looking after their families.

I suspect you are single, because if you had a wife and kids you would have settled down in USA by now earning your livelihood as an attorney and will not be wasting your time in fruitless rant which have become monotonous these days.
I guess your attorney practice in USA is not thriving and that explains your distractions and inability to move on in life.

I get the impression that you rate yourself highly and no significant organisation or individual has intervened to release you from the
current situation. All I read is unknown and feeble group of journalists and the like. Contrary to your belief you have not become world famous. I tested this with my neighbour in Europe where I live, and he says that he has heard
about only one Nair who has maintained a good tea shop in Kerala whom he visits when he takes a break in Kerala.

Did the American Justice /State Deparment not tell you what the asylum granting conditions were when you first approached them as an individual escaping from persecution? Afterall, for humanitarian reasons Uncle Sam gave asylum to you to remove you from the long arms of Mr Yew. What you have been doing is pissing on Singapore Government whom you left for good when you sought asylum.

Thank God you are not my attorney, as I wonder about your legal mind. Even my old mother with no formal education would have told me not to do what you have done. You do not have to be called to the bar from the Inner/Middle Temple in London to acquire a basic and commonsensical legal familiarity.

In the end, Mr Yew will deport you,
only after letting you sweat for weeks, and that way he is sure you will never set foot in Singapore ever again.

Finally, you are going to be a senior citizen in America and
it is best if you develop amnesia about Mr Yew and start building your life in your adopted country.
Let us face it, you are not Mandela or Gandhi or King, but a mundane Nair.
Let me test your honesty and see whether you publish my comments.


Anonymous said...

I see so many people verbally supporting him ..... anonymously behind their freaking computers.

Must be real "brave" of all of you to "speak out" so loudly here and keep quiet in RL lol.

Anonymous said...

Mr Norman you are one big coward!

That is why this country is going to the dogs with pp'le like Lee Junta ruling !

Good Luck to Stinkaporeans like you!

Bravao Mr Nair - Well Done

Anonymous said...

I browse this blog for more goodies by Mr Nair, unfortunately lately nothing interesting or exciting. sad!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "I see so many people verbally supporting him ..... anonymously behind their freaking computers.

Must be real "brave" of all of you to "speak out" so loudly here and keep quiet in RL lol."

So Norman can see for himself now how afraid Singaporeans really are of the LEEs. It's not that Singaporeans do not wish to vote out the PAP regime. It's just that not too many have the balls to do so.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "I see so many people verbally supporting him ..... anonymously behind their freaking computers.

Must be real "brave" of all of you to "speak out" so loudly here and keep quiet in RL lol."

So Norman can see for himself now how afraid Singaporeans really are of the LEEs. It's not that Singaporeans do not wish to vote out the PAP regime. It's just that not too many have the balls to do so.

zhanzhao said...

^ So said the mouse about why he himself did not confront the cat.

Jordon Ong said...

He withdrew his protest because he doesn't need it anymore; the police did it for him.