Saturday, March 17, 2007

Singapore Prime Minister refuses to assist senior citizens. Part 2.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All of us in Singapore have seen the disturbing and depressing sight at food stalls in Singapore. Very old people in their 70s and 80s working as cleaners and tidiers of tables at food centers like Toa Payoh food center outside Toa Payoh Lorong 1. You can see these elderly people, shuffling along to your table to clean it and clear the plates after you have finished eating. I am sure they do it not because it was their ambition since they were 6 years old to one day become food stall cleaners! It is because they are so desperate that they are prepared to do anything, even though they find working at their age hard, due to their fragility and an insult to their dignity, they must do it, to survive. Surely you young men and women, if you had any human feelings of compassion, must feel hurt and ashamed, to see these people, old enough to be your parents, struggle to survive. Any other civilized society, or first world country, that Mr. Lee calls it, would surely provide some assistance to these elderly citizens so they can live out their old age in comfort and dignity. Regrettably not so in Mr. Lee's Singapore. He will allow nothing of the sort.

Lee claims, as in most of his other harebrained ideas, that it is unwise to help these people because otherwise they will become lazy and rely too much on welfare, which according to his contorted way of thinking, will cause the decline and fall of Singapore, something in the lines of Gibbon's six volume Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I suppose Mr. Lee does not want to be a Nero fiddling, while Rome fell!

Let me tell Mr. Lee this. Decline and fall or otherwise, look here Mr. Lee. It is your duty to help elderly citizens of Singapore. There is no 2 ways about it now. I am serious. We Singaporeans will not tolerate it. Do it immediately. We hold you responsible.

Now as for your failure to date in providing assistance to the aged and making them work, Singaporeans are holding you responsible. You have to be punished.

I can suggest a punishment for both Mr. Lee and his son. To order them to listen to the fat lady sing for 3 hours. I personally hate to listen to operatic performances where a fat lady sings. I find the singing terrible and so are the songs, not to mention the fat lady. For me having to listen to opera would be the most painful punishment one could ever have. If the Lees are similar in dislike of opera music, that is appropriate punishment.

We could restrain both father and son on chairs at a suitable location to prevent escape. Locate a suitably large fat lady. And make her sing to both father and son for 3 continuous hours without interruption. The other alternative is to polish them off. Just as troops of the 2nd Battalion Blue Kangaroo, Australian regiment, had polished off the Boer prisoners at Pietermaritzberg, Natal, South Africa in the 2nd Boer War in 1901 after their capture, we could do the same to father and son. Give them a right good polishing with No.1 Kiwi Black Boot Polish until their entire bodies shines and sparkles to high heaven. This is the other alternative punishment in the event the first fails.

In the meantime, all old people, 70 years and over, still alive and breathing, able to walk with or without walking sticks, trollers and other devises for walking, together with their supporters should descend forthwith from their HDB flats with placards in hand and printed leaflets outlining their plight and parade down Orchard Road, accompanied by drums, flutes and piccolo players, with their noses in the air, determined no matter what comes, from the intersection of Selegie Road, past the Istana, past Centerpoint and Mandarin Hotel to end at the junction of Ming Court Hotel and Tanglin Road, at which point the protest will officially and peacefully disperse.

We have to get cracking immediately in organizing this. Let me know when it is and I will come.

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