Monday, August 18, 2008

The days go on

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The days go on in Singapore, a place where I intended to stay for no more than 10 days vacation when I arrived at Changi Airport on May 26, 2008 at 1am. With the totally unexpected turn of events with my arrest, which I truly never expected even though I challenged Lee to arrest me, silly as you may think of it, but true; I am still here against my wishes, nearly 3 months now.

Since my arrest for allegedly insulting Judge Belinda Ang in this blog and for allegedly sending an Email to judge Lai Sui Chu more than 2 years ago in March 17, 2006 for calling her corrupt, I have also been charged for being disorderly on a street in Little India, a district in Singapore and for allegedly insulting a Malay policeman.

So my stay in Singapore instead of being a vacation, turned into a marathon litigation with me all of a sudden having to spend all my time as a lawyer, that is for myself, except that I don’t get paid for it!

For the past month or so, my daily routine has been getting up to go to one court or the other. As for the disorderly behavior which is going on now, I have been getting up early in the morning having read the previous day's work to ready myself to cross examine the police witnesses who claim I shouted at the top of my voice, saying all manner of nasty things at them and gesticulated at the top of my voice when they, as they claim, had asked me for my particulars.

My defense is that as they were in civilian clothes and as they had made no attempt to identify themselves, I never knew they were police and therefore had no obligation to tell them anything.

Moreover sane ordinary people do not usually go around shouting at the top of their voices and swinging their arms widely around for no reason at all unless they belong in a mental asylum or they had just drunk an entire bottle of premium Scotch. I fit into neither category. I haven’t yet been declared insane and neither was I drunk.

Day in and day out, they bring in their witnesses and make their accusations. When my turn comes, I cross examine them and put to them my version of the events. And that is what is happening this last month and continuing.

But you know, if you think of it really, you may say, what a waste of government money in going through this. No one was hurt. Nothing was stolen. Murder had not taken place. It is nothing more than a bad argument between policemen and myself. In any other place the government would not have spent a cent on it. They would have probably given me a stern warning and asked me to get lost.

But no. Not in this First World Country, that is, according to Lee's criteria of First World. Oh no. In this First World Country, you still must lavishly spend money to prosecute Gopalan Nair because that is what is done at this place. It is also a place where you use corporal punishment against violent criminals, although mine is not such a case. It is also a country where for the slightest criticism of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, you may find yourself bankrupt to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars! Therefore one can safely conclude at least this. Singapore is at least in some curious ways different from other usual run of the mill first world country such as for instance New Zealand.

Other than this case, I have to contend with the other case, the Blogging Case due to be heard Sept 08, 2008 for 10 days, the case which I referred to above. For this too, I have to attend court as and when required. And it involves preparation of documents, the almost daily routine of attending court for this or that, which means that my time here has become one long nightmare.

But I have to hang in there. That is the only honorable thing to do in the circumstances. I have pleaded not guilty. I have claimed it is my right to speak my mind. If I were to deny myself this right, that is to speak freely, I would no longer be Gopalan Nair. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror. I would be like the other millions of Singaporeans who live under a blanket of fear. Fear to speak freely and living under the yoke of a dictatorial regime. So, I have to go on. So I have to defend myself and stand my ground. I have to continue being Gopalan Nair.

I have said it before and will say it again. I stand by what I wrote in my blog about judge Belinda Ang being thoroughly unfair towards Dr. Chee and company during the 3 day hearing in the High Court from May 26, 2008 to May 28, 2008.

As to the selection of my words, I may have chosen wrongly. And if I had caused any offence to the Judge or anyone else, I apologize. I have said this apology before and will say it again. On hindsight, I could have chosen better words although the English meaning used in the context makes it clear that it refers to the court hearing and nothing else. The words used were technically correct although my choice could have been better.

I have not been blogging much for lack of time, the daily routine is punishing, with little time for nothing else. This is a situation which is beyond my control and not of my making. What I had done, had it been in any other developed country would not warrant an inch of what I have to go through.

But the true test of a man lies when he is faced under extreme circumstances. Does he turn into jelly and collapse or does he face the challenge head on. Throughout my life I have never backed off from a challenge. And neither do I intend to do that now, come fire or high water.

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

Chicken shit, apology is not good enough. You have to plead guilty and asked for leniency of sentences. Why bother to fight the case if you are wrong in the first place? If you didn't insult the judges and police, you won't be in the hot soup to start with. If you are in the wrong and chose to fight further, they will double or triple your punishment.

Anonymous said...

And while u suffer here, may I kindly ask, has your country taken the slightest actions to help or assist you? If not, why?

Gopalan, please answer my questions, if time permits.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Gopi! This cant last much longer

Anonymous said...

US has voiced support for Anwar, not just once but twice. How come they are leaving an american in the lurch?

Anonymous said...

We have a karung guni cabinet.

Unfortunately, the GRC system insures their re-election - paying top dollar for such junk (as in the shares we bought in subprime affected banks)!
PAP better pull up their socks (dun know if they are wearing any socks at all??).Cost of living raising so fast what do you expect.

Anonymous said...

If I were to deny myself this right, that is to speak freely, I would no longer be Gopalan Nair. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror. I would be like the other millions of Singaporeans who live under a blanket of fear. Fear to speak freely and living under the yoke of a dictatorial regime. So, I have to go on. So I have to defend myself and stand my ground. I have to continue being Gopalan Nair.




Anonymous said...

Throughout my life I have never backed off from a challenge. And neither do I intend to do that now, come fire or high water.

Keep pressing on Mr Nair! FamiLee cannot rob you of your values! Unlike cowards like Stinkaporeans!

Anonymous said...

If Gopalan is deemed as a danger to himself or the public- than where is Mas Selamat?? How come WKS is still at large! Detain him! Sue him!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, wake up lah -The law and judiciary system here is deformed, and unqiue in Singapore under this ruling party

Anonymous said...

We salute you Unlike Singaporeans who hide and complain and live in fear of the PAP Junta.

Anonymous said...

"If you didn't insult the judges and police, you won't be in the hot soup to start with"

The above quote is an assumption. It is possible to get into contentious debates without doing wrong in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there man! I also wish the US embassy were doing more. I hope that at least someone is attending all of your hearings. Your story will undoubtedly show up on the US State Dept's annual country reports. But frankly I'm irritated that the State Dept. is not doing more. What good is our ambassador to Singapore? Is she too busy attending dinners and parties to take interest in your case?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there.
This episode will not last forever.
Before the year is up your nemesis would have taken leave and be in another dimension.

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a long fight for you. Singaporeans are very petty and particular about their reputation. The less powerful and rich may try to fight you in cyber space but the rich and powerful ones are going to sue. All the best!

Anonymous said...

I think this will be a long fight for you. Singaporeans are very petty and particular about their reputation. The less powerful and rich may try to fight you in cyber space but the rich and powerful ones are going to sue. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Gopalan, I for one agreed with your original blog entry on the SDP trial. I also agree that the adjective "prostituting" was apt, and grammatically correctly used. I would even go so far as to say I applaud you for your tenacity and courage.

I would say, however, that playing your hand so audaciously by challenging the Powers That Be to come and arrest you was, well, dumb. You laid down a challenge, and it was taken up. How the PTBs went about it was disingenuous, arresting you on completely non-Lee related charges, but none of us can claim to be surprised. You played your hand, and you lost the first round.

In all honesty, I don't see you winning the game, not on this turf. The cards are stacked against you. But maybe you can take consolation in the fact that you're inspiring people to think. And maybe even some have been inspired to act.

Hope you'll be alright.

Anonymous said...

To the first 2 comments above. Dont be such a petty ignorant idiots writing nonsensical jumble of words. You wrote as though you knew the situation well. Were you at the scene of the crime? Give me a break.

Gopalan, please, you do not need to answer such lame questions.

It is very unfortunate that you were been harassed by the SG government. I agree with you that such trivial incident is a waste of tax payers money and a fine or a slap on the hand is sufficient punishment. Unfortunately you come to SG you must live by the rule. So, just be careful and stay out of trouble, because in SG there are a lot of people who are like the 2 idiots above.

dfgd said...

Hi Gopalan

keep fighting the good fight, glad to read your posts from time to time. now that you are in the middle of the court cases I understand that you might not be able to keep us as informed as we would like.

But do not for one moment think that you are in the wrong, you have done nothing wrong. You are free to choose what ever words you desire, pejorative or not. You are free to offend, especially those in power.


Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans are praying for your well being and success. God bless you

Anonymous said...

He was not wrong in expressing his opinion. Of course there are boundaries within which one should do it, but as far as Im concerned, he was well within those boundaries.

If he had robbed someone with incriminating evidence against him, and he fought back in court, yes, his sentence would be heavier than if he had just pleaded guilty. But to be arrested for saying what he said is ludicrous.

But like what John Tan said, what is the United States government and the embassy here doing about your forced stay in this country? Surely they could flex a bit more muscle in this matter?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

The more I follow your case, the more I thank myself for quitting Singapore.

As for Lee and his cronies, I have lost whatever tiny respect I have for them.

At least, I see how they can turn a tourist into a political prisoner.

No matter how rich Singapore is, I only see a bleak future for my former countrymen. I feel a little guilty that I am enjoying my freedom now. At least, I have not wasted my life.

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

You have remarked that all PRC Chinese are spies. PRCs are waiting to strike you now for thatr remark.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's government has carefully and deliberately made timid sheep of its citizens.

When people leave critical comments here on your blog it is because actually they feel ashamed. They are afraid to stand up for themselves and are ashamed of their cowardice and so they hide behind insults and bravado. When they get over their fear of the state they will be ready to turn their criticism in the right direction.

In taking your stand and making public your fight you will help these people. Even if you lose, and I sincerely hope you don't, you will have done the people of Singapore a service by showing them how petty their state can be and how it is possible for them to stand up against it.

People of Singapore are good hard working people and they deserve better then their current politicians and lawmakers.

All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

It's a battle and test of your endurance. You have many supporters who will be happy to help.

Anonymous said...

Remember back then when we were told that if we had more than 2 children, we would receive lesser benefits?

then 3 is enough and now more the merrier????

A very very imbalanced govt indeed!! A MAD COW GOVT!!

Anonymous said...

hi proud american.. haha.. i thought you boasted about Ms Rice is highly concerned about your case? However just too bad, you were not even at the slightest thought in her mind.

Stop blaming singapore govt, blame it on your stupidty... just too bad medical science do not have cure for you yet. Happy Waiting :-)


Anonymous said...


There is no need to answer your question...unlike,singapore america,have greater concern for americans overseas...You will never know,if they keep on hitting gobalan might turn into poltical campaign by a presidential candiate....I say,Mr Gopal...go for it....heads or tails...they will tend to lose...hang in there, are always in our thoughts and prayers...

Anonymous said...

Please stop saying that we Singaporeans are living in fear. On the contrary we are living in peace and security, trying how to ride this nasty inflationary time and a world of uncertainty.

The only good you have done us is to give our policemen some training in how to handle a difficult and clever man according to the law of the country.

You should by now realise that Singapore is a law abiding nation or else you won't be so busy defending yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Gopalan,

Freedom back in the USA is waiting, once you get through all this red tape.

The Singapore authorities are eventually going to have to release you and let you return to the United States, the US will not tolerate their - branch plant economy outer province of the American Empire - to deny an American Citizen his human rights.

Anonymous said...

Brave one!

Anonymous said...

Ignore the comments from the Pappies strike team.... you have the support of many singaporeans.... fight the good fight!!

Anonymous said...

To the anon who said "Chicken shit, apology is not good enough. You have to plead guilty and asked for leniency of sentences."

If a man believes that he didn't do wrong, to plead guilty to avoid further trouble is akin to bowing to fear. It takes courage and persistence to persevere on in this lonely battle. I'm glad you're not a judge, for you are someone who sees only one side of the arguement. You would not be a fair jury either, for you are sure of the guilt of the accused before it having been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

It is not wrong to disapprove of the actions of another, if there is a basis for it. Nair has clearly stated his reasons for using the words of reproach, and it is up to individuals to analyse if he did it with malicious intentions or merely as a tool for venting his frustrations.

Not all judges are beyond reproach, not all policemen are law-abiding. Just as not all teachers have their students' welfare at heart. So if you were a student and came across a teacher that obviously favours a school bully who beat you up because the school bully's father is a VIP in the MOE, would you still have any respect for the teacher? Most importantly, does that teacher deserve any respect? Of cos not. You would be calling the teacher all sorts of names, "bootlicker", "coward", "no conscience" blah blah. So, by calling the teacher those names that he/she deserves, does that automatically make you a bad student and a troublemaker?

My point is this: respect is never a given. Being a judge or policeman or teacher doesn't automatically mean you have to be treated with respect. Respect only comes to those who show that they are worthy and deserving of it. In other words, respect has to be earned. Respect isn't something that can be forced out of people.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear some updates from USA position on your case please ....

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew do not deserve the honor anymore. He misused the respect of the people when he stopped the progress and kept the country as a family business of his own. He is now a sad shadow of the great man he once where.

The world needs a free Singapore. China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong needs a country to learn from. Singapore today is a sad example for the world. Not much different than the old Chinese empires of the past.

I used to live in Singapore. It is a beautiful country with a great people, but I had to leave. A major reason was the Lee family.

Being controlled by the Lee family was just not a option when being used to freedom. There are just to many other nice places to live that do provide increased safety and freedom. Places where you do not need to look over your shoulder all the time.

Australia for example needs more workers. Australia country do provide freedom, stability, and safety. Singaporean hawker food is easily available.

But the best would be if more Singaporean do fight the system. The Singaporean people have deserved that after many years of successfully building a otherwise great nation.

Singaporeans needs to learn the difference between fear and respect. Speak your mind with your friends and stop being afraid. The Lee family is tough, but freedom is worth it.

Political asylum is a option for them who needs it.

Anonymous said...

Just Plead Guilty lah!!

Anonymous said...

So when is your verdict date because your trial date should be over by now? I don't see any news media either local or oversea interested in your trial. First you insulted judges, then you insulted police. What else you will do next, insult Singapore leaders and get sued for defamation? Go knock your head against the wall better since you got nothing else better to do.

Anonymous said...

I have to totally agree with you on your analogy of your charges. reason again being simple, because you are Gopalan Nair.

Your present plight is of persecution, NOT prosecution. You are not being prosecuted, that is.

Crediting your previous "deeds" when you were a singapore citizen, I have a bad feeling that unless you are as smart as Deng in Australia or Francis Seow in USA< you should expect a very loooooooooooooong stay in Singapore.

God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

wow..... as a foreigner i find this highly amusing and disheartening at the same time.

You know there are somethings that no matter how hard you try they wont change. This is one of them, i feel you may have bitten more than you can chew, but we live and learn.
I really hope you get out of this intact..if u know what i mean... and i will be hoping that things go well for you!


Anonymous said...

How can you say that this is "not of my making?" Of course it is! Take some responsibility for what you did instead of blaming everyone else. You challenged the Singaporean government to come and arrest you for your ridiculous antics and they did. How is this not your fault?

The Singaporean government is far from perfect, but they would never be prosecuting you if you had not provoked them in such a cavalier manner.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair- Many of us (the oh so silent majority - for obvious reasons) support you and your cause. Perhaps you did go about it in a round a bout way but you are standing up for what you believe!

Many of us urge you to carry on & stay strong. It will end one day and you will have a lifetime of reflection on events & the way you managed yourself against such opposition.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan Nair,

I would like to draw your attention to the the blog entry in ex-policeman Ganga Sudhan's blog in which he wrote about your case.

Specifically, I wish to add that I too was persecuted by the while I was in Singapore; I'm a Canadian citizen now. It was the reason that I wrote the comments that I did in his blog.

However, Ganga Sudhan has crossed the line - when don't they ever? - by alleging that:

1) I was indeed none other than you, Gopalan Nair; and also,

2) You, and not I, had insulted the police.

I challenged him to repeat his allegations against you, which he did, in which instance I would offer my assistance to you to prove that I am not you - I'm even writing from Canada - and take any necessary legal action against him for wilful false accusation and defamation.

You may read the entire exchange between him and I here in the comments that follow that article (the second latest):

I will email you so that you can have my email address, so that I can be of assistance should you decide on it.

Anonymous said...

The politics and slander of PAPees have to be rejected by the People!

People must want real fundamental change, real unity not just superficial ones and justice!

Enough of Lee Junta's songs over the years of lies and deceits!

STand up Singaporeans ! Stand up Mr Nair and Well Done!

M'sians can do it why no Singapore????

Mockingbird said...

Will you be speaking at the Speaker's Corner now that the rules have been relaxed?

Anonymous said...

well, somehow I think you are asking for it.

Anonymous said...

myself included
we live in fear
look at all the anonymous comments
no one wants to leave their names.
for fear of getting into trouble

hang in there Sir Nair!!!

Anonymous said...

Assuming that all these anonymous are Singaporeans like myself, feared of being caught are here. I feel kind of happy.


Please do continue your gd work here in blogging the TRUTH AND THE FACTS THAT WE YEARN FOR.

Anonymous said...

Monkey ass idiot. Why this is your fight? What business do you have in mind? Go help the poor or the sick ones in your own country or sthg... This is not your fight and though as a fellow Singaporean, I don't even bother, why should you? What makes u a savior? Idiot...