Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's PAP of Singapore has begun the hunt.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Nov 29, 2010has the story, "Singapore General Elections. First Class Candidates". It reports, more than 240 potential election candidates have been invited for "tea" and more than 40 have been interviewed by a committee chaired by the Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew's son.

Among Singapore's many odd practices, among which is criminalizing chewing gum, Singapore's one party state, goes around the country each year looking for instant politicians who are persuaded or forced, I do not know, to step up and stand for elections under Lee Kuan Yew's party banner. Somewhat like the practice in Buddhist Tibet where the high priests scour the country looking for children, one of whom is selected as the future Dalai Lama for his Godlike habits.

One of the biggest lies of the PAP, claiming they chose people for their merit and wisdom is completely debunked in the case of Dr. Chee Soon Juan. If there is one capable, competent and honest politician in Singapore, it surely has to be him, with a PhD in Nueropsychology from an American University and a great deal of experience determination and passion. But I can assure you one thing, Lee Kuan Yew would not select him. He doesn't fit the profile of their best candidate. He has his own opinions, his own views and he will not kowtow to anyone regardless of how much he is paid. Not just that, he is according to Lee Kuan Yew, a criminal, a cheat and numerous other epithets you can imagine.

This practice is unlike every other democracy in the world where politician hopefuls are driven by their passion to go into politics, spend many years in some party and eventually, if they are lucky are chosen to stand in elections, in stiff competition where only the best succeed.

In contract, in Singapore, these selected candidates are very often reluctant and indifferent to politics, are coerced to join them and become instant politicians and almost always, because the elections in Singapore are rigged for Lee Kuan Yew to always win, become Ministers and members of Parliament overnight for their citizens who had never even heard of them until yesterday.

These men and women are chosen primarily because of their indifference to politics or for that matter anything else other than their jobs, men who have no other opinion in their heads about anything, but for one thing alone, their proven success in reading books and passing examinations. Another character trait that they look for is the ability to be completely loyal to their master as long as there is money in it.

As the PAP pay very high salaries, literally millions of dollars, there are always many mercenaries and opportunists who try to join the PAP for personal gain, such as the recent Minister of Law, K Shanmugam, a Tamil in a predominantly ethnic Chinese government.

According to the report, the PAP has carried out the hunt not only within Singapore but also overseas, which means even an Australian resident could be selected, repatriated to Singapore, made to fly PAP colours and elected into Parliament to represent his new found wards in Toa Payoh Singapore the next day.

This practice of the PAP of selecting politicians instead of their being chosen by free and fair elections, by itself belies the claim by the PAP that it is a democracy; it is simply not. Only countries such as Communist China and Cuba who are confident of winning the elections even before its happening, would pretend to go out and chose candidates and be confident of their winning even though no one has ever even seen them before.

This practice proves not only that Singapore is a one party state where representatives are appointed, not elected, and where the ruling party is confident they would remain in power perpetually. And that alone proves what many suspect all along, that Lee Kuan Yew has been rigging every single election since 1959 and if he ever loses, he will simply stuff the ballot boxes. Otherwise he will not be so confident of getting men into Parliament who have no experience in politics, let alone any desire for it.

Of course you know today there are 84 Members of Parliament in Singapore out of which 82 are PAP, Lee Kuan Yew's party. And what is more, the 2 so called opposition politicians are in fact PAP politicians in disguise which explains why they alone are holding their seats for decades now and there is no one else.

And that is why I repeat my call to all the freedom loving people of Singapore. Don't waste your time playing Lee Kuan Yew's game when you know you have no chance. Elections should only be a side show of a side show. The real action should be on the streets, in peaceful protests, demanding justice.

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Anonymous said...

We need the Aung San Suu Kyi type in Singapore. Her silence is so deafening that Burma junta has to free her.

But the trouble with Singapore is its many western friends, like USA and Australia. They depend on Lee 'soft' dictatorship for business.