Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Singapore struggles with it's disappearing population

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All of Singapore's state controlled newspapers as well as all it's state controlled media carries one story again and again, lamenting it's fast disappearing population.

Today Singapore's birth rate is one of the lowest if not the lowest in the world, 1.16% which means a couple do not produce even one child among the 2!

With Lee's determination to expand the economy disregarding anything else by bringing in vast numbers of foreigners into the workforce, not only for work but also for settlement, he has managed to set into motion the seeds of Singapore's total decline.

These human imports are vastly inferior to the stubborn locals who not only refuse to have any children no matter how big the carrot, but what is worse, they are simply refusing to even get married.

Today, to quote an Australian, James Gomez, who writes frequently for the Singapore Democratic Party's blog, who has decided to keep his Singapore passport in order to contest the forthcoming elections as their Party candidate, for which I presume he will make a trip to Singapore for 2 weeks sometime in the near future; 4 in 5 people in Singapore are already foreigners and with the fast disappearing local population at the rate it is sinking, foreigners will form the majority of Singaporeans very soon, a transitory people in a transitory island.

And these foreigners or instant Singaporeans have no idea what Singapore is really about, without the culture and character of what had made local Singaporeans from its early days, from generation to generation.

And this does not augur well for the future of the island, how can it be, with 3rd rate foreigners, with no intention of sinking roots there, making up the majority of it's population.

And what is worse, these foreigners do not know any English being principally from Communist China.

And with this impending doom of a totally disappearing population, Lee Kuan Yew's yes-men, or minions, have been articulating various hare brained ideas to persuade Singaporeans to reproduce, such as paying them money and giving them longer paid maternity leave or tax breaks.

I understand Lee Kuan Yew's contemporary Muammar Gadaffi of Libya has been doing the same lately to appease his rebellious citizens without much success.

As a matter of fact since about 2 decades ago in Singapore, every one of these reproduction incentives have been tried and nothing has worked.

As if this was not bad enough, the rate of Singaporeans permanently leaving Singapore for settlement abroad has also been mounting leaving only Iraq and Libya today with higher rates of emigration, that is people escaping in hordes.

Either Lee Kuan Yew's minions, who are by the way paid millions of dollars for their loyalty to him, have not got it, or they are simply daft.

Anyone could see that paying more money did not persuade anyone to remain in distasteful conditions and neither did it produce more children, neither in Singapore or anywhere else.

Singapore's best and brightest continue to leave in hordes simply because it is undignified to live under the yoke of Lee Kuan Yew.

In a country where Lee Kuan Yew could abuse the law anytime to have you punished, such as he did to Chee Soon Juan, JB Jeyaretnam and I; where any attempt to assert your rights as a human being results in your victimization by the government for life, and where a peaceful successful life means your giving up your birth right to speak freely without fear, no one with any self respect and dignity would want to live such a life.

I am not sure who it was who said that you could live without bread, but you cannot live without dignity.

At least that is how I think life should be lived, and I am sure many others as the emigration figures out of Singapore speaks for itself.

Lee Kuan Yew is a silly man despite all that has been said about him.

He is a man who takes pride in boasting of his greatness, real or imagined, a sort of Don Quixote leaning against windmills.

He tells us ad nauseam in 3 hour long speeches how smart he was, how he defeated his political opposition single handedly, how he saw below the radar and had a sixth sense of this and that, and a whole lot of hogwash thereafter; leaving the listener not just bored to death but to go away thinking that all he cares for is his self preservation and nothing else matters.

Democracy does not matter to him, decency does not matter and goodness does not matter, only winning and crushing your opponents through fair means or foul.

Such a man does not instill confidence, he instills abhorrence and contempt.

And as long as there are running dogs in Singapore willing to do his bidding, just as Gadaffi has his, no one with any human dignity in him would want to live any where near a man such as this.

If this rubbish is all his minions can think of to help Singapore out of these difficult times, one can openly assume that they too, like Lee Kuan Yew are just out to fend for themselves, and Singapore can go to the dogs.

I can tell Lee Kuan Yew how to stop this mounting brain drain, how to have more Singaporeans have children and more marriages and families.

I can tell him how he can get happy people, because happiness is the answer to all these problems. Simply put, Singaporeans are not happy.

They don't feel secure.

They are not safe.

And without any of this they will not have babies and they will leave the country if they can.

To solve these problems he has simply to dignify the country itself.

He has to give it respectability which it has lost.

Today Singapore's legal profession and it's judiciary have been discredited and have lost all respect.

If you want Singaporeans to stay, reverse the damage that is done.

Bring back the rule of law.

Demand judicial independence and abolish political corruption in the judiciary.

Bring back respect for the judiciary.

Stop the victimization of your political opponents.

Order your civil service to stop this dirty business of unjustly punishing political opponents.

Allow freedom of the press.

Allow people to assemble and speak freely without threats of arrest and imprisonment.

And most importantly stop strutting around like a prize rooster bullying anyone in your way.

Which means stop being the tin pot tyrant you are and bring back credibility and respect to your state institutions.

If you did all this, in one stroke you would not only reverse the hitherto unstoppable brain drain but you would also persuade the thousands of good educated and skilled Singaporeans to return to their country which they left because of your arrogance.

But you know what, I am sure you are not going to do any of this.

Why, because if you did, you and your son, Saif Gadaffi, no Lee Hsien Loong, will no longer be in power.

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Anonymous said...

Well put well said

mycroft said...

Eh Gopalan, if LKY in a moment of madness put in place your helpful suggestions to select reverse gear, it would be like a turkey voting for Thanksgiving. He and all his cronies in government from the President on down would be slaughtered.

Of course he'll never consider it for a nanosecond - what dictator would? His plan is to delay the day of reckoning for as long as possible and die peacefully in bed, then it becomes someone else's problem. His sort only ever understood one language: that of the Middle Eastern variety.

Derek Gwyn Davies, a former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, in his foreword to Francis Seow's new book Confucius Confounded (a much needed antidote to Lee's own Hard Truths), has this to say about Lee:

"Singapore has not been ruled by Confucian benevolence but by vindictiveness."

"The quotations paint Lee's self-portrait, of an illogical, conceited, ruthless, vindictive and racialist leader."

Singaporeans are paying the price of political apathy. Even now, with an avalanche of immigrants poised to administer the coup de grace of outnumbering the native population just as soon as the 2011 general election is over, many do not realise that they're drinking at the Last Chance Saloon. Soon it might be too late for regrets.

Anonymous said...

I think most Singaporen realised that Lky and his minions - ministers, judges,lawyers and many others doing his dirty work have no loyalty to Sgp. They are there to accumulate wealth and will be gone when things fall apart after the old man`s demise. Almost all Singaorean live in a culture of money. I thank God for having raise my children and now grandchildren here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

i was waiting for your next entry wwhy wait 2 weeks before you wrote.good article and well spoken
jeremy wong

Anonymous said...

Damn good article(s)!

Anonymous said...

If Singapore is truly a free country. I will gladly migrate home. I will forgo my house and cars here and move home to MY country. The singapore that I have dreamt of since I started boarding school in Australia and tasted what a real democracy is all about.

Anonymous said...

Stay in Aus.
Never come back

Anonymous said...

LKY was the one who restricted family size , then decided he wanted more money , and the only way allow in foreigners .