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Singapore's False Elections, An Exercise in Theatrics

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My latest video, Gopalan Nair the Singapore Dissident from Fremont, San Francisco, California, April 30, 2011

Singapore's False Elections, An Exercise in Theatrics

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Anonymous said...

On May 7th, the right thing for the CITIZENS to do would be to vote out the PAP.

But, the cowards in Singapore, especially the older generation, will vote for the PAP. LKY continue to rule the island.

On May 8th, people will return to complaining about the number of FTs, cost of HDB flats, ministers salaries, and so on.

But, don't feel sorry for the Citizens of Singapore.

These worthless people deserve what they get.


At least the Egyptians have to balls to remove their dictator.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Nair, 1 question about ministers' salaries: The justification for their high pay is to prevent bribes. Something like: If ministers are poor= accept bribes= corruption. If ministers are rich= won't take bribes= no corruption.

What are your views on this?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are kiasu and cowards.Come May 7 the PAP will govern again with no lost of any seat. Even Low Thia Khiang will lose his seat and Chiam See Tong too will lose his seat. Singaporeans never learn.

Anonymous said...

A Bill of rights is what is lacking in the Singapore Constitution. Singapore should incorporate a Bill of Rights in its Consitution.

Certain rights should be made inviolable such as the right to life, the right to be secure in the person, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for ANY PURPOSE.

The freedom of assembly, free speech and the freedom of the press should also be incorporated.

The present Constitution is so abused by Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP that its not worth its piece of paper.

PAP rules with fear instilled in the citizens and it will no doubt reemerged as the government after May 7 2011.

Anonymous said...

It is "wayang" time, you put it correctly.

Anonymous said...

I only wished everyone would just disobey him altogether, including people from army and the police. Seems pretty impossible though, given the average Singaporean behaviour and knowing only brainwashed facts.

pugdragon said...

Not many people or even opposition parties are voicing out that conscription is an evil that denies freedom of choice. Conscription is still staring at Singaporeans so blatantly in the face & not much Singaporeans are protesting that. In fact, much of the population has been brainwashed into thinking that conscription is ok & needed in Singapore. That is so hideous that I can't watch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Gopalan Nair,

The points you have bought is amazing and hope it enlightens singaporean,you had said that the 2PAPS bootlickers are contesting with SDP ticket, then how come Dr chee didn't have iota of doubt and moreover they had embraced them with open hands, it seems very strange to me and however your peaceful protesting would also not work because lee knows how to handle them too,this is catch22 situation, this guys are so smart before imposing any policies they do research and make sure they aren't any loopholes there after whatsoever, its hard to break this nut, too hard!!!!!!i lived in singapore for an year, i love that country, but then a country without free speech and rights is pathetic,only time will tell..?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon of Sat Apr 30, 08:18:00 PM PDT.

High Pay = No corruption?

This is a classic lie. If a person is corrupt, any pay will do. The world is full of examples of fallible highly paid humans.

In the past, it used to be
High Education = Honorable person.
Do you still believe that?

But if you tell me, high pay for dangerous or undesirable jobs, I think that sound like a more appropriate reason, esp for PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video. I cannot take my eyes off you .... hahaha.
The last time someone hold me to such attention is Lee Kuan Yew and I was naive then. But he is fast becoming a past tense.
We will know soon if SDP will be taken over by Tan Jee Say and soon Dr Chee will be thrown into obivion.

ex-Singaporean who no longer reads the Strait Times said...

Dear Anonymous 4/30 8:18pm, that is the lamest excuse ever. Bottom linbe, if you want to falsely justify your greed, there are 10000000001 ways to do it. Fools in Singapore believe it and the rest and too scared to say otherwise. Bottom line, ministers need to be paid decently not exorbitantly. This is pure greed and a lame excuse to justify it to the foolish public!

Note: Kim Jong Il, Ceaucescu, Mubarak and others used similar excuses to justify their excesses. Oh, one thing all dictators and their cohorts add to is: "this is for the good of the country and the people." What rubbish!

On that note, a sadistic father who beats his kids to the point of hospitalizing them will say "I am doing this for your good to discipline you." A high school bully who torments his victims will say "I am doing this to toughen you up and is for your own good." This is called false justification to further one' own agenda ...Get my drift?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Nair, 1 question about ministers' salaries: The justification for their high pay is to prevent bribes. Something like: If ministers are poor= accept bribes= corruption. If ministers are rich= won't take bribes= no corruption.

What are your views on this?

Sat Apr 30, 08:18:00 PM PDT

Since politicians in UK, Australia and NZ are not paid the princely salaries that LKY's henchman draw in Singapore, they must all be corrupt

Me thinks anon is a PAP stooge or stupid or both!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the view that the elections are an exercise in theatrics. If you look at the videos of the opposition rallies you will notice many well qualified and well meaning opposition candidates speak with their hearts. Do they participate in the elections just for wayang? Far from it, I think they are all risking themselves to better the loves of Singaporeans. I think you should give Mr Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan the benefit of the doubt. If you look at what they have to say it is hard to say they are putting on a pretense. I may be wrong but do look on the positives. At least many qualified candidates are daring to come forward like Singapore has never seen before.

Anonymous said...

President Obama was paid US$400,000 in 2010.

For the same year, Lee Kuan Yew's son was paid US$2,183,516 (US$181,959 per month!)

(Another set of figures are even more startling: LKY Jr currently earns an annual salary of S$3,870,000 (US$2,856,930)).

And, who really knows what LKY is paying himself from the national treasury?

Anonymous said...

Lee points out how poorly paid he was as PM. Referring to a table, he says:

… you will see that the best paid are bankers at S$140,000 a month; next, architects, S$125,000; then lawyers, S$116,00; and the lowest-paid are car-dealers, at S$32,000 (the table shows the PM’s salary at S$29,317 a month).

So I could improve my luck by becoming a car-dealer…

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous, May 3, 0250,
The fact that you have no choice but to remain anonymous, that oppostion candidates have to risk their lives even to contest elections shows the real failure of the electoral process there. Whichever way you look at it, a man such as Tan Jee Say who has through fear remained hidden all these years, now sprouts from the woodwork and demands my vote, is ridiculous to say the least. Yes, I would vote for Dr. Chee but your government refuses to let him stand.

Are you suggesting that I should vote for Tan Jee Say just becasue he wrote a 46 page paper on economics which I have not read and for going to Oxford on a government scholarship?

ex-Singaporean who no longer reads the Strait Times said...

To Anonymous posting on Mon May 02, 07:22:00 PM PDT, who said
"Me thinks anon is a PAP stooge or stupid or both!"

Can you please be a little more patient and show some kindness in explaining to the poor Anon who dared ask a simple question? Yes, it seems like PAP propaganda and garbage, but frankly what can you expect when the whole country has ONE government run newspaper, ONE media, and total indoctrination for over 50 years? It is well known Singaporeans are brainwashed owing to the conditions there. Look at North Korea and China, and the former Soviet blocs. Lack of proper information is a powerful weapon my friend... Do not deride those who are subject to it. Even in the age of tehe internet, false propaganda does weigh heavily on the mind of the average Singaporean...

All those of us who left Singapore for good are able to question and use our brains to distinguish fact from fiction and propaganda, because we have the infrastructure in the west to do so.... Not so in Singapore.

Can you be patient and explain more politely please? Brainwashed Singaporeans who venture to ask questions must be educated, not ramrodded.

PS: I am not the original poster. Please see my earlier posting on how I responded to the same question.....

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, has cautioned Singaporeans against "tinkering with a system that has worked so well for the country for such a long time."

The SYSTEM was implemented by my father, the Dear Leader.

Without the SYSTEM, I wouldn't be Prime Minister, or Brigadier General, and so on. See it works, at least for me.

The rest of you Digits (what my father calls you lot) can *uck off.

So, don't tinker.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments by this character, Brian Goh in the comments section.

"If I really thought they [the PAP] would lose a general election I would:

- Sell my HDB flat.
- Not have any illiquid SGD or onshore Singapore assets.
- Make sure my passport was up to date. "

Displays all the selfishness and cowardice of a Singapore citizen.

Anonymous said...

This election is rubbish. Its something like puppet show. Waste of time and money. Until all the white-white dies then we can have our own freedom.
Dear Gopal, please dont use your phone during making of the video. its kind of distracting. Wish you all the best and hope one day you'll be able to come back to Singapore. - SS Bala.

Anonymous said...

ex-Singaporean who no longer reads the Strait Times said...

Can you be patient and explain more politely please?
It is more fun to insult these spineless, but material-wealth gathering and money-hungry fools.

The opposition couldn't even get their papers in on time to challenge LKY!! Morons.

On May 8th, the elections will all be forgotten and the people of Singapore will go back to their old ways of complaining.

After watching these cretins (aka citizens), I think Singapore should bring in more FTs.

At least the economy will grow.

Anonymous said...

National Solidarity Party (NSP) candidate for Chua Chu Kang GRC Tony Tan Lay Thiam

Singapore's leaders and its wealthy and talented, high-income earners who live in the first, "exclusive" Singapore are increasingly drifting away from "the other" Singapore, made up of middle- to low-income earners who Tan says struggle with rising costs of living and little savings.

LKY rings the bell and like Pavlov's dog, these middle- to low-income earning will vote for the PAP.

And we should feel sorry for them?

Anonymous said...

time to bring LKY down is coming. he's the most corrupt person in spore. start thinking. enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,
Thanks for the video, the issues you raised were very relevant i feel. Personally I feel that maybe the opposition are trying to play a smarter game this time round, knowing full well the consequences of trying to rally for press freedom and freedom of speech, the critical cornerstones of democracy. The might see this election as a chance to gain some popular backing and parliamentary voice before embarking on a campaign to raise these issues. Looking at what happened to JBJ and Dr Chee going headon against the Lee regime, it might be a better calculated choice to consolidate more power or wait for the right opportunity before striking. These are just my guesses, what do you think?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of May 04, 0114,

If you knew this, don't you think Lee Kuan Yew and company know this too? It is either fight for what you want or don't fight at all. There are no 2 ways about it. Lee knows that too and that is why he is dead against people like Chee and myself. Chee has trouble being in Singapore. I am a red herring.

Anonymous said...

FTs are good value for money. At least they are contented with LKY and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

THanks Gopalan for your reply. SDP did campaign against the ISA during a rally, inviting 'Marxist' detainee Vincent Cheng to speak to the crowd 2 days ago. Another candidate, Ms Teo Soh Lung, is also another detainee. During their rallies, they have been speaking about unfair persecution of opposition figures. What we have yet to hear is calls for a free press, free speech and independent judiciary.

Anonymous said...

The root evil in Singapore that leads to all these problems is the suppression of free speech and press freedom. It is the suppression of freedom in all forms.

It was never possible to have robust discussion about any topic because you could be hounded from your job, suffer petty tyrannies, be arrested, or be bankrupted.

The PAP cannot change, they can only be changed at the polls by the people.

This is not the time to think about whether you will get a better bus-stop, or relinquish your vote for a packet of rice.

It is not the time to worry about oneself or one's own constituency.

This is not a time for fear.

Read the rest of this piece here:

Sadly, it will fall on deaf ears and LKY will be back in power on May 8th.

Anonymous said...

It appear to me the father and son are planning their exit route from politics. I recalled that they have donated a fraction of their salaries. I thought that is their wisest move. and the people behind who came up with the ministers salaries pay scale 'laid a trap' which all walked in, except the few.

Anonymous said...

since you gave so many "complaints" what is your best solution?

Anonymous said...


Really your blog is all about bashing singapore system

U know it is a system and u dont like it cos it lacks freedom

so do the right thing but at least have some decency in bashing it - improve on it or totally cut off ties to this subject called singapre

u cant expect singapore system to be totally free like communist china why dont u start aiming bullets at them instead

U are where u are right now because of one thing - u wanted to lead the lifestyle that u want if it meant changing ur IC or changing ur looks or even ur sex if u really felt so repressed u can do it

And the best part is - i congratuate you

and i hope that u can find another singapore in california to talk about instead of paying attention to issues some 20 000 miles aways it is so far off it is none of your concern any more

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous May 11, 0715.
Firstly the name is Gopalan, not Goplan. Get it right. Second I have a stake in Singapore. I was born there, not in China. Third I want to see it change and I want to hurt the regime there. And that is why I target Singapore and not any other place at the moment. My writings from here are not only a permanent testament to my views, it will continue to have the effect of increasing awareness among Singaporeans to realise that there is something wrong with their country. I am very proud of what I do.