Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video. Singapore and Al Pacino in "The Scent of a Woman".

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Watching the movie "The Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino made me think of Singapore's weak school boys, weak in spirit. I don't think there is even one boy in the entire island of Singapore with the courage, integrity and principle of Mr. Sims, the boy in this movie who refuses to "snitch" on his friends to save himself. This boy has principle. Singapore's teachers and parents terrified of Singapore's dictator Lee Kuan Yew, cannot produce even a single boy with even half this boy's qualities.

Watch the video below for an excellent speech by Al Pacino and you will see how weak, gutless and spiritless Singapore's children are. Which is why I keep reminding Singaporeans that if you could send your children abroad, do it. It is good for their souls. Singapore's Lee ruling family destroys their spirit. They do not want anyone to stand on principle or stand up to a dictator.

Al Pacino in The Scent of a Woman.

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007 said...

I agree. Singaporeans who are educated exclusively in Singapore are by and large a weak, cowardly and unprincipled people. They are not moral. I have yet to meet a single one with sufficient courage to stand up for his friends or for what is right. Singaporeans are uneducated people no matter what they may say to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

I once met a Singaporean fellow in Canada, and we were talking about a murder which had recently occurred in B.C. Province.

He stated that while he thought that Canada's punishments were perhaps a bit too lenient, he agreed with me that the death penalty shouldn't be used, because innocent people are sometimes wrongfully charged with and convicted of murder (as well as other crimes).

However, he mentioned that he would be afraid of expressing his opinion in S'pore, for fear of getting into trouble. He noted that if you're in Canada and you support the death penalty, you're free to express your opinion without fear of reprisals for the most part.