Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Singapore. Living under the Ming Emperor

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Living under the government of Singapore’s Lee Ruling Family, father Lee, self appointed Minister Mentor, a somewhat unusual title he gave himself, like as if he is daily mentoring the others whom he has appointed in office; and his son, whom he appointed the Prime Minister.

In fact, if you look at it carefully, there is no one and nothing that he has not appointed in the island which literally belongs to him, just as China belonged to the Ming Emperor.

It is no secret that Lee Kuan Yew has total disdain for the idea of democracy. He has repeatedly said, very frankly, that he would be able to do much better for Singapore Island if he had a free reign on running the island.

Unfortunately for him, the island came with the trappings of a British parliamentary democracy, with its requirement for the rule of law, a free press, free trade unions and free speech and assembly. These were for him an impediment, without which he could, he claims to believe, that he could do much more, much better.

And to add to this fanciful thought, he has an altogether inflated opinion of himself. He has reminded everyone that he had studied at a British University, Cambridge and he considered the ordinary citizen nothing more than a "digit" (his own word).

His idea of government is like this. Every 5 years or so, you conduct an election in the island which is completely rigged. The rigging is done this way. He instills fear into every person not to challenge his rule. So no one truly capable, qualified and sincere would dare to stand for election because he knows that if he did, he would be imprisoned and bankrupted.

In order to do this he makes examples of a few. One such person in the past was JB Jeyaretnam who has since died. He had the temerity (in Lee's opinion) of thinking he was smarter than him. To punish the poor man, he was repeatedly sued in his Kangaroo courts, ordered to pay millions and promptly bankrupted and as a result disqualified from Parliament.

The other victim was Chee Soon Juan. He unlike Jeyaretnam is still alive. He has lost everything. Today he sells books on the streets in the island. He was a university professor before he challenged Singapore’s Ming Emperor. With such dire consequences you have to be a madman to stand against him.

And as for the other pillars of democracy, he simply denies them. The papers are all owned and controlled by him. Free speech, expression and assembly are all outlawed. The courts are misused through compliant corrupt judges. One such disgraceful judge is the woman Belinda Ang Saw Ean.

His newspapers publish daily propaganda claiming Singapore has become a legal hub, that it has become a communications hub or that it has become an arts hub. In order to tell that lie, he will have pictures of lawyers in black robes talking to some European lawyers who say that Singapore has the best legal system in the world.

He will publish reports that Singapore is the best place to live with pictures of Eduardo Saverin, Facebook Vice President, in Singapore stating he has made his home there. The truth which he will not say is that Saverin is a dead beat US tax avoider who has chosen Singapore because it is a money laundering center. Saverin has given up his US citizenship to escape paying taxes. Not such a model citizen really, but useful to hoodwink the Singaporean dumb "digit".

Make no mistake; this is how it is done. He is determined to rule. In his book, just like the Ming Emperor did, there are 2 kinds of people. Those destined to rule, like him and his son, and those who will be ruled, the "digits". So the rulers rule, and like good "digits" the citizens should be grateful. Under his enlightened rule, he will bring prosperity to his people. He will provide jobs, provide housing, build infra structure and put criminals away and bring peace and harmony. The problem is, he is finding it more and more difficult in this day and age to do any of this.

As for the "digits" they should do as they are told, because they know no better. After all they don't have a British university degree like he has. They, the Singaporeans are just dumb. And being dummies what business is theirs to be going around complaining and acting as if they were too big for their shoes.

If they had any brains in their heads, they would realize what they would miss without their Ming Emperor, none other than the Lee Ruling Family, and their wisdom.

This is how Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore thinks.

The problem of course is that his ideas are totally out of place. Today there are no "digits" any more. True, there may be a few uneducated dummies but more and more people are not only well educated, they are also well travelled. One of them is myself, Gopalan Nair. For them, it is not acceptable to sit around waiting for the goodies that our good old Lee Kuan Yew will throw at us, in fact there are many who believe that we know a thing or two.

Since no one of such men who know, are prepared to waste their time in Lee Kuan Yew's nonsense of an island, they simply pack up and leave which is why the island has the highest rate of overseas migration in the world. Not to mention the highest rate of suicide, the lowest birth rate and the fastest aging population.

But being incapable of anything else other than being Singapore’s Ming Emperor, he continues to control the media, he continues to ban free speech and expression and he continues to plunder the island's wealth through astronomical salaries which he pays himself. The poor senile dementia  inflicted man is simply in blinkers. Hey, wake up. It is not 1959!

A stupid man, don't you think? More a Nero who fiddled while Rome burnt rather than a Ming Emperor. The Ming Emperor of China had more sense. It least he acted according to his times.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Lee Family, Singapore will now be renamed to Sinapore.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian Chinese, cannot help feeling sorry for the majority of the population to have to live in a country turned upside down by this family.

Anonymous said...

Chesapeake: Another wonderful investment by the Lee Family.

This brings us to Temasek and its holding in Chesapeake. It must sometimes seem to Singaporeans that the management of Temasek and GIC have an unerring ability to find every banana skin in the room and promptly slip up on it. That would be amusing if it was a slapstick movie but not so entertaining when you know that these investments are financed through your taxes and lack of free education and healthcare while citizens in countries that you are helping to bail out receive theirs free. They have also been financed by the relentless rise in government debt. In his Economics Society speech PM Lee hinted this debt will have to be paid off through tax increases down the road because our overseas investments have not done as well as expected


Anonymous said...

LKY's subjects only complain when their pocket books are negatively affected.

CPF is a mess. There is no money to meet all the claims.

But, no one dares question Emperor Lee or his feckless offspring, relatives and PAP hangers-on.

Anonymous said...

The judge that suspended you from practice is again in the news.

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clarified that the Singapore government was not in any way involved in the appointment of retired Singapore High Court Judge G P Selvam as co-chair of the Commission of National Inquiry in the Maldives.

In response to media queries, an MFA spokesperson said the government of Maldives and the Commonwealth Secretariat had made direct approaches to some retired Singapore judges to co-chair the Commission of National Inquiry.

The spokesperson added that it was Mr Selvam's personal decision to accept the appointment by the Government of Maldives.

The Maldives' Commission of National Inquiry was set up to probe the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power which happened in a coup earlier this year.

- CNA/wm

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan

The basement of Marina Bay Sands is flooded.

What are you gonna say?

Chloe said...

It is said that the Lee family is one of the 13 bloodlines in the illuminati who has ancient roots in Western civilisation. Check it out for yourself and you will be amazed at the connections of political powers around the world. I strongly urge you to seek the truth that is displayed not just on the surface where deceit lies.

Anonymous said...

Would love to say something but am not as brave as you and scared of being jailed or sued. Sorry.