Monday, December 24, 2012

Singapore Michael Palmer case. Law Firm Harry Elias Partnership law vacancies; adulterers, womanizers, reprobates, skirt chasers and wife swoppers welcome

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A few days ago Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked speaker of Parliament and right hand confident, Michael Palmer was given the boot for being caught with his pants down literally, his adulterous long standing romantic escapade with another of Lee's bootlickers, Laura Ong Hui Hoon a mindless 31 year old woman, having been exposed. This brought down not only the fate of this toady Palmer; it also floored the reputation of Lee's PAP at one stroke. Please see

If lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government's reaction to fire Palmer was to protect it's reputation by distancing themselves from adulterers, reprobates and philanderers; Palmer’s Singapore law firm Harry Elias Partnership shows no such requirement, as Palmer remains prominently one of it's partners.

It is surprising for this law firm not minding a publicly disgraced person such as him to remain in their employ, especially since Palmer is not an ordinary layman on the street. For a Speaker of Singapore Parliament and a high ranking member of Lee's government to show such bad taste as to have a long standing affair with a colleague is not only dumb, it is unacceptable. In fact especially on account of his important position, it shows a serious defect of character.

Harry Elias Partnership in their blog has this to say of themselves:

Established in 1988 by Mr. Harry Elias, Senior Counsel, our Firm is a leading player in the evolution of our legal landscape. For more than 24 years, our Firm has been on the cutting edge of legal changes, particularly on the litigation front. We are privileged to act in cases that broke new ground, and which resulted in landmark and watershed judicial decisions such as the Raffles Town Club, Horizon Towers and cases.

Please see their blog

If their law firm is indeed of such greatness as they claim, the first person to be shown the door without more would be Palmer. No respectable law firm in San Francisco, London or any other capital of the world would be prepared to touch Palmer even with a ten foot pole after this disgraceful episode.

In other more respectable jurisdictions, he would be lucky to find employment in some nook or corner away from the public eye. It simply means that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore law firm Harry Elias Partnership is run by a different set of rules. Having a senior partner who is also an adulterer, a reprobate and a skirt chaser-I mean other than his wife’s-is quite acceptable in their case.

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So sue me lah said...

Not enough lawyers in $ingapore.

The good ones have left the country, only defective ones left behind.

This is the shameful legacy of the founding lawyers of Lee & Lee.

Anonymous said...

Yale under fire for new campus in restrictive Singapore

Yale faculty voted 100 to 69 for a resolution raising concern about the venture in light of "the history of lack of respect for civil and political rights" in Singapore.

Last year a British author was jailed for writing a book critical of Singapore's judiciary.

This spring the government prevented an opposition politician from leaving the country to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum.