Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Singapore. 91 year old Lee Kuan Yew's delusionary "demographics"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore island state controlled Channelnewsasia article of March 20, 2013,

Lee Kuan Yew speaks about Singapore's changing demographics

has some bizarre observations by the Singapore 91 year old tyrant ready to kick the bucket. It is uncertain whether he utters the nonsense because he is ignorant or because he thinks we are a bunch of idiots whom he can con, like in “Lee Con Yew”, we will never know.

About the shrinking population of an already tiny one in a tiny Singapore island because no one wants to have any babies, he says

"He added Singapore is in a similar position with its low total fertility rate but the difference is that Singapore takes in migrants to make up for the numbers".

But he deliberately fails to give any explanation why the tiny local population is shrinking even further; why Singaporeans do not want to have any babies in spite of all the perks and benefits showered on them by the government. The fact that the majority of native Singaporeans want to leave and many foreigners want to take their place surely means something. The only reason for this is Singaporeans know what a disgraced banana republic Lee Kuan Yew's island is; one with no right to criticize, an island with rampant defamation lawsuits, a place without free speech expression or assembly, a place where you cannot even protest peacefully, a place from which a native Singaporean Gopalan Nair had no desire to live preferring instead a free and democratic USA.

And then he goes on to say of recent immigrants to Singapore

Mr. Lee said: "They will make progress but if you look at the per capita they have got, the differences are so wide. We have the advantage of quality control of the people who come in so we have bright Indians, bright Chinese, bright Caucasians so the increase in population means an increase in talent."

In this statement he wants us the reader to believe that talented immigrants, I assume people with some gray matter in their heads, would actually come to live and contribute to Singapore.

But he fails to mention why he thinks, when educated Singaporeans themselves such as Gopalan Nair who understands what Singapore is- nothing but a small time dictatorship, without any human rights whatsoever- have left the island for what it is; why does he think these talented educated foreigners would settle in an island such as this.

Is he trying to tell us that the talented Caucasians, Chinese and Indians do not know what a disgrace his island is; and even if they did not know initially, will they not surely know it in good time? And when they know, does he think they would be proud to call an island such as this home?

If any talented foreigner comes to work in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore island, firstly he is obviously not talented because he is ignorant, and secondly even if he did, it would be like an Australian coming to work in the fields of remote Mali in Africa to help them in their backwardness, and certainly not because they would want to become proud citizens of the sub Saharan primitive country.

In conclusion, reading the article about the 91 year old tin pot tyrant's observations, I have only this to say. He knows he has made a mess of the place. He has been totally over confident of his power to subjugate Singaporeans and throw at them any nonsense he wants. It worked in the past. But now, it is too late pal. Singaporeans are not as stupid as they were. Today they have the Internet.

Far too many foreign businesses have been let in with far too many foreigners allowed to work them. If you slow the rate of immigration, the businesses would collapse and so will the economy. If you allowed the immigration to continue at the present rate, the tiny island will be left only with Chinese from China.

And as for his hope that a few talented foreigners will come to stay, if Gopalan Nair did not want to, and he thinks he is talented, why do think the talented from China India or elsewhere would think otherwise?

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
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Anonymous said...


Check out the photograph of the Emperor here. Interesting outfit.

You think that his choice of clothes might give away his loyalty.

I assure you the photograph was not taken in China.

Anonymous said...

Read this tripe and you will understand why JBJ, Dr Chee and others struggled to be heard.

The nation appears to be full of Confucian Morons. genetically disposed that way and also moulded by LKY.

Time for Singaporeans to stop acting like petulant children

Can you imagine someone in UK or Australia calling their fellow citizens "petulant children". Disagreements and different opinions are the part of a civil society.