Saturday, May 11, 2013

Singapores' Kishore Mahbubani, Lee Kuan Yew's full time ass-licker praises Singapore's safety

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Kishore Mahbubani is one of Singapore's success stories if you could call it that. As in every totalitarian one party state dictatorship, and Singapore island is no different, you have a section of society who succeed through bootlicking, being sycophants to the dictator, singing praises and in return enjoying the disgraceful crumbs thrown at them.

During Nazi Germany, you had characters like Adolf Eichmann who did Hitler's dirty work and benefited. You have the same dogs that licked the boots of Franco of Spain, Mussolini of Italy and in the case of Mahbubani, the licking the behind of Singapore’s dictator Lee Kuan Yew.

I understand, (I may be wrong as I have not wasted my time on this character who is of no real consequence), he was once the Ambassador of Singapore to the United States and now he has some titular position praising Lee Kuan Yew, his usual occupation, in a faculty at the local university.

In an article written by him for the local state controlled newspaper, he basically says Singapore islanders should be happy because it is very safe compared to many third world countries nearby. But he conveniently fails to say anything about how that safety is extracted, and at what cost.

Either he doesn't have an understanding of other countries which I doubt, or he deliberately pretends not to know the real reason why Singapore may be somewhat safe, if indeed so. I am not sure he knows that Saudi Arabia is a very safe place and in fact, shopkeepers there leave their stores unlocked when they go to Friday prayers at their mosque; a place far safer than Singapore. Why, because they chop you hand off if you steal under their Sharia law. Indeed if they can chop my hand off, I too would not steal even if I was starving. Not just that, if they told me that they could chop my arm off if I wrote this blog, I would have stopped writing instantly!

Although Singapore island does not chop people's arm off, it can be equally bad if you did anything wrong. In Lee Kuan Yew's island, even if you did a graffiti job you can be caned, (a real beating on your backside until you bleed), and if you can be tortured and hanged for petty offenses, sure there is hardly any crime. I suggest Mahbubani's Alice in Wonderland Singapore can even be safer if in addition to caning its people, why don't you pull out their finger nails? It will be the safest place in the world. Even better, turn the island into a concentration camp and just incinerate them if they so much as dared to raise a whimper.

Kishore Mahbubani by writing such nonsense is engaging in nothing more than doing what he has been doing full time throughout his working career; kissing Lee Kuan Yew's ass.

Please see May 10, 2013 article, "Singapore’s biggest blessing; safety"

He says
"The level of safety we enjoy is a true miracle. Switzerland enjoys the same level of public safety. But it is surrounded by Europe. When you cross the border out of Switzerland, you continue to experience the same level of safety. But when you cross out of the border of Singapore, you may not. In short, we have to work extremely hard to preserve this cocoon of extraordinary public safety."

By this statement he is insulting both Malaysia and Indonesia insinuating they are both hotbeds of crime. They are hardly that. Malaysians are a lively country with people of some life and spike unlike the dead lifeless boring Singaporeans who have no spontaneity whatsoever. As for Indonesians, at least it is a democracy unlike the one party state police state of Singapore.

He says
"Some of it is clearly due to the very successful Singapore Police Force (SPF) we have."

Surely Singapore Police force is very successful. And why not if they have powers to do anything they want, as was the Kempetai, the Japanese Military police in 1943 Singapore. If they could chop your head off on the spot, even better.

As for the Shane Todd murder case he says

"This is why I was appalled that US Senator Max Baucus jumped the gun and tried to pressure Singapore by forcing Singapore to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) oversight of the case before the Coroner's Court had completed its inquiry."

He need not be surprised at all. The FBI of the Untied States is a force subject to the rule of law and does not function under the orders of a dictatorship. They are accountable to their people. Naturally it should come as no surprise if they suspect the reliability of the  actions of Lee Kuan Yew’s personal police force.  

Singapore Police does not function under a working Constitution. The island's constitution is hijacked by Lee Kuan Yew whose police force functions directly under his orders, not the Constitution of Singapore. It is like asking the US government to respect the police force of the late Saddam Hussein or today’s Bashar Assad. It is simply nonsense.

After that Mahbubani goes into rhetoric in praise of lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore without much sense. He says Singapore police force is" more competent" than the American without saying why. He says Singapore has gone from Third World to first while America goes in the reverse, plucking his stupidity out of thin air, no reasons whatsoever.

And then he says the best minds in America do not go into public service while the best minds in Singapore do. I suppose he means himself when he refers to best minds. If all it takes is to lick boots and kiss ass to be the best minds, surely Mahbubani does very well indeed.

As for the rest of his article, it is as the preceding, nothing but unadulterated shameless sycophancy, just the earlier part of his article. It is also quite evident from his style of writing that he isn't any good at that either.

An article such as this would not have been accepted for publication in any respected newspaper. Of course anything can be published in Singapore state controlled newspaper provided you are engaged in the career of this man, licking his master’s ass.  

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Sir, I admired your persistency and determination to bring down PAP.

You will be highly rewarded. Keep up your good work.

I like reading your blog which gives a different perspective of Singapore. Indeed it takes a lawyer to fark lawyer LKY and his son LHL for good.

This incompetent LHL with no leadership quality should not be PM but alas it reflects how incompetent LKY to find good people to continue his PAP legacy.

The history of LKY will be re-written by many people as a tyrant, a bully, a gangster and a big Bast***d.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Article by Angmo married to Hokkied Chinese S'pore lady in response to Kiswhore.

Singapore I feel that the quality of life improved up until about the early 1990s, but since then it has gradually declined.

When I came to Singapore in 1981 it had a strong Southeast Asian culture, where most people could speak basic Malay along with their mother tongue, and there was a sense of the region’s history and its interconnectedness. Now the culture has changed to one that seems much more mainland Chinese oriented, where you need to speak mandarin

appreciate the government’s dilemma, when realising that they urgently needed immigrants, while maintaining a Chinese majority, they were forced to turn to mainland China.

Caucasians could have also been enticed to come in sufficient numbers. But once they had built up a critical mass, they would have become problematic politically, and begun agitating for greater freedoms. Similarly if Indians or Malays had been brought in large numbers, they would have begun to lobby hard for their own communities and challenged the present Chinese ruling establishment.

Don't fight for Singapore, for it will only benefit the Chinese Singaporeans. Bring more PRCs for low-end service jobs, and Europeans and Indians for high-end banking and IT jobs.

Anonymous said...

Racism in LKY's Singapore (Sinapore)

Job ads in the Straits Times require fluency in Mandarin. It is one way they discriminate against non-Chinese Singaporeans.

I used to be a scholar in 1980s, a rare non-Chinese who took Mandarin up to A Levels and who was fluent in all the 4 official languages.

After finishing my bond, I tried my luck at the private sector but as usual, at interviews I was told that “you are the most suitable candidate and you could get the job if only you could converse in Mandarin.” At that point I would brandish my A Level Chinese certificate, only to be told that there are other candidates to consider and I would never hear from them again.

I was consoled by my Chinese friends (whom I have many) who said that I would find a suitable employer who would appreciate my talent and that it was purely supply & demand ( no discrimination) and its only for “marketing/image/business purposes”.

I am working with a Swiss MNC.

Linda Kosmanto said...

After having lived in Singapore for nearly 20 years, I have to say that in many ways, Indonesia has more personal and political freedom than Singapore. I hope LKY and his family vanish from the scene soon.

Aryan-Dravidian said...

"Kiss -ass -Whore Mahbok Bandit" is a real piece of Art, spewing all this nonsense. But even he pales in comparison to the poetry coming out from some PAP Ministers. Our press freedom is on par with Afghanistan & Somalia, thats humiliation enough for these idiots to stop spewing such drivel.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Aryan Dravidian,
Just so as the reader is not confused. When you say "Kiss -ass -Whore Mahbok Bandit" you are of course referring to Kishore Mahbubani who writes in praise of the Lee Kuan Yew singapore island dictatorship.

Aryan-Dravidian said...

Of course, refers to that scumbag Kishore, who else? My point is as bad as he is, he still pales in comparison to the Ministers when it comes to spewing rubbish.The way Khaw "8-dollar-bypass" Boon Har defended AIM in Parliament is utter rubbish and shows how shockingly stupid they really are. Tharman is the ONLY intelligent one in that Cabinet, relatively speaking of course, and should be the one leading Spore currently, for want of a better person. Hell would freeze over before they let an Indian lead mini-China though.

Anonymous said...

Kishore is just one of the many minions that Lee has. A full time wanker and sodomite of the lee dynasty. Total wanker for making unprecedented statements as such. Safety of what? If I can say what I want without being thrown into lee's dungeons, then i'll feel safe. Singapore is a society built by wankers and always will be till it gets gulped down by the sea. I encourage everyone who has the least to get out of the country to do so quickly. I feel pathetic to even hold that passport and have given it up. Rather die with some pride than be branded a "Lee Sodomite".