Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Asylum for Singapore lawyers in USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are a Singapore lawyer and want to move to the US through asylum, I could help you.

As lawyers you are aware, or should be, that the Singapore dictatorship always punishes those who exercise their human rights to criticize them. The right to free speech, expression and assembly are universal and strictly recognized and enforced in the US. When the Singapore government arrests those who criticize or peacefully protest, this is a violation of these rights which enables the person to seek asylum in the US.

As a lawyer, you are aware that the Constitution of Singapore does provide these guarantees, which the government unlawfully subverts with laws criminalizing such acts through subsequent legislation. Constitutional law clearly makes such disenabling provisions clearly illegal and unenforceable unless the state can make out an argument that it's interests would be gravely compromised unless such laws are enacted. Such an argument cannot be made making such laws clearly ultra vires and unenforceable.

The US is a great place to practice law and the wide range  and spectrum of legal specialization makes success at the Bar readily available for those willing to work hard and exercise their imagination. Also everyone can own a drive a car. Even two cars or as many as you want.

I live in the San Francisco area and there is a good deal of work here and the other major cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Besides work, the weather alone is reason enough to work and live in California.

There is no better climate anywhere in the world, I can vouch for that, beside the most important fact of all, which is, it does not have an idiot like Lee Kuan Yew or his son to strut around like the prize rooster in the chicken cage bullying everyone in sight.

This is how it can be done.

First you have to break the law such as the one that requires you to have a permit to protest. Such a law is unenforceable anywhere in the world other than Singapore. So make a placard or a poster with the words such as " We want freedom" or "Stop further immigration and job loss" or "Singaporeans first, foreigner second" or other words to your preference. With this poster stand along the Raffles Place pedestrian walk or busy Orchard Road pedestrian walkway on a busy afternoon.

If possible have someone to take a video of you doing this and when you get arrested. I am sure within a few minutes, Lee Kuan Yew's goon police would turn up and have you arrested and confiscate your poster or placard.

When you are in detention and being interrogated don't give in. Refuse to confess and demand a trial. They would have no choice but to put you on trial and put your picture and the news of your arrest in their state controlled press. They do this to deter others from doing what you did. They are overcome with fear of protests by their citizens.

In court demand a trial. Do not plead guilty. In the end, they would give you a fine or a short prison sentence. Pay the fine if you want. The Law Society of Singapore (the island State Bar) would probably commence some action to punish you. Fight the charge. You will be found guilty anyway.

If you can do so, after this case, do this one more time. They will arrest you again. Fight the case again. Another guilty verdict. Another fine. If you don't have the money or don't wish to pay, then don't. You will be once again sent to jail. And the same process aforementioned. You don't have to do this again, but it doesn't hurt if you can.

Keep the newspaper cuttings of your arrest and the video if possible. You could use it at your asylum hearing.

After this fly to San Francisco on your Singapore passport. You don't need a visa as Singapore is a Visa Waiver country. All you need is a return ticket and a little money.

When you arrive at San Francisco Airport, you don't have to disclose to US Immigration that you intend to apply for asylum. That way they won't detain you for their mandatory credible fear interview at the airport. Just say you are coming for a short visit. Once in the US come to see me at my office in Fremont, which is a suburb of San Francisco. Or call me and I will come to pick you up.

You have a good chance of success on these facts. By arresting you and jailing you they are clearly denying your right to hold and exercise your political opinion and your right to free speech and expression. They are also clearly denying your right to practice your profession and earn a livelihood since we all know how their system works once someone is targeted as a political opponent.

I will file your asylum application. I am the best possible lawyer in this case as I know the Singapore political system more than any other lawyer in the US, and an added benefit of personal experience. The asylum case will be heard within a month or so. The important thing is there is no danger from doing this. If in the unlikely event you don't get asylum for some reason, you simply revert to your visitor status and no information is passed to the Singapore government. You could then simply fly back if unsuccessful and no one will know.

My fees are US$3,500.00 payable in advance. You can Email me at Or you can call me at 510 491 4375. Please remember when calling that Singapore time is 16 hours ahead of California. The best time for you to call is during morning hours in Singapore.

Once you get asylum, you would get work authorization. You can legally work, find out from the State Bar of California in San Francisco the requirements needed to be licensed in California and once that is done, start a life here at the Bar. I have no regrets in coming.

Once a few of you come over, there will be more coming. Singapore's acute shortage of lawyers would become even more intense. The freedom loving people are winning the war against the Lee Kuan Yew regime. Already now, the Singapore government is struggling with a shortage of lawyers. When even more come over like you, you would not only be helping yourself, you will be lending a hand towards crippling the dictatorship.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

I thought US has an oversupply of lawyers now?

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous who said

"I thought US has an oversupply of lawyers now?"

True there are many lawyers. The US is a country of rule of law. It needs many lawyers.

But just as anything else, if you are a good lawyer you will survive, if you are a bad one you won't. It is the same with cobblers. There are many cobblers. If you are a bad cobbler, you won't survive.

I am not sure if you are a lawyer yourself. If you are, by your very question, you probably are a loser. You should live under Lee Kuan Yew and do as he says. That is the safest option for you.