Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Singapore's false sense of security and the impending demise of 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If Singapore's leaders today go on their business as if nothing is amiss, they are doing a very good job of hiding their fear. If I was a Singaporean today, especially if I was working for the Lee Kuan Yew government, these would indeed be troubling times.

Singapore strongman, 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew is today as we all know gravely ill. No one knows if he will last another week, let alone a month in an island where he alone ran the whole show with his handpicked scholar turned recently graduated Ministers.

The idea of a democracy of popularly elected government was completely shelved and the islanders no longer know how to hold free and fair elections. Like leeches, these ministers Vivian Balakriahnan, K Shanmugam, Judge Quentin Loh, former judge Selvam and each of these high ranking government employees all hold their power through the grace of this Singapore strongman. And every one of these minions, metaphorically speaking, has blood on his hands.

K Shanmugam was instrumental in enacting laws that denied Singaporeans even an iota of human rights. Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean shamelessly abused the law to destroy a loyal Singapore patriot Chee Soon Juan. Judge Quentin Loh is one record for sending Alan Shadrake to jail because he wrote a book they did not like. I was sent to jail for 3 months because they did not like a blog I wrote about  corrupt judge Belinda Ang. Not just these people but each and every one of them should be really worried what will happen to them if the Lee government falls after his death.

I have grave doubts if the political situation would remain the same after the fast approaching Lee's demise, principally because there is no accepted protocol in place for continuity of government. I don't think Lee's son could simply strut around like the prize rooster, his father , did bullying anyone in sight in his Singaporean chicken coop. When that eventful day happens either this week or next, his government ministers will either obey the son or simply defy him, the latter being the far more probable than the former.

If I was any of these Lee Kuan Yew identifiable collaborators for actions inimical  to Singaporeans, they should seriously consider bolting to some foreign country right now with their loot and pray Singaporeans will be kind and not pursue them.

But it seems as if none of these Lee Kuan Yew men seem the slightest worried. Either they are naïve which I doubt they are or they have turned into passengers of the sinking Titanic. If it is going to sink and there is nothing we could do, we might as well fiddle and make merry while we can.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
Email: nair.gopalan@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

The LKY sycophants are worried.

Their children are studying in the USA and looking to apply for their Green Cards.

Their parents are buying property in USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere as a place that they can escape to when LKY dies.

Lim said...

I say confiscate the passports of these cronies, bolt the doors at the airport for these cronies, watch their every move and make sure they do not escape justice.

Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

Could someone please pull the plug on LKY and let us get on with a new political landscape.

Anonymous said...

50 years of LKY slavery is looking forward eagerly to shout the real MERDEKA anytime soon - the earlier the better.

Anonymous said...

LKY is very ill and require daily blood transfusion for the past month
(October). His days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Estate or Death duties was removed when his wife was critically ill, what else will be removed this time round?