Friday, November 8, 2013

Avoiding National Service in Singapore

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not a day goes by without Singaporean young men Emailing or calling me from Singapore and overseas on how to avoid national service.

On a moral question, there are many reasons why not to serve national service in that island.

Firstly, Singapore island as a whole is simply a fraud. In government you have a dictatorship of 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew for the last 52 years.

Second, you have a shameful nepotism. Lee places his son as Prime Minister. There is no rule of law, which is an instrument to destroy political opponents through libel actions and contempt of court charges.

The island does not allow the basic freedoms you take for granted anywhere else, no free speech, no right to freedom of expression, no freedom of the press. And all these things are done in violation of the Constitution which demands a democracy, not a dictatorship.

In this disgusting dictatorship, you may rightfully ask why do national service for a country which is simply a big fraud; a 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew million dollar fraud.

In effect if you serve national service, you are serving the dictatorship and enriching them even more, the main if not the only reason to avoid service.

Now the consequences of avoiding national service.

I understand that if sons are a certain age before 18, the parents are required to guarantee a monetary bond of many thousands of dollars as security for their sons to return.

If the parents are still in Singapore, they would be liable in the Singapore courts if they fail to pay for their son's refusal to serve. If the parents are abroad, Singapore will have to commence action in the foreign country to force you to pay and this is difficult because courts in democracies look down on lawsuits such as this. For example in the US you can ask to do community work instead of armed combat.

However if the guarantee is secured through your assets in Singapore, you would lose it, because the Singapore court will simply redeem the guarantee amount.

As for the son who is abroad, he need not go back if he does not want to. Refusal to serve national service is not an extraditable offence. Singapore cannot make you go back. You are safe as long as you remain abroad. However, unless the laws change in Singapore, you can never go back. If you do, you will go to jail.

Many ask me if their liability still exists if they adopt foreign citizenship. The answer is yes. Liability to serve does not change just because you are no longer a Singapore citizen. It arises because you were born in Singapore.

The government is losing huge numbers of young men who are going abroad and not returning. This news is encouraging. I would advise you not to do national service for Singapore. It is a disgraceful dictatorship which abuses laws to remain in power.

By your refusing to serve, you are adding to the brain drain which is hurting the Lee Kuan Yew regime very badly. And anything you do to hurt them goes that much way to deposing them.

So I would advice you to avoid national service by going abroad and remaining abroad. I am sure this regime is not going to last much longer after the 90 year old lee Kuan Yew in failing health dies. At that time, both you and I and everyone else who is abroad in exile will return to a freer and democratic Singapore.

One last point of clarification. Please do not think I am against national service or military service per se. I am not. I would gladly serve in the military in Switzerland if I had been born there, or in Sweden or Norway or in any other respectable country. I think military service is a good thing. It instills discipline and a sense of outdoors and adventure. It also teaches you how to shoot. I like that. I like adventure and excitement as is evident by my life story, coming to Europe and America. Although I did it myself before, I am against doing national service for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. The island is simply a fraud. And spending your time in national service there is tantamount to furthering the interests of that dictatorship.

To anyone who asks why I did it, I can only say that I was not the Gopalan Nair that I am now when I did it.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

Ah. If only we could do NS like President Tony Tan's son. He got a 12-year (!!!) deferment and then only served NS as a scientist in an air conditioned room.

Or if you are LKY's son, LHL. Who stayed at home and was chauffeured to camp each morning. The ponce couldn't fire a gun or complete the physical training. But his father made him a Brigadier General.

No wonder you men are asking why they should serve.

Anonymous said...

Not a day goes by without Singaporean young men Emailing or calling me from Singapore and overseas on how to avoid national service.


Great. It means that your blog is being read by these young men and their families.

Keep on writing.

Tyrants must never allowed to roam this planet. LKY's legacy will soon become sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Mr Nair.

Most Singaporeans just accept whatever is being thrown to them by the PAP. They have never experienced a free Singapore without the PAP. Even after they travel abroad and see the wonders out there, they continue come back to the tiny red dot where they are suppressed and oppressed.

Stand up Singaporeans for yourself, your family and your fellow countrymen. Wake up!

Singapore will NOT fall to pieces if PAP, LKY or LHL are booted out.

Daniel Kevlar said...

Well said, sir.
The problem for most of us is that there's no way out of this country because we do not have enough cash to stay out.

Nevertheless, thank you for posting this.
Daniel Kevlar.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Daniel Kevlar who said

"Well said, sir.
The problem for most of us is that there's no way out of this country because we do not have enough cash to stay out."

Thanks but you are completely wrong. You don't need cash to get out of Singapore, you need balls. And balls is what you do not have.

There are thousands and thousands of young men and women from the third world who make it to Europe and the Americas even without visas, making dangerous crossings and even they make it a success eventually. You unlike them hold Singapore passports which allow you travel visa free to most countries. You are far luckier than them. Yet you have no balls and stay behind to lick Lee Kuan Yew's boots and say you can't go because you have no cash. Cash is not the problem at all. You are simply chicken. The sooner you admit it the better and not waste your time or mine either reading this blog or writing to me.

I don't believe in mincing my words, least of all with you.

Gopalan Nair said...

And one more thing to Daniel Kevlar.

When I left Singapore for the first time when I was 23, I had just $500.00 in my pocket and a one way ticket to Frankfurt Germany. I did not know that I would be dead or alive the next day. I did know German or anyone in Germany. But I had one thing which you do not have. I had balls.

I knew another friend who lives in San Jose California near me. He was worse off than me. He did not have a shirt on his back when he arrived in Florida. He had entered Nassau Bahamas in the Caribbean near Miami Florida. He paid a boatman to take him to the beach in Florida illegally and drop him there. When the boat beached in Florida, he carried his suitcase over his head not to get it wet, with his trousers rolled up and waded on to the beach.

The US granted an amnesty to illegals some 20 years ago and he managed to legalize himself.

He is now married and has grown children. He is also a successful businessman and has 3 liquor stores near here. He too had balls.

So stop writing such nonsense to me. You sound like a mouse.

Anonymous said...

So true.

Many Singaporeans bitch and complain but continue to stay in the red dot. They have no balls, even after serving NS.

Anonymous said...

"I am sure this regime is not going to last much longer after the 90 year old lee Kuan Yew in failing health dies. At that time, both you and I and everyone else who is abroad in exile will return to a freer and democratic Singapore."

Mr Nair, so you still are waiting to return after LKY dies? I'm wondering how it'll work (for you and many others) if one's given up his Singapore citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair:
Today I read that P.M. Lee announced Singapore would send $50,000 to the Philippines. I was shocked. Is this a bad joke? How can such a rich nation send such a small pittance to a neighbor in need, one that I might add sends thousands of poorly paid and ill-treated laborers to the city state. This is truly appalling. Please comment on this in a separate post, if you can.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean = Obedient Confucian.

Father LKY knows best.

Must obey father LKY.

Anonymous said...

Many people know of LKY's crooked and corrupt ways.

After 50 years of abusing his power, surely there are enough skeletons out there to expose the LEE Familee.

But no one dares to come out.

Hey anyone in the ISD or ex-ISD. Are you listening?
Have the balls to do the right thing for Singapore and expose LKY's dirty tricks and misdeeds.

...silence. crickets chirping. ...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am sure this regime is not going to last much longer after the 90 year old lee Kuan Yew in failing health dies. At that time, both you and I and everyone else who is abroad in exile will return to a freer and democratic Singapore."

Mr Nair, so you still are waiting to return after LKY dies?

>>I'm wondering how it'll work (for you and many others) if one's given up his Singapore citizenship.

Sun Nov 10, 05:15:00 AM PST

Typical S'pore moron.
Trained by LKY to never offer his opinions.

Why don't you tell us how it will work for Nair and others who have given up their S'pore citizen ship.

Tourist visa, perhaps???

Anonymous said...

A dumb comment on NS on Stomp.
NS a waste of time? Not to foreigners who see S'porean guys as patriots


Of course. Employers in Singapore prefer foreigners to local men/patriots who have post-NS in-camp obligations.

Stomp is controlled by the LEE FAMILEE.

Anonymous said...

I was born and bred in Singapore but moved to the UK when I was 21 and eventually naturalised as a British citizen after seven years here – I am 37 today.

I left Singapore because I had no faith in the government there. Singaporean males were discriminated against by the government because of the compulsory national service and many years of reservist obligations afterwards. That is compounded by the fact that the Singapore government is actively wooing skilled migrants to Singapore. Their “foreign talent” programme gives these migrants all kinds of advantages that locals are not entitled to. I gave two years and four months of my life to serve in the army and my reward is to be treated like a second-class citizen. I wasn’t prepared to fight the system, so I simply left and settled in the UK instead.

Alex Liang, London

Anonymous said...

The real anger is when we join workforce which is not level field for everyone. We are two years behind plus handicapped with endless ICT and RT. It is the unfairness of the whole thing that make us angry.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous,

Two years is nothing. But I agree the long years of reservist is unfair

The two years is good. You learn to shoot and the outdoors. Don't be a sissy

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous,

Who complained about two years. You need a beating to you a man

Unknown said...

If I want to be muscular, I would rather spend hours in the gym. If I want to defend myself with arms, I will go to some shooting club and learn how to use a pistol, rifle or shotgun properly (e.g. Article 2, Right to bear arms of the US Constitution). However, I will not want to be forcibly trained to become a killer to kill or be killed. BUT, I will not mind serving in the military of a country that genuinely embodies and represents freedom, democracy and liberty (e.g. USA was once something like that. And yes, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland are cool too). BUT SINGAPORE? Maybe not. Why? Because like what Nair said, it is like a 'fraud' and being in the military there basically means directly, if not indirectly aiding, assisting and protecting the elites there to continue their reigns of subtle scientific dictatorship.

Also, I believe most Singaporeans and soldiers everywhere are subtle bio-accumulatively poisoned with fluoride in the municipal water supply! Not to mention the compulsory vaccinations that are given to Singaporeans and soldiers. God knows what are in those vaccines. Probably some heavy metal (e.g. mercury) and subtle neuron-degenerative chemical/poison to "dumb down" Singaporeans for easier population control. Really twisted and satanic.

My point it, as a man and created in God's image and likeness, we are supposed to be manly, and aggressive but peaceful. Aggressive for righteousness, justice, genuine freedom and liberty and if need be, we should and must be trained up with the necessary skills and be equipped with the right equipment (e.g. guns)to protect those rights. Peaceful as in NOT like those crazy demonically possessed 'terrorists' going around killing, raping and bombing innocents for their "freedoms". Know what I mean? But serving military in a country that is basically a subtle dictatorship and with an anti-Christ system is a different story altogether. I will gladly join the US military or even Sweden Switzerland Norwegian (if I can speak their languages) and not complain, but Singapore, a country with a quasi anti-Christ system...nay..

Why do I say Singapore has a quasi anti-Christ system? An average price of a flat (e.g. "beautiful small little living box") has been increased from 15,000 to 300,000 whereas the basic salary of most Singaporeans remain the same if not only increased by a few hundred dollars. As such,almost every younger generation Singaporeans will have to get a 20-30 years bank loans from the local or global banks. Basically 80% of Singaporeans will have to get a bank loans for almost everything (e.g. education, car, business and flat). Eventually the banks controlled and owned by the powers-that-be in Europe, North America and Asia will control everything.

Such a system (e.g. usury anti-Christ banking system) is also fast engulfing the USA and Australia. When I visited my friends there, they were complaining to me about banks and debts too. Basically, most Americans will graduate with tons of student loan debts and many will be unable to find a job. As such, many will most likely have to consider joining the US Military to pay off their debts.

Anonymous said...

Nair, u think u did a brave deed by chicken ing out of Singapore. U did with $500, many do with no money. Thats not a big deal. Don't be so proud about that. I don't think u got a ball to live back and do something to u think would save ur little island from LKY. U know what that needs balls.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very interesting report.

I'm a swiss citizen and I may probably get PR quite soon.

What happens if my son gets PR? He will have to serve the Swiss army, because citizenship > Permanent Residence. And army in Switzerland is mandatory since six centuries.

Will Singapore still force him to do NS, despite he has to do it for HIS country too?

I really don't understand how a country can force people who are NOT their citizens, to NS. Especially if they have to do NS for their own country.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I would like to enquire about citizenship by investment programs. Would it jeopardize my fathers permanent residency if he offered to pay for my citizenship in another country, without doing national service. I'm currently at the age where I would almost be required to get an identification card and worry that obtaining that would jeopardize my citizenship. Would it be possible for you to represent me as my legal representative.