Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dumb Singaporean lodges police report against Indian TV Station in India on the riots

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Referring to the recent riots in the Little India area of Singapore last Sunday, one dumb Singaporean has, it appears, lodged a police report in Singapore against a TV Station in India! How much more dumb can you get! And not just that, the equally dumb Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Dec 10, 2013 has seen it necessary to report it. Please see report http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/little-india-riot-police-report-made-against-sun-tvs-riot-report-20131

It seems an Indian TV station, Sun TV, according to the Singapore report had got the facts wrong when they reported in India that the rioting happened because an ethnic Chinese Singaporean bus driver had pushed an Indian national off the bus, the Chinese began beating the Indians, the Indians retaliated and the poor Indian who was pushed off the bus was run over by that bus and killed.

As one individual Singaporean, identity unknown, the dumb fool, had taken issue with this version of events, he had gone to a local Singapore police station and lodged a report against the Indian TV station in India! It appears no one told him that the Singapore police has no jurisdiction in India to arrest anyone, let alone the staff of Sun TV and his only recourse is to complain to their Singapore government who could then take up the issue with Indian authorities if they want.

But whoever this dumb individual is, someone has to tell him that it is no good filing police reports in Singapore against people in India, in Africa or even in Timbuktu! The Singapore police are powerless in India. And that police report is as good as scratch paper.

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

Indian High Commissioner in Singapore, Vijay Thakur Singh, is taking money and chasing girls and dont give a damn for Indians in Singapore. perhaps you could write about that.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I can't see the logic of a Singaporean filing a complaint in SG against Sun TV. When would SG learn that the world don't revolve around them.

Unknown said...

Now, I wonder how unbiased the police force, which by letter of law serves the citizens, would react to a report lodged against Channel News Asia or The Straits Times.

Anonymous said...

Repression in Little India.
The Singapore Chinese establishment has always been jealous and angry that Little India has been No 1 tourist destination in Singapore
Now they are going to kill the place with their severe police measures.
They are using the riots to finish off little India.