Saturday, April 5, 2014

Singapore's North Korea style propaganda in their state controlled press

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     What is particularly annoying and a downright insult to one's intelligence is the daily propaganda spewed by the Singapore island city state's state controlled newspapers by handpicked minions pontificating on any number of topics from the reasons for the low birth rate, the lack of Singaporeans assertiveness or confidence and how and why we should keep fit, matters about which they have no special expertise whatsoever! Just read the state controlled newspapers such as the Straits Times and you will see what I mean.

     And mind you, these hand picked ministers who were scholars on government scholarships have no better understand of any of these things than the ordinary Joe Blokes next door.

     Below is an annoying piece of report in their state controlled press Straits times of April 05, 2014 titled "Families face a different set of pressures today: Chan Chun Sing" See

Second Minister for Defence Mr Chan Chun Sing hosting a discussion with educators, exercise scientists, pre-enlistees and servicemen on how to strengthen fitness for national servicemen and how students can be better physically prepared for NS on April 5, 2014. -- ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI
     A little back ground of this gentlemen Chan Chun Sing.

    Only as recent as a few weeks ago no Singaporean had even heard of this character. All of a sudden, the state controlled newspapers of the island publish reports that Chan Chun Sing has been appointed a Minister and a series of reports appear in which he gives lectures to a forced-to-attend, handpicked orchestrated audience on a wide series of issues, about none of which he has any special expertise ranging from child bearing, families and why national servicemen refuse to serve.

     From reports in the state controlled press, he was a Scholar sent abroad for an education at government expense and upon return was fielded at elections where his winning is not in any doubt, at rigged elections, was instantly there after made a member of parliament and a Minister, which under Singaporean politics, gives him a right to lecture the citizens in any range of subjects from child birth to astronomy if he so desired.

     In this picture he is seen lecturing a group of reluctant national servicemen who would have much preferred to spend their time at the mall, forced to attend, sit upright and listen to his nonsense.

     The report states his topic of speech was why the youg couples are reluctant to have children. Since he is not trained and does not have any special knowledge in the subject, surely the man next door, Mr. Joe Blokes of Block 65 Toa Payoh Singapore would have known equally as much if not more about the subject than this character, but nobody has the courage to ask him that because it would mean a defamation action in the Kangaroo courts and instant bankruptcy and impoverishment.

     Lee Kuan Yew's one party state Singapore uses its state controlled press as a propaganda tool, not different from North Korea. Since independent newspapers are prohibited and only state controlled ones allowed to circulate, they use this to daily brainwash their citizens on why Lee Kuan Yew, his son, the Prime Minister and any other handpicked minions such as this to lecture their version of how life is to be lived.

     Anyone with any independence of mind would flatly consider this just plain rubbish, and only those who are without the means to leave the country or ignorant of their rights are forced to submit.

     Thanks to blogs such as mine which can write the truth from abroad without fear of being arrested and charged for defamation, the powers to be in Lee's island are finding it more and more difficult to brainwash their citizens.

     North Korea is of course a different matter. They are prohibited from travelling abroad, Internet is banned, and would truly believe that Kim Il Sung was indeed the Great Leader whose body was transported by dozens of cranes into the clouds and returned to terra firma at the cries of his loyal subjects. They have no means to know the truth.

     Singapore is different. They have the Internet and can see through the nonsense of this charade. The sooner Chan Chun Sing, this handpicked toady realizes he is making a downright fool of himself the better.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

Would you be surprised if I told you that Chan Chun Sing is Lee Kuan Yew's nephew.

That's Singapore for you. You have to be related to LKY to be appointed to high-positions, even if you are an idiot scholar.

This scholar, for all his education, sounds like an Ah Tiong, a country bumpkin.

Just Google his name and Ah Tiong to get a laugh.

BTW, he is the next prime minister of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It is incredible to see how People all over the world have been doing Business and visiting Singapore for decades and they all just ignored or didnt want to see the political Situation which is a form of dictatorship. I think one day all the last remaining despots and dictators on this planet will be removed, even if it still might take some time.

Anonymous said...

By opening the country in the way, that People could start to express their opinon at any time in public and by abolishing physical punishment, Singapore could become a fantastic and competitive place to do Business and to live. The Prices for cars, living and housing also must be reduced to an acceptable Level for the whole Population.

Anonymous said...

SINKapore won't last long with this fool around.

The story of the 3 little pigs.

The Yew pig is smart to build a brick house.

The Loong pig is not as smart, and build a house using leftover sticks from the SAF.

This Sing pig is so dumb that he build a house using straw.

Heavens have eyes, and men cannot hide their evil deeds.