Thursday, June 26, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am now on Facebook.

My address

I have done this principally to spread Singapore Dissident even further and wider.  So if you don't see much activity from me on it, chatting and doing the various other things it can do, please forgive me. I rather talk to people the old fashioned way which the human race always did in the past, meaning physically in person; not incognito behind a computer screen.

As to the many things Facebook can do, on whether it is something good, I have my reservations. The whole idea of having this wide network of so called friends on cyberspace, chatting with them on the Internet and doing all sorts of things to them and with them, when you will never see a single one of them let alone have a friendship like humans traditionally do, appears weird, and in fact perhaps even an unhealthy path to take.

I fear too much of this, would lead one to live not in this world but the next.

Which leads me to an anecdote I once read in the "Last Lion, Winston Churchill", which I confess is not entirely related to this post. Pardon the digression.

In 1914, when the British were fighting the Turks in Palestine, too many of their soldiers were dying at the front. To boost the numbers joining the British Army, they put up large posters all over England to attract recruitment. One such poster probably in Manchester, carried the words "Join the British Army and see the World". It seems one young man who knew better added the world "Next" before the word "World". So the poster now read, "Join the British Army and see the next World". They would probably be killed and go to Heaven!

Thank you

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
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prudent said...

Pls join us at

Gopalan Nair said...

Thanks for the invitation.

Let me honestly tell you what I think.

This whole idea of communicating in the social media with people whom you never see or know appears somewhat alien to me.

As you know we already spend too much time before a computer screen at work.

This is bad enough.

To spend ever more time chatting about politics on cyberspace, incognito, without even identifying yourself seems somewhat a misuse of valuable time.

Even cowardly.

A man with balls would stand proudly in Singapore city with a placard "Down with the damn prime Minister" or "Catch me if you can"

Instead of talking and more talking, may I suggest something.

Get some T shirts with the words "Down with the Prime Minister" and stand boldly at the city center proudly showing your face.

That is honorable.

Not chatting and more chatting on the Internet and not having the balls to do anything.

I have been candid in my language.

I hope you will appreciate that.

But I do thank you for your invitation to chat and more chat. For the moment I have to humbly decline.

I have this blog to spread my word. This is good enough for the moment.