Sunday, September 14, 2014

Native born Singapore university educated and skilled English speaking citizens leave the island to settle in the West

Ladies and Gentlemen,

About a year ago, the state controlled Singapore newspapers and media published a number of reports on the government being alarmed over the mounting brain drain to the West.

Goh Chock Tong, a former Prime Minister, handpicked by Lee Kuan Yew to continue his grip on power, even went so far as to chastise those who emigrated by calling them "quitters" even though he never mentioned that his own daughter was one, having married an Englishmen and now settled in Bradford West Yorkshire, England, colloquially known as Little Pakistan as it has the largest Pakistani population in the world outside Pakistan.

I know. I did my "A" levels there.  It has also the best chapatti and curry anywhere else outside Pakistan.

Although there were several Singapore oligarchs including the dictator himself, Lee Kuan Yew and Son making numerous demands and pleas for Singaporeans to remain in the island and not abandon it, it seems it has not helped. The numbers leaving has in fact increased.

Singapore is in the most advantageous position for those intending to emigrate. It has English education, the best language for emigration.

What then is the prime reason for it's citizens wanting to leave?

It is simply that most educated, skilled and thinking human beings would find living in the island distasteful.

It is distasteful for human being to live under a dictatorship.

Humans are by nature a free spirited people and given the choice they would rather live in a free society where they can think and do as they please instead of a society where they have to live the way some dictator wants them to live.

Singaporeans today are aware that they do not live in a free society.

They don't have a free press and media as they are all state owned and controlled.

They lack the fundamental freedoms that others in the West take for granted, such as freedom of speech, expression and assembly, and any one of these acts can result in your arrest and land you in jail.

Just as in Communist China where the ticket to success is membership in the Chinese Communist Party and actively supporting them, in Singapore success also requires joining one of the numerous government organizations such as their Peoples Action Party or Peoples Association and spend a long time doing volunteer service in them.

On the other hand any evidence that you were not their supporter or worse showed sentiments which were contrary to them meant that you will not only be unemployed for life, you would also be constantly persecuted so as to educate you to mend your ways.

Fortunately with the advent of the Internet and greater opportunity to travel, more and more educated and English speaking Singaporeans are realizing they don't have to live this way.

They begin to realize that Australians, Englishmen, Americans, Europeans and everyone else who live in democratic countries do not have to live in fear of their government.

They can speak their mind without fear of arrest and imprisonment and develop their full potential without the requirement of having to show support for Lee Kuan Yew, his Son and his government.

They also begin to see that the average Western citizen is a far superior human being than the product of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew one party state.

They speak better, they have more courage, they are more confident and are interesting and full of ideas.

Whereas, the Singaporean, the product of an upbringing under Lee Kuan Yew on the other hand is timid, cowardly, lacks confidence and is constantly in fear of his government resulting in his having to live his life tailored according to what Lee Kuan Yew wants of him.

The result of this realization that they are living their miserable lives as slaves under Lee Kuan Yew has resulted in serious consequences to the island demographics.

The demographic change to the island is so serious, it is now existential.

Remember the island today has a tiny population, perhaps no more than 2 million native born citizens in a tiny place which is no more than 26 miles across and 16 miles on the vertical and slightly less at high tide.

And with this already minuscule population, the island has the lowest birth rate in the world, with childbirth not even replacing the parents.

At the same time, it has one of the largest ageing population with a large proportion of the 2 million above the age of 60 years old.

Most couples have no children at all.

Despite the government both threatening, cajoling and pleading with their criticizes, offer generous tax breaks and other perks to grease their palms, the Singaporean is simply refusing to procreate.

Now having finally realized that no matter what they do, they are simply not having children, the government has stopped their attempts at persuasion and finally realized that the children simply will not be born in sufficient numbers, full stop.

And recently according to a state owned newspaper the Straits Times of Sept 12, 2014 which carried the report "4 in 5 parents here open to sending kids abroad" the state controlled newspaper report states that according to a survey of more than 300 parents, 4 out of 5 would consider sending their children aboard for an education citing the reasons as "Being independent, getting international work experience and gaining confidence are the key benefits of studying abroad, the parents felt"

Singapore parents today have realized the damage that the Singapore education system is doing to their children.

The pervasive fear factor is the main cause of an inferior education system in the island.

Teachers instead of telling their students to fearlessly stand up to their beliefs are required to warn their students of the dangers of opposing their government.

Obedience they are told is a virtue and independence of thought is dangerous.

This sort of a Singaporean education, the parents realize, does not produce independent thinkers, it produces the Singaporean robots, which you see in the island today.

With the island of just 2 million or so local English speaking citizens, has the highest brain drain in the world, the lowest fertility rate in the world, the highest ageing population in the world, and with the latest state controlled newspaper report, the greatest number of children leaving for education abroad, can you even imagine the consequences of these trends?

Anyone who is already overseas is instantly going to realize their far superior and happier lifestyle in the West and are themselves going to be a powerful magnet to attract others left behind in the island to join them.

This means even more leaving for the West and further depleting the 2 million locals even more.

At the same time far too few children are being born which means even fewer Singaporeans.

And with this latest report even more parents are going to send their children abroad, which of course means that not a single one would return after their education, lowering the 2 million remaining even more.

To replace the English speaking Singaporeans leaving for the West, the government is replacing them with a huge influx of foreigners, mainly from Communist China.

These immigrants are by their very nature third rate and cannot replace the highly skilled highly educated loyal Singapore citizens.

It must be obvious why this is so.

All of them have no loyalty to Singapore as the native Singaporeans had, since all they want is a job which they did not have in their native countries.

Also the majority of them come from Communist China, a people preferred by Lee Kuan Yew over other races.

He thinks they are something of a master race and are somehow superior to other races whom he considers lazy, incompetent and unsuitable.

But the problem with the Chinese is that most have no English proficiency at all and it will take too long for they or their children to learn English and be productive in society.

In any case most of them would have preferred to have gone to the West and the only reason they are in Singapore is because they were rejected.

Singapore's leaders it appears are not as smart as they are made out to be.

They have failed to realize that educating Singaporeans in the English language, opening the Internet to them, and easy access to passports work in an diametrically opposite direction from a dictatorship with no freedoms, no free press and information and a police state.

They have failed to realize that no human society if given a chance would want to live in bondage.

They will seek freedom.

Cuba under Fidel Castro (now Raul) does not have the problems of a population going extinct that Singapore has.

Just like Cuba, Singapore is a dictatorship. Just like Cuba it has not free press or media, all state controlled.

Just like Cuba, you will get arrested if you protest or speak without a license.

But unlike Cuba, Singaporeans can readily acquire passports and leave the island if they want and go to the West.

And unlike Cuba, although the mainstream media and news are state controlled, the Internet is not, and Singaporeans are free to read what is written outside the state controlled media.

And this gives Singaporeans ideas the government does not want you to know.

If Lee Kuan Yew and his son want to stem the unstoppable brain drain to the West thereby totally destroying the island republic, it has to do what Cuba does.

It has to restrict the availability of passports and stop Singaporeans access to the Internet like Cuba does leaving Singaporeans opportunity only to read local state propaganda.

It has also to stop Singaporean's accessibility to blogs such as mine, to prevent them from getting ideas which do not further the aims of Lee Kuan Yew and his Peoples Action Party; thereby preventing me from continuing to be a thorn at their necks.

If Lee and Son does not do this, the brain drain will continue and result in the total disappearance of educated English speaking Singaporeans from the island, a number perhaps just 2 million.

What will be left is the poorer quality Singaporeans who do not speak English or have sufficient education or skills to allow emigration to the West.

You will also have the million dollar scholars, nothing more than opportunists who return to Singapore for the money.

You will also have the hoards of Chinese mandarin speaking immigrants who come because they were unsuccessful in moving to the West and the others from disparate nearby countries who were unable to find jobs in their native countries.

These people have no commitment to Singapore and would be the first to leave for any other place where they could find a better job with more money.

For an island which today does not have more than perhaps 2 million people, this is not good news.

Singaporean dictators Lee Kuan Yew and Son have to realize that a repressive society that treats their citizens as slaves and not free man and women, would find their lives unattractive and unfulfilling.

If given a choice they would flee to free Western democratic countries, which are far superior to Singapore, and when they are there, would prominently and proudly display their middle finger to Lee Kuan Yew and his Son, like I have done.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

When will Lee Kuan Yew admit that his mandated stop-at-two children policy was an abject failure.

He himself had 3 kids but he mandated that others could only have 2 children or face financial penalties.


Gopalan Nair said...

To be fair to Lee Kuan Yew, at the time he required the 2 child policy, some 4 decades ago, the island was suffering from a population explosion and child planning appeared sensible.

Today the total decline in childbirth cannot be attributed to that earlier policy. People today can have children if they want. They don't. As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

See url on migration part, especially Singapore's rich populace.....

"The survey also found that a significant share of Singapore's wealthy, 23 percent, plan a move abroad in the next five years, even as the city-state remains a top destination for Hong Kong's rich."

BC said...

At the opportune time then, LKY did not do the critical reversal of the ill conceived population policy. The population continued to be penalised for more than 2 kids per family. Meanwhile he launched his no good eugenics-centric graduate mother scheme....