Monday, October 6, 2014

Singapore's headline news and "bowel incontinence". A disgusting business.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you want to know how bad the quality of Singapore's local news in their state controlled newspapers have become, you may want to read the headlines news, I mean it, headline news, in the Straits Times today titled "Bowel incontence is not part of ageing" says SGH doc". You can see a picture of the famous patient, worthy of headline news only in Singapore I must add, and her doctor below.
I don't want to upset anyone's appetite. You can read this Singaporean "headline news" for yourself. It is simply that this woman had diarrhea for a decade and suddenly comes this Singaporean doctor who tells her that she hasn't any diarrhea but "stomach incontinence" instead, whatever that is, and this happens to be in the Singaporean sense, their headline news!
 If you wondered why the Singaporean journalism is given a abysmally low standing of 150th among the world's newspapers for being the least free, by Reporters without Borders, in the world, now you see why.
This happens in every country in the world which are run by dictators, in Singapore's case Lee Kuan Yew the father and now the Son,  who control their media and turn it into propaganda sheets. There is no real news about the country, their policies, political debate, new ideas about economy, politics, simply nothing. Just as in North Korea, Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled Straits Times would put out each day what they intend to do, such as building a road somewhere in the island, and when they don't have anything else, well report on the woman with the 10 year diarrhea who has now finally taken the right medicine.  
Better still take the picture of the disgusting 10 year diarrhea woman standing next to her diarrhea doctor and stick in the state controlled newspaper as headline news.
A mucky bit of news to say the least.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting.. will b nice 2 know if despot Lee can make baby
We had some trial in SG kangoro court going into the details of oral sex in newspaper
Man those journalist r no better than the less educated one in remote Africa..

Anonymous said...

The 35 or so (million dollar salaried) Ministers of the Master
(dictators) are constantly finding any molehills to make
into mountains to justify their existence. This is the really sad
state of affairs in the police state today.

Linda Kosmanto said...

Everyday I feel I need to have an extra bowel movement or two in Singapore. So much to upset you.

Aryan-Dravidian said...

I wouldn't go as far as to call the woman "disgusting". She might have a genuine medical problem and is just a pawn in the whole game.