Monday, December 8, 2014

Video. Singaporeans should break unjust laws

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please watch my latest video December 7, 2014 titled "Singaporeans should break unjust laws". Best Wishes from Fremont, California, USA.

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Robert HO nric S0197974D said...


Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

It's high time that we Singaporeans become experts in civil disobedience.

Linda Kosmanto said...

Keep up the good work, Gopalan. Let's hope we get rid of LKY and his PAP bootlickers soon.

Unknown said...


I have a question. My Singapore born son migrated to another country with me when he was 7. He has thus changed his surname after I was remarried. He did not renew his Singapore passport neither register for new NRIC at 15. He travelled to singapore at age 12 and recently, 15, to Singapore on his foreign passport with his changed surname. He does not have intention to return to Singapore to serve NS as he doesn't consider himself a Singaporean. What CMPB and ICA has now is his former surname. So will he get caught or get fined if he visits Singapore with his foreign passport in changed surname? Will the custom in Singapore go all the way to check who he is? His foreign passport indicated that he was born in Singapore. Will they ask him what's his birth certificate number and from there thus finds out who he original is?

Maybe I should do what the lady whom migrated to Canada with her son, and later sent a letter to CMPB to prove that her son had renounced his citizenship, and asked for a non-liability for NS letter from them? While in Singapore, I had made a trip to ICA to talk to the officer my son's situation. She made copies of my foreign passport and my son's foreign passport, and asked for my son's birth certificate number. Later she extracted a copy of his birth certificate and clipped it together with the photocopied passports. She had also asked me to provide name change document. In the end I did not sign any forms to give permission for my son to register for IC and I left because I do not have original documents with me. Will what she compiled together, the information on my son's former surname and his changed surname affects his ability to visit Singapore again without serving NS? Will she inform the checkpoint that my son has two surnames and discriminate him if he enters Singapore in the near future? Do you think my son with his foreign passport and a changed surname can enter Singapore without suspicious that he didn't do NS? Please advise, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Clarisse Spence said...

I had made a trip to ICA She made copies of my foreign passport and my son's foreign passport... she extracted a copy of his birth certificate and clipped
Your son is so screwed. He will have to do NS.

Anonymous said...

@Clarisse Spence:
Your only hope is for PAP to be voted out in GE2015.

Gopalan Nair said...

Clarisse Spence,

Of course that would be good. But remember, the PAP has no intention to be voted out or to ever lose power. They think they are like the Communist Party of China where it is decided that they alone would be in power, no one else. There are no elections in China.

I am not sure what they would do. If necessary stuff ballot boxes. In any case, elections alone would not mean much. Power lies in the control of the main pillars of power like the press. So even if they lose, there is nothing to stop the newspapers to continue serving them.

I have my doubts, as you can see. Or perhaps they could use the Workers Party's votes since they are serving the PAP. WP is team B PAP as you know.

Having said all that, the PAP is going to collapse. The island is simply too small even to withstand even the slightest of uncertainty. That is good.