Saturday, January 3, 2015

Singapore island's submissive obedient population under the Lee family's island dictatorship.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In spite of the island government's claim, tiny Singapore island is a one party dictatorship presently run by the former dictator Lee Kuan Yew who handed over power to his son.

Although there is a Constitution in the books not dissimilar to any other constitution of any other democracy, it is totally ignored.

Lee Kuan Yew who is allegedly 92 senile and does not do any work pays himself $3.7 million a year in official salary and so does his son, the Prime Minister and every other minister in Cabinet.

In effect these salaries each are 5 times officially that of President Obama. If you added the money they take in hidden bonuses and perks it will amount to much more.

This is clearly corruption on an industrial scale.

But Singaporeans have no objection.

Except for the Internet where some complain anonymously, there are no mass protests against this, and these people continue stealing the money without any opposition.

There is no free press.

All newspapers are state owned and print state propaganda each day.

So are the TV Stations and all media outlets.

It is illegal for an independent news service to operate in Singapore without government permission.

The Constitutional requirements of the right of free speech expression and assembly are all prohibited.

They live as they do in North Korea liable to be arrested if they did any one of this.

The courts are Kangaroo Courts as in North Korea where the judges are required to dish out sentences to punish political opponents and reward government supporters.

In spite of flagrant denials of rights of the individual, surprisingly there is no opposition against this in the Singapore island peopled predominantly by ethnic Chinese, the favored race of Lee Kuan Yew and his son who are themselves Chinese.

Lee Sr. had repeatedly in the past said that Chinese are far superior race than the local Malays or ethnic Indians because the Chinese are hardworking and everyone else is lazy and dummies.

It may appear strange why a society of relatively high educational standards and affluence should put up with such nonsense, but having been born and a citizen of the island by birth and a victim of their repression, I can suggest several reasons.

Although the Chinese race are not entirely a submissive and supine lot (look at the Chinese revolutionaries in China of 1949 and the recent Hong Kong democracy protesters) the Singapore version of Chinese are.

The Singaporean Chinese derives from Southern coastal China stock, comprised mainly of small mum and dad corner shop tradesmen who had no interest in politics.

For them the only thing important was to make money and ideas such as democracy was irrelevant.

It made no difference if Lee Kuan Yew paid himself $3.7 million or $70 million as long as they were left alone to make some money.

The other reason is the changing demography of the island today.

The original native population of the island, of which I mean those who were born there and whose parents had come to the island in the 1920s or 30s or even before is fast shrinking to extinction.

Of the 3 million or so some years ago, there are no more than perhaps 1.5 million today or less and due to the lowest fertility rate in the world and massive on-going brain drain to the West, will disappear entirely in just one generation.

These native Singaporeans have been brainwashed and intimidated so much so that they have a mortal fear of opposing the regime.

Over the years anyone in open opposition to their regime has been repeatedly punished, fined imprisoned and bankrupted and their faces shown in headlines in the state controlled press.

Examples of these victims are JB Jeyaretnam, Chee Soon Juan, Tang Liang Hong and myself.

These locals have been effectively taught the message and chiseled into their minds that any opposition to the dictators is suicidal and a path to destruction and penury.

So, unless you want to suffer the fate of JB Jeyaretnem, local Singapore citizens simply refuse to protest these injustices, not because they are not aware of it, but because they are afraid as to what will happen to them if they did.

To compensate for the local population going extinct, they bring in plane loads of ethnic Chinese from wherever they are found.

In fact as along as your were Chinese and had some qualifications, it did not matter if you were from the outer boundaries of the Kalahari, Botswana, you are still welcome.

The immigrants to the island are principally from Communist China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Communist China because they can earn a few more dollars in Singapore, Malaysians for the same as well as to escape from a dominating Islamic country and Indonesia for the same reasons.

And all these people are given full citizenship and entitled to vote as if they were like any native born citizens.

Although they take the citizenship, the vast majority of them have no real interest in that small island, except to make some money.

They too like the intimidated brainwashed citizens care two hoots if Lee paid himself whatever amount he wanted.

And neither are they bothered about such things as individual rights, after all, they are there to make a buck.

As far as the Malays and Indian citizens of Singapore, they have become simply irrelevant, their numbers being so reduced to a mere handful thanks to Lee's Chinese superiority theory.

And then there is one additional factor, the privileges of membership in Lee's party.

The Peoples Action Party has several umbrella organizations on the ground and it is well known that joining and serving in them would cause them to advance your career, increase your salary and protect you and your family.

There are also privileges such as periodic holidays and holiday camps paid for by the tax payer.

Therefore the majority of Singaporeans volunteer at these organizations for the benefits it provide and it is simply stupid not to in Lee's Singapore.

The reader can see the picture by now. It really serves no purpose to be so stupid as to challenge this government. It is simply suicidal.

As Hitler said, Eine Reich Eine Volk Eine Furher, so do the Singapore Lees say, "One Country, One People, One Lee Kuan Yew or His Son".

The political leadership loves such a society as it guarantees their grip on power.

But for the future of the island such a sheepish society is doomed to failure.

Any society to progress in this day and age needs patriotic citizens who care not only about themselves but about their society.

The people of France protest over the increasing unemployment, increasing immigration and the European Union's demands at austerity.

In Greece there are protests over many such things too.

In England people are protesting over the increasing immigration from Eastern Europe and are threatening to withdraw from the European Union.

They do this because they love their country and their society.

But in Singapore Lee pays himself 5 times the salary of Obama, there is no rule of law, there are no rights, there is no constitution and the people live under dictate.

But yet there are no protests at all.

There is the silence of the cemetery, except activity in the Peoples Association, a branch of Lee's Peoples Action Party.

One can only conclude that the entire island population cares two hoots about their island, and concerned at only going to work and going home to watch state approved TV programs.

A robotic opinion-less, mindless society of conformists such as this would not necessarily mean that the island will collapse instantly.

But it is on the path to collapse.

This sort of a society always needs a leader to tell them what to do, build houses for them, give them jobs and tell them how to behave.

Since they are unable to think independently, they cannot do any of this by themselves.

It appears Lee Kuan Yew, the island's supreme leader since 1959 just as Fidel Castro, is 92 and bedridden.

He is going to die soon.

His son is now telling his people what to do.

It appears the son's children on the other hand are abroad and refuse to return and want no part to play in the charade.

They have to appoint someone else to take his place to tell Singaporeans how to behave, where to live, what to do and what not to do in return for  a quiet uneventful life.

I am not sure in this world of competition, Singapore can survive this way.

There are not enough thinking heads.

How long is something I cannot say.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

In addition to the massive pay the father and son collected from taxpayers, the wife of the Prime Minister is the CEO of the state sovereign wealth fund Temasek. Her pay is not publicly available, even though Temasek is owned by the state. Her pay has been speculated in the tens of millions of dollars.

If you include the Prime Minster's siblings who also happen to hold key state (linked) positions, this is one EXPENSIVE political family in the history of pseudo democracies.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Inc vs. Singapore, The Country.

Singapore Inc. has succeeded very nicely. GDP keeps growing. Wages are kept low by bringing in chep Pinoys and PRCs. High-end jobs for Ang Mos and well-educated India Indians. So, the CEO of Singapore Inc and his management team deserve the salary packages. Even the 92 year old chairman deserves his rewards.

Trouble is most Singapore CITIZENS don't benefit from Singapore Inc. Singapore, the Country has royally screwed them.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Inc.
Run like a privately held company with a limited number of shareholders, namely the LEE Family, the Scholars, and a select group of people the LEEs let in.

Singapore Citizens, the 'Digits', need not apply.

Just work hard and send in the CPF which can be invested by Singapore Inc.

Anonymous said...

PAP MPs are busy people, many work for 10, 20 or even 30 companies oand organisations in addition to special perks like luxury holidays, free club memberships and discounted housing from businessmen who need their favors.