Monday, February 16, 2015

Singapore's betrayal of citizens through massive inflow of foreigners. A disastrous immigration policy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If my parents wanted to live in a Chinese city in the 1930s when they left  India, they would have gone to Beijing, China. They didn't. They came to Singapore, which was British Singapore, with a Constitution, the English Language, democracy and the rule of law.

However Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore strongman who has ruled Singapore as his own fiefdom for the last 50 years had other plans.  Through his weird harebrained ideas of racial superiority and mainly to maintain his own grip on power he decided long ago that the island should no longer be modelled on the Western concepts of Constitutional government and democracy that we know today, but rather on the Communist Chinese model, since the Chinese have, according to him, 5000 years of civilization whereas the Malays the indigenous people of the island were a bunch of layabouts and good for nothing while the Indians were a fractious people who are only interested in a bottle of Scotch and a good argument.

At that time there were many different races. Jews, Eurasians, Armenians, Parsis and even Hadramout Arabs. Except for a handful of Eurasians, they have all since left. I guess they wanted no part of  Lee Kuan Yew's  Communist Chinese paradise island.

If Singapore today has the lowest fertility birth rate in the world, where a couple do not have even one child to replace themselves, if the island has the world's largest rate of brain drain mainly to Australia and if the local miniscule population is dying away of old age and disappearing altogether, it his fault and his fault alone.

People of my father's generation came to Singapore becase they expected secure and Constitutionally protected lives, a life of freedom and democracy and rule of law, where every citizen's rights are protected against being trampled upon as in any third world dictatorship or in Communist China of today.

But Singapore's problems today of a disappearing local population is entirely of his own making. Which person who has even a modicum of self respect would want to live in a society where every single Constitutional protection is denied, no freedom of speech, no freedom of expression, no right to peaceful assembly, no free press thanks to their Newspaper and Printing Act and where the entire judiciary is packed with compliant judges who accept their appointments on condition that they would abuse the law to satisfy the Lee regime and destroy political opponents.

Naturally in a society such as this, where one has to take leave of their common sense and principles entirely and walk in tandem with government edicts, no matter how unreasonable is simply obnoxious to anyone with a thinking head on his shoulders. As a result as early as the 1970s up till now, there has been a relentless brain drain of anyone able to leave the country to the West which continues to this day.

From 1985 to 1991, I, a Singapore born citizen, was subjected to repeated government oppression, law suits, contempt of court charges and lawyer discipline designed to break my will and make me conform. I refused.

I also realized that not only my future but that of my children would suffer from the victimization that is the character of this regime. So what do I do? I leave with my entire family. And just like me hundreds of thousands of others have left and continue to leave not least because having to live under such conditions is detrimental to one's mental state.

Remember, Singapore is a small island. It is not the United States or Russia, small in space and in population. You cannot simply turn an ant into an elephant but that is exactly what this Lee regime has not only done but continues to do though their unrelenting importation of droves of Communist Chinese. They bring in massive huge plane loads of Chinese migrants from the Peoples Communist Republic of China in accordance with Lee's Hitlerian beliefs of Chinese superiority and an island in the image of any Communist Chinese city.

Although the government has the habit of repeating the nonsense that if immigration is not allowed the island's population would entirely disappear, it wouldn't. The only reason why the island continues to lose it's best people and is literally going extinct is simply because of their harebrained policies, principally I may add to prop themselves in their seats. If Singapore did not literally abolish all Constitutional rights, if it had freedom and democracy and the rule of law, not Kangaroo Courts, perhaps I wouldn't have left after all.

And so would thousands and thousands who would have stayed behind and made Singapore a better place for themselves and their children. More children would be born, more marriages and a local Singaporean would have been proud to call it their home instead of being ashamed of it as it is today.

Today not a single Singapore local is proud of his country. The fact that the Lee family which runs the island is thoroughly corrupt by paying themselves $3.7 million each which they call a salary with impunity is reason enough for them to leave on the first plane.

The tiny island of Singapore run by the Lees is simply a fraud, run under false pretenses. It does not have any real worth. It is touted to have the largest number of millionaires per capita but these millionaires are all crooks and embezzlers from Communist China parking their ill gotten gains after defrauding some Chinese state enterprise, driving around in their Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

They have no real interest in the island and many have said that they will go back to China when the time is right. Take the skyscrapers that is ubiquitous across the island. They are all owned and occupied principally by the Communist Chinese crooks who employ a handful of locals as secretaries to answer the phone. Other than that, locals get no benefit out of these glass towers.

And then they have their open door policy of allowing any number of foreigners to enter Singapore and start businesses, presumably to create employment but in fact simply to increase the GDP so that the Lees can continue to be corrupted and pay themselves the millions.

Today the Lee regime has totally destroyed the Singaporean identity culture and way of life. In fact the island has taken the identity of a Chinese man living the city of Shanghai in Communist China. These Communist Chinese have no tradition of democracy, they don't even have elections as the Communist Party is supposed to rule forever. They are a people who do not appreciate or even understand democracy quite willing to live under any dictator as long as they are left alone. The average Chinese person in Shanghai has no qualms of throwing litter anywhere they please polluting the island's legendary cleanliness, produce any amount of bogus credentials to obtain employment and do anything they want as long as they can get away with it. They generally are a people lacking class, boisterous, spitting and gesticulating anywhere they want and a people totally devoid of human social graces.

And as it is these who are now nearly the majority of Singaporeans today, by tomorrow, given the continuing emigration of the locals to the West, the world's lowest birth rate and the dying off of ageing Singaporeans, they will form the majority and it is their obnoxious ways, their willingness to accept any dictator and live as peasants, which demeans and degrades the quality of the Singaporean society who will become the average Singaporean.

Very soon even the heretofor, cultured and socially graceful Singaporean would begin to behave like them, spitting around, throwing garbage anywhere they want and even defecating and urinating in public as was the case of a Chinese immigrant woman caught on video at Clementi Subway station.

But unfortunately for Singaporeans it is too late to correct the demise of the Singaporean identity. The Lee regime has allowed in too many foreign businesses that regardless of what you do, the continuing massive influx of immigrants simply cannot be stopped, a problem caused by the Lee regime in the first place. This is because any attempt to stem the influx now would result in massive business closures due to lack of labor and a sure descent to economic depression. It is like Global Warming, no matter what you do now is not going to reverse the damage in the foreseeable future.

I correct myself. The fault is not entirely that the Lee regime. It also is that of the local Singaporeans themselves, who have stood idly by and complained on the Internet but have done nothing more. Singaporeans have to realize that if they love their country, merely complaining on the Internet is not good enough. And waiting for the next elections several years away is not good enough either. Democracy is not simply voting at elections and doing nothing for the next 5 years.

They only way any government will listen is if you force them.  And the way to force them to listen to you is through street protests. Simply going to that secluded tree line spot called Speakers Corner at one corner of downtown Singapore, and talking away is not going to do any good. They will simply ignore you as they have always done. What you have to do is to protest in such a way that that it hurts them, like the protests in Madrid, Barcelona, London and elsewhere. You have to provoke them to arrest you. You have to force them to listen. The more they arrest you, the more difficult it becomes for them. With street protests, I can assure you this one, they will listen. That is guaranteed.

In the meantime while so-called loyal and patriotic Singaporeans sit around complaining on the Internet and nothing more, the identity and way of life as we knew is totally destroyed. You had better go learn Mandarin Chinese now and you can spit, gesticulate and defecate at train subway stations as the newly arrived Communist Chinese in Singapore do. Thank God I have left that Chinese island, I mean Communist Peoples Republic of China island.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525
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Unknown said...

We need to distance away from li kuan yew singapore. Challenging him head to head will not work. the attack dogs will just charge the challenger very high. We don't have that much money that li kuan yew or attack dogs is charging his innocent political opponents. You can't blame people why they use the internet or not person to person communication. It Is how the world works and be anonymous.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Daniel Galvez II,

I suppose you are working for the Singapore dictatorship to discourage any form of open protest. There is no doubt they are mortally afraid of that. If you are, you are falling on deaf ears.

Of course challenging him will land you in trouble. We all know that. That is what all dictators do. That is what Bashar Al Assad of Syria does. But we all know there is a price to pay for challenging any dictatorship. Perhaps you don't. An oppressed people, pushed to the limit will be prepared to pay the price of being arrested. That is if they love their country.

If arrested for exercising your Constitutional right to peaceful protest, you don't need money to defend yourself. All it takes is to deny the charges and the courage to stand your ground, knowing of course that you will be convicted in the Kangaroo courts.

I am not blaming the people for using the Internet. By all means do. What I am saying is that history in Singapore has clearly shown that Lee and Company simply ignore the Internet by continuing to do exactly what they want. Complaining on the Internet simply does not work.

And waiting for the next elections does no good either as the damage they do continues to be done. If you need freedom, you need it now, not 5 years later or whatever time at the next election.

You can continue to write your obvious nonsense and if it makes any relevance or sense I will publish it. But I will also tell the reader why it makes no sense at all.

You and the Singapore government should realize that putting forward a nonsensical argument like you do, hurts you and your masters more than it helps. You may want to tell them that.

Because I am in a position to refute and the reader can make his own judgment. He is not as stupid as you may think.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Daniel Chavez II,

I notice you deliberately use poor English and conflicting sentences that make no sense. I suppose it is one way to attempt to lower the class of the readership. Please note that if notice this practice again from you, I will not publish it. Therefore don't be surprised if you comments do not appear.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a heaven. Thanks to lky & family.

Unknown said...

How I envy you Gopalan. I am making my way out of this dystopia very soon. Every single day I live in Singapore I feel suffocated and frustrated not only at the ruling party but at fellow Singaporeans who are blind to the atrocities and injustice.

Anonymous said...

It's a trend for decades that those who's rich and powerful will get whatever they want be it in individuals or in term of countries. Big countries prey on smaller or poorer countries for self benefits... it's normal for decades. For Singapore's case, there's no counter checks. They are so comfortable with their self made heavens that they do not want a counter check. It makes their life difficult. There's no such thing as accountability in their world. They must and will always be forgiven... they believe... pampered? spoilt? You can just check and name whatever's appropriate. In many countries like USA, a counter check might not solve everything but they really served their purpose in many ways. Shouldn't it be viewed as a check on your own competence? I really dunno why are they so afraid unless they are really guilty... I dunno... if you truly wants Singaporeans to be competent, proof it with your action and not playing trick that really just proven to be joke to everyone else in this globe.