Friday, April 10, 2015

The ideology of Singapore's PAP is based on fraud. It cannot last.

Laddies and Gentlemen,

It is actually surprising that Lee Kuan Yew's PAP government has actually lasted this long.

It's core beliefs are actually fraudulent. They don't make sense. I don't expect the son of Lee Kuan Yew whom his father appointed Prime Minister of the island to last very long.  This is why. Their ideology is simply nonsensical

Take the case of Ministerial salaries. The government would sue anyone who openly charges the Prime Minister and his entire Singapore government cabinet as the most despicable of corrupt politicians in the world.

In fact Lee Kuan Yew, recently deceased was the chief architect of the corruption because it was he who decided to pay himself and his entire family and cabinet any amount of money they wanted. And that amount is publicly known as $3.7 million a year each, which does not include the several months bonuses they pay themselves each year and other hidden payments.

To anyone with common sense, there is only one word for this sort of activity, which is, corruption. But they don't want you to say that openly. If you do, they will sue and destroy you. So everyone has to continue playing this game of hypocrisy, which is, pretend that they are not corrupted although you know they very well are.

Throughout the English speaking world, people expect to have fundamental human rights, such as free speech, expression and assembly. However even though the Singapore government guarantees these very rights in their  Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the land, Lee Kuan Yew's PAP has decided that none of these guarantees applies to you.

In fact they want you to believe that the Constitution does not exist, and that you don't have any of these rights. But if you insist on these rights which are rightfully yours, you will be arrested and sent to prison. So Singaporeans are expected to ignore the fact that they don't have any rights, which they know they don't but they have to pretend as if they do.

Singapore courts are Kangaroo courts. The judges are put there and especially ordered to use or rather misuse the law as a tool to destroy Lee's political opponents.

So the late JB Jeyaretanm, Chee Soon Juan, myself and numerous other political opponents are brought before these Kangaroo Judges and punished with the widest of publicity given with headlines screaming across the state controlled press.

Although every single Singaporean knows that none of us are guilty of anything, the government wants you to believe that we are all the most horrendous of criminals, a destructive force and an enemy of the state.

I am sure none of you believe this but if you want to advance in Lee's Singapore, you have to pretend to believe this of us. Under pain of punishment or denial of a career or livelihood, a Singaporean has to continue to publicly proclaim that JB Jeyaretnam and all the other political opponents are all bad and treasonous.

Freedom of the press is a desirable thing. We look up to the free media of the West and look down on repressive countries like the former Soviet Union that controlled all newspapers. To receive unfettered news rather than propaganda is obviously a desirable thing.

But Lee Kuan Yew's government has decided that propaganda is all that Singaporeans will get. All newspapers and media in the island are state controlled. And Singaporeans are told that according to Lee Kuan Yew, free and independent newspapers are bad and destructive to islands such as Singapore and therefor we should all agree with him and be content with state propaganda rather than real news.

It is as if Lee Kuan Yew is the repository of all wisdom and if Lee Kuan Yew says that propaganda is better than real news, who is there to argue with him.

This is a difficult thing to do since common sense tells you that free and independent news is better than propaganda but just because Lee Kuan Yew thinks otherwise, we should all wholeheartedly agree and proclaim in unison that state control is better than a free press. You can see this runs against logic but that is what Lee Kuan Yew wants you to think.

Take the case of Lee Kuan Yew's courts. Every single judge appointed is ordered to find political opponents guilty and destroy them. We can see this clearly in the history of Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew which has happened like clockwork.

Anyone with eyes and  a head on his shoulders can see the abuse of the law to put JB Jeyaretanm away. Yet according to Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore  system of law is the best in the world, Singapore judges are all completely independent and anyone who even utters a single syllable to the contrary is charged with contempt of court and a uniquely Lee Kuan Yew charge of scandalizing the judiciary.

So if you want to live a peaceful life in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, you better say under pain of punishment that the Singapore legal system is best, or else. You can see how difficult this is for anyone. How do they expect you to say something you know is not true. But unbelievable it may seem, that is exactly what the Lee Kuan Yew style Singapore wants you to do.

Ask any Malay or Indian, or those not part of the ethnic Chinese race of Singapore which includes Lee Kuan Yew family whether they have been discriminated and they would all say to the last man that they have suffered discrimination in all walks of life, in jobs, housing, low pay and career advancement.

But you are not allowed to say that even though you know this. If you do you will be charged with sedition or treason and put away for a long time. Never mind what you think, you have to say that there is no discrimination whatsoever in Singapore island, all races live happily and in harmonious bliss in the island and the ethnic Chinese are the most tolerant of others in the world especially towards Malays and Indians.

This is a hard one to do especially if you are a Malay who has been only recently discriminated and thrown out of his job that was given to an ethnic Chinese person, but regardless of how bad you feel, you have to say as you are told.

Singapore claims to have free and fair elections but everyone knows this is not true. During the last 50 years anyone who really held views opposed to the Lees were destroyed such as JB Jeyaretnam and Chee Soon Juan.

The persecution has been so systematic and certain that it has successfully sent a chill down every real opposition politician never to stand against the PAP.

Of course today, except for Chee Soon Juan's party, all the multitude of minuscule parties are all imposters. They are all PAP supporters who masquerade as opposition people. It is impossible to know whether the PAP themselves placed them there but that is in fact a real possibility.

Even though the elections are rigged which is fact well known by everyone, you are required to state openly that the elections are free and fair and if you do not, you will be charged for defamation and destroyed.

You can see why I say that the entire ideology of Lee Kuan Yew's PAP is based on a fraud and totally unsustainable. It is simply an odious offensive and repressive state but somehow Lee Kuan Yew deceased, and now his son and minions want you to accept the fact that somehow they are right and you are wrong in everything they say.

Therefor you either obey or you are destroyed. You are required by Lee Kuan Yew edict to become a fraud just like they are to survive. You have to openly continue to say one thing although you know it is another. Never mind what you think, they are always right, because Lee Kuan Yew can never be wrong.

It is like being Winston in Orwell's 1984. It is ironic that I read Orwell's 1984 in Singapore's Queenstown Prison in 2008 after being convicted for criticizing his Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who I said had "prostituted" herself and her judicial office by sending Chee Soon Juan to jail and bankrupting him.

Winston knows that 2 and 2 are not 5. He knows that. In fact everyone in the country knows that. But Big Brother wants you to say that 2 and 2 is 5 and if you don't he punishes you. Just like in Singapore, you have to say that freedom is bad, democracy is bad, free speech is bad, judges are not Kangaroos, elections are free and fair and there is no racial discrimination in the island even though you know that none of this is true.

Airplanes were not invented by Lee Kuan Yew, the sun does not rise because of Lee Kuan Yew or the PAP but it is as if they want you to believe that. In Singapore it is not important what you believe, but what the government wants you to believe.

This is why I have gotten  into a great deal of trouble in Singapore island. I simply refused to believe what they want you to believe. And therefor I am branded a criminal, a bad lawyer and an enemy of the state. Well fine. Call me whatever you want. I am happy the way I am and the right to say that 2 and 2 is 4 and Lee Kuan Yew did not invent the airplane after all.

In 2008 when I was in Singapore, I was charged in the island for allegedly knocking on a police car, which turned out to be untrue and they charged me instead for disorderly behavior, I told James Leong, the judge in court that I believed the court is politically motivated.

When the prosecutor rose and said I should not say that, never mind what I thought, I am not allowed to say that. I told him this is not possible because I am not prepared to say something which I know to be untrue. Although the court took no action at the time I was subsequently charged with contempt of court. On the whole I enjoyed the entire experience. It was actually quite fun.

I cannot see a future for Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore if this is their ideology they are trying to sell, because it simply does not make sense. They will find it increasingly difficult to enforce such a thinking upon any society, even Singaporeans. What they are demanding is for all of us to be theatrical performers of sorts, which is not a pleasant way of life. This is why I say it simply cannot last. It is impossible to demand of an entire society that they should all agree to be some sort of chameleons and say one thing while they believe in another.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
a Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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Anonymous said...

I think to a high degree PAP was able to say 2+2=5, because many influental people in the West said: "Listen, normally 2+2 is not 5, but Lee Kuan Yew is/was such a genius that it is 5 in Singapore." I have yet to read an eulogy in the Western press that is really critical based on facts. So often I have seen him described as "incorruptable leader" - apart from the fact that he was very much corrupted by power if we take his earlier adherence to democracy at face value, it is far from clear how corrupt the regime is (besides paying themselves millions) as long as there is almost no information about the state sector/CPF/sovereign wealth funds nexus. Funds to the tune of billions could have vanished who knows? How can any serious journalist write something like this? Another concrete example is the American Heritage Foundation who had acknowledged that 70% of the Singaporean economy is state-owned but ranked the country as one of the freest economies. So are they refering to the 30% of the economy that is in private hands like apparently Transparency International does? The narrative of Singapore is filled with these kind of little miracles that make up the big miracle, which is then used to explain why 2+2=5.