Sunday, November 1, 2015

An inescapable electoral triumph for Singapore's ruling PAP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

September 11, 2015, a day of infamy anywhere else but not Singapore's PAP. The party founded by Lee Kuan Yew more than 50 years ago, not only won, but did so overwhelmingly at 70% vote count. As they have done for the past entire history of modern Singapore, they will now rule with renewed gusto. And this is bad news for anyone who loves freedom, as they stand for pure undiluted fascism, no freedom of speech, expression, assembly or the rule of law.

But there is another side to it. Can it be that their huge victory can in fact turn out in the long run to defeat them? I think, this victory, instead of boon, could instead hurt Singapore and make the problems it now faces only progressively worse.

Take the question of the island's huge brain drain. As many as several thousands annually who leave the island for settlement abroad principally do so because there is no democracy. It may not be so bad for a large country to lose such numbers but Singapore is a small island. With a clear sign from the results of this election that there is no chance at all for any democracy, even more people are going to leave, gradually emptying the island population of anyone with a head on his shoulders.  This would require the island government to bring in even more immigrants from Communist China, which they are already doing, to make up the numbers, literally changing it into a Communist Chinese city.

Then you have the conscript army. The vast majority of young men do not want to be enlisted. They see no reason why they have to waste 2 years of their lives in a useless pursuit, especially when they have no respect for a Fascist government such as this. To make matters worse, the island has the lowest birth rate in the world adding to the dearth of conscript soldiers. And then you have the fastest ageing population anywhere in Asia. Young men who go abroad for an education never return and I get countless Emails asking me how to avoid National Service. I can say with some confidence that the national service system has totally failed and unless they do something about it, it is impossible to get a Singapore Chinese into a uniform. They rather be counting money.

Take a look at the lawyers in Singapore. A glace through the Singapore Law Society's lawyer list has names which I have never heard before, Caucasian and other foreign names. They don't sound Singaporean at all. The truth is the numbers of law students entering the profession is so low and those leaving are so high that they have simply no choice but to admit unemployed lawyers  from Europe and elsewhere to fill in the blanks.  As for them, it makes no difference if they happen to be in North Korea. After all  Singapore  is not their home and they can leave whenever they want. You can imagine the quality of lawyering.

It is the same in every other profession. Singaporeans capable of leaving want nothing to do with this Fascist police state, with no civil liberties whatever. In the not too distant future, you can expect Singapore to be something like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. A few local elite, primarily the Lee family and their relatives, and the rest guest workers who serve them. Just like in Dubai, they will let you live and work and when they don't like you, either punish you or send you home and bring others to replace you.

I am doing my best to encourage Singaporeans to stand up and demand your democratic rights. With my agitation over the years, I can confidently say that my actions have persuaded many to leave and will continue to do so. I would hope that with this writing on the wall of the recent elections, at least some Singaporeans who love their country would hopefully see the need to engage in public demonstrations and protests to demand their rights before it is too late.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth
Fremont (San Francisco) California USA
Attorney at Law
Tel: 510 491 8525

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