Monday, February 8, 2016

Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and Son's very successful 50 year behaviour training (like you would train a dog) of its citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If there is one thing that Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Son have very successfully accomplished it is this. The successful instilling of fear in the entire small tiny population in the small tiny island, turning the people into a submissive, subservient, obedient and naïve society. There is a carrot for obedience and submission and a stick for opposition.

The average citizen goes through his entire life learning that the way to survive is to keep one's mouth and one's brain shut and simply obey. Those who showed any independence of spirit have been routinely and without exception destroyed. JB Jeyaretnam the opposition lawyer and politician was repeatedly sued, jailed and bankrupted. So was Chee Soon Juan. So was countless others. And each time they punish detractors and critics, the news is prominently displayed for days in the state controlled press with the deliberate intent of sending clear signals to everyone to behave or else.

In the end you have a nanny state where the state builds the housing and provides  accommodation for everyone. The state provides the jobs either directly or indirectly through government employment, government linked companies and foreign companies that the state attracts into the island. The state provides medical care with the state owned and run hospitals and education in state run schools.

Life can be very easy and uneventful provided you are not the sort to make waves. As long as you keep your mouth shut and obey, do as you are told, all your needs are actually taken care of.

But to enjoy any of these benefits, the underlying requirement is obedience to the state and the acceptance of their style of government.

But this is where the rub is. What is Singapore anyway?. It is an island that does not tolerate dissent. Even the slightest criticism  will result in your being targeted for punishment and discrimination. You wont gets the jobs you want, you wont get the housing you want, you wont get the schools you want and you wont get the medical care you want.

Singapore is a society which effectively has no constitution. There is no right to free expression, assembly or an independent media, which is state controlled.

In a society such as this, if that is where you want to live, you are placed in an intolerable position. In order to survive, you have to submit. And submit to what? You have to submit to a dictatorship in a state where you have literally no rights at all.

So what does one do if you refuse to live literally as a slave? One emigrates. This is why day after day the brain drain continues unabated. And there is nothing they can do about it. Now more than before the government comes up with propaganda and false information in their state controlled press that in fact this is not the case. In today's state controlled Straits Times it is reported "More Singapore docs trained abroad are coming home " please see

This reports claims that more Singapore doctors in England are deciding to come home. This is a cleverly crafted half truth intended to make the abysmal state of the brain drain look good . There may be a handful of doctors who are retuning, but the truth is that no doctor in his right mind would want to live and bring up his family in a country where he nor his family have any rights. A Singaporean under this regime is literally brainwashed into becoming a helpless robot and no one wants this least of all doctors. The truth is that there are more Singapore doctors abroad than there are in Singapore and the numbers emigrating continue to increase.

In the last election nearly 70% actually voted for this dictatorship. But this 70% are the lower rungs of society, the unskilled and poorly educated classes who have no means of leaving the island. The 30 % who voted against them are the highly educated and skilled classes and it is these who are continuing to leave the island, the very ones this tiny island needs the most. And it is their departure that progressively turns the island into this society into one that is second rate and unskilled, as the best continue to leave, not wanting to live under a dictatorship.

In this blog I wrote an article headed "How to avoid national service" and it this article that has been overwhelmingly the most popular for a long time. Singapore's young men are refusing to do national service, they are leaving the island and refusing to return and the threats of imprisonment if they ever return is not making them submit. Singapore young national service deserters are growing in numbers all over the world and they are persuading others in similar circumstances to leave as well. As a result the Singapore army is so short of manpower that it is no longer effective and has become a security threat to the island in case of outside attack.

We have seen the nonsensical attempts of Lee Kuan Yew's son in recent days of trying to encourage young men and women to think critically. It appears he has begun to realize that his obedience training that he and his father has done, like you would train a dog with a stick and a bone, for 50 years has actually become too successful, actually turned the entire island into obedient robots and human robots are no good for any society in this modern age.

But what he fails to realize that you cannot turn submissive timid souls unable to think into thinking ones like you would turn a light switch. You cannot simply turn a subservient timid submissive society into a questioning one by simply waving a wand. It is not possible. It is too late. The damage has been done. The average Singaporean is only capable of obedience, not leadership.

I would encourage more people to leave the island if you can. I would also encourage more young men to leave for settlement abroad and if you can avoid doing national service in this dictatorship, you should do it.

I have been writing this blog for many years and have been an implacable thorn on the side of this regime. I suppose they misunderstood me too. Over the years while I lived in that island, they repeatedly brought up politically motivated cases to silence me. It didn't work. I then left the country. I suppose they thought that once I left I would simply turn quiet. But I didn't. When I started this blog many years ago, I had several people, presumably their agents writing to me to stop. But I know the law. I am protected by the American Constitution. They cant do anything to me here. And I will continue to write. This blog will continue.

How much my criticism has hurt this regime I do not know. But I know one thing. It has hurt them and it will continue to hurt them.

Singapore's population will continue to decline through the on going brain drain. The fertility rate of 1.2 which is the lowest in the world will continue to decline even further. The old age population will die off sooner than we think. The government would be compelled to bring in even more economic migrants for settlement only for them to leave once they see better prospects elsewhere.

After all there is nothing attractive of living in a dictatorship.

The prognosis is not good for this dictatorship. It is just as all dictatorships, where they put their interests above that of the nation.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Tel: 510 491 8525


Stephen Moraiza said...

Gopalan Nair,

Is it not time to end this? There comes a point when one must separate wishful thinking from reality. I get it, Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP reamed you in the 80s and 90s along with their lap dog judiciary and Attorney General. I GET THAT; IT WAS AN INJUSTICE. YOU HAVE MY SYMPATHY. They were WRONG to do that.

You WANT revenge, I get that too. You have been constantly criticizing the government and hoping to get the Singaporean people on your side, using the pen and internet as a weapon from California, free from PAP retribution. You predicted the people will wake up and one day defy the PAP, very much like how other people have done throughout the ages against dictatorships and rebel against them or vote them out. You even made doomsday scenario predictions like investors fleeing Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew dies, the nincompoop son Lee Hsien Loong will bungle around and the economy will collapse and people will flee the island or replace the government with force, etc., chaos will descend and Singapore will sink.

You claimed the above was reality, sorry, it is nothing more than Gopalan’s wishful thinking. I mean, the collapse should have been underway by now, according to your blogs from the past. Nothing of the sort happened. We can speculate endlessly why things are running as smoothly as they were before LKY died, but it serves no point. The REALITY is the administration is still smooth, the people voted the PAP in by more than 70% of the popular vote, your doomsday scenarios are not materializing, nor are they likely to do so. The abysmal failure in your predictions and the PAP’s recent win and smoothness in administration after LKY’s demise has lost you many readers and followers (I mean, how many comments show up on your blog posts these days compared to yesteryears)?

Gopalan you have a choice now, continue your path of bitterness or move on. Life is not fair and what the PAP and the old man did to you was deplorable, but wallowing in bitterness and hatred and trying to be the next revolutionary to incite hatred against them is not doing you nor anyone else any favours. The internet is full of Gopalan Nair is a “moron,” “idiot” etc. postings, which your law firm clients, family, friends, enemies, detractors and well-wishers can see. You have to constantly explain yourself I am sure to people who Google you. Things would have been different if you had succeeded in your predictions, Lee Kuan Yew and son are forced to flee Singapore owing to mass discontent and he died a broken old man outside Singapore, his son is reviled forever and YOU Gopalan saunters into Singapore as the hero that you have always wanted to be, gotten a red carpet welcome to be the new leader/Minister for Singapore. WOW, nice right? SORRY, AS MUCH AS YOU WISHED IT, IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Time to move on Gopalan. Continue if you like in your present path is you like, it is getting lonelier and lonelier, for YOU that is! The party ended long ago….

Print this if you dare and post rebuttals or do as you have done in the past and refuse to publish it just because it does nto flatter you or agree with you. In that case, what is the difference between you and that old man whom you hate so much and who has died?

Gopalan Nair said...


No doubt you are a Singapore government establishment mole trying to up the ante for their fast deteriorating island. To your question to me whether it is time for me to end writing this blog, it has to be a resounding no. Although their collapse may not have happened in the abrupt fashion I predicted, my prediction still remains correct. Singapore is a small island, tiny island with a tiny population. In a place such as that any change, even small change in the social structure results in devastating consequences. The island is too tiny and has insufficient buffer. Look around you and what do you see. For decades now, regardless of how much the government begs its people, the brain drain continues to mount. Doctors leave and you are forced to bring in third rate doctors from India. Lawyers leave and third rate unqualified people are allowed to practice law, one such case being a former carpet seller who is now already 70 years old and recently admitted to practice as a legal assistant in a small firm in Chinatown point, called Wong Gopal and Rai although there is only one man left, Rai and this former carpet seller. Other lawyers with any self respect have all gone to live in Australia long ago and not coming back. And then you have the worlds lowest birth rate in the world. And while the local already tiny population disappears, they bring in daily more second rate immigrants from Communist China with no English at all. The national service system has finally collapsed and the barracks are empty, no one wants to serve. Half the tiny population is already above 60 and they are dying off. What do you call all this, a resounding success, or a gradual collapse into oblivion. I can tell you straight, Singapore is a dictatorship with this silly son of a Lee Kuan Yew running around like Kim Jong Un. This is not North Korea. They will not take it. Collapse is certain. You can already see the signs.

Gopalan Nair said...

Correction, the former carpet seller who has been admitted to practice law in Wong Gopal and Rai, a one man show in Chinatown Point, is a legal assistant, 68 years old, an ethnic Indian Muslim. He was finally admitted to practice law and has commenced practice at the age of 68, 2 months ago. You can see how desperate they are if they can only get this sort of lawyers!

Anonymous said...

"Of course the Singapore education system is amazing!, anyone who disagrees should be arrested for slander!....Now excuse me while I make arrangements to send my child to study abroad."

"National Service is necessary for our country's safety! Anyone who disagrees is a traitor!....Now excuse me while I use my connections to apply for deferment."

"Any Singaporean who enjoys western culture is a self-hating turncoat who should be ashamed of themselves!....Now excuse me while I go enjoy a meal at MacDonald's and then go purchase some american made clothes and watch the latest Hollywood movie."

"Whatever laws the government enforces are for your own good!, so stop questioning and just accept it!....Now excuse me while I preach to my friends on how important it is to research everything we hear and to form our own opinions."

"Anyone who uses violence to protect themselves should be arrested for hooliganism and gangster-ism!, they should turn the other cheek instead!....Now excuse me while I sign up for martial-arts lessons and preach on how important national service is."

Someone needs to call these bastards out, I volunteered.

- Nigel Lai

#Hypocritical-Humour #Singaporean-Hypocrisy