Thursday, July 26, 2007

Singapore. How Lee Kuan Yew manages to defraud his people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew successfully misleads Singaporeans and the world by claiming that Singapore is a democracy. That he is a democrat.

In fact nothing can be further from the truth. Lee has no intention whatsoever to share power with anyone else. He selfishly wants to enrich only himself and his family, that is, his son and other relatives.

He outwardly holds regular elections, and in doing so, he tells Singaporeans and the world that Singapore is a democracy. At the same time, he ensures that the opposition loses by all form of dirty tricks, such as defamation actions and smear campaigns. And there is credible evidence that he rigs the elections as well.

In order to run the country, principally for the benefit of himself and his immediate family, he of course needs capable and educated people. So he pays inordinate astronomical salaries to those skilled and able to work for him, in the Civil Service, the Judiciary and all other government departments.

These people, who work for him, have to be, by the very definition, dishonest and corrupt, because obviously any honest and upright person with an education and a modicum of integrity would have refused to work for the Lee Dictatorship at any price, knowing how dirty this administration is.

Everyone can see that Lee manages to stay in power by dishonest means. He subjugates the press and media to become his mouthpieces. This castrated media distorts the truth and falsely glorifies the dictatorship.

The editors of this state controlled Lee's mouthpiece do their shameful work because of the generous financial rewards that Lee provides.

The Singapore judges are servants of Lee, dishing out defamation awards against opposition politicians at Lee's behest, thereby corrupting themselves and the law.

These judges are obviously dishonest people since any upright honest judge would have resigned forthwith and told Lee to do his dirty work himself.

It is the same with the Civil Service, all dishonest men and women who run these organizations, doing dirty work for Lee because the pay is right.

The heads of the Police Force orders their officers to go out and harass Lee's political opponents. These high ranking Police Officers have no integrity. For money, they would probably sell their daughters.

School children are given competitive examinations where those who excel are given scholarships at prestigious universities abroad. The down side is that when they return, they have to do dirty work for Lee Kuan Yew for many years, such as working as the Official Assignee with orders to bankrupt innocent political dissenters.

Although the school children may not be initially aware of the dishonesty of their government, their parents are entirely without integrity when they permit their children to sell their souls for money, by making them serve the dictator in return for the scholarship. They do it for money like All the Kings Men, for money.

Every Singapore government organization is headed by such unprincipled dishonest opportunists. They are in it only for the money. Not the good of the country or its people.

There are, lucky for Lee Kuan Yew and his immediate family, sufficient of these corrupt mercenaries for him to not only remain in power but continue to milk his population of their hard earned money.

As you know he pays himself several million dollars, yes the figure is not a typographical error, and so does his son and his family members. His crooked highly educated lieutenants do not get that much but still, way way above what they could have got through an honest days work.

All this is good for Lee, his son, family and friends but bad for the country.

Although there are such highly educated scum who run around doing the bidding of Lee for money, the vast majority of people of Singapore are on the whole, a people of principle.

They refuse, regardless of the price, to do the dirty work of Lee Kuan Yew. Since they will not be hired by Lee because they refuse to be push overs, they just retreat entirely from any involvement in the governance of the country.

They are the majority who in Singapore parlance have "switched off" from politics. As a result of their deliberate withdrawal from political debate, what is left in Singapore is a small group of "governors" and the majority who blindly submit to be governed.

Since in a small country such as Singapore where the number of government cronies who do the governing must of necessity be small, without the masses who deliberately refuse to contribute to national affairs, the talent pool of thinkers and risk takers is insufficient for advancement.

This lack of talent with ideas causes Singapore to fail relative to other countries such as New Zealand where each citizen feels wanted and patriotic with a strong respect for their country and government.

In Singapore on the other hand, the average Singaporean looks upon the Lee politicians as no more than a bunch of money grabbers, million dollar ministers.

They have no respect for their government nor their judiciary which they see as an instrument of oppression.

At the same time, the vast majority of Singaporeans with any sense of principle and self respect decide that since they cannot succeed in Singapore unless they compromise their conscience and sing Lee’s song, they have no other choice but to emigrate.

This causes a great strain on Singapore because those who emigrate, which occurs in crippling numbers each year, are in fact the most educated and skilled among their people leaving only those uneducated to remain thereby causing an even more disadvantage compared to other countries, namely the lack of talent.

Lee of course tries to somehow run the country by the quick fix of permitting massive immigration of foreigners to come and settle and work in Singapore. But this is again doomed to failure. Those who come are lacking in skills and ability. Had they such skills, they would have emigrated to Australia or Canada.

It is unfortunate that foreign countries continue to be fooled into thinking that Singapore has any prospects. Lee has managed to do this by continuously painting a glorified picture of Singapore in their state controlled press.

And the foreigners have taken the bait. The truth is, Singapore is rotting at its foundation. There are insufficient people to run the place.

The educated are leaving. Cost is too high for foreign investment to get a return. There are no longer any thinking people, other than Lee and his family and friends. With no natural resources, the only asset of Singapore is it's people. But Lee has made sure that the people have no interest whatsoever in the government.

Realizing that they have lost in almost every direction, in desperation, they have thought of casinos. Gambling. But this too will not work, because Macau where the Chinese wealthy are now going, would find no reason to come to Singapore with it's sterile atmosphere, completely opposite of what gamblers expect; women, wine and drugs. They get it all in Macau.

It is not as if, Lee Kuan Yew is not aware of the ruin he is doing to his country. But being dishonest and corrupt, he doesn’t care as long as he and his family are able to continue raking the people's money.

This cannot go on for too long.

Lee Kuan Yew is fooling you and stealing from you. Unless you do something to stop him, it will be too late, both for you and for Singapore.

It is time to protest publicly why this cannot go on.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, i think you are very courageous to be speaking out as such and i am in fact one of those silent people who you have written about. I share your sentiments and i have my own plans to move out of here because ....(do u think they can track down my IP?)