Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Straits Times reports that wages in lower paid jobs have gone down, not higher!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us ask this question bluntly. Is there any benefit to be a Singaporean in Singapore? If so, what is it?

The Straits Times, the state controlled newspaper in Singapore surprisingly reported 2 days ago that wages of cleaners and security guards in Singapore has actually declined over the years, in spite of the cost of living having gone up during the same period. I said surprisingly, because mostly one reads only praise and glory for Lee Kuan Yew and his government in that state controlled press. Hardly any bad news. Perhaps this is one story that slipped the censor's scrutiny.

But anyway, this fact is intolerable. Wages of Singaporeans in the lower levels have declined. Declined when the Singapore government claims that their economy is doing well. Declined when the Lee and his Son and all his ministers had given themselves mind boggling dizzy salaries of millions of dollars each annually.

And what is even more shocking is the reason why the wages have declined. It is because the government has permitted foreigners to come from poorer countries such as India and China to take these jobs for lower wages, thus lowering the wages of Singaporeans. Surely this is not right.

I have said previously before in my post that the Singapore government's primary responsibility is to Singaporeans before any foreigner. Singaporeans cost of living has gone up over the years. They have HDB payments, food costs, children's education costs, which are all much higher than in Bangladesh. Their rights come first. Their jobs should be protected against this indiscriminate licence to foreigners to take them.

I therefore tell this Lee and his government that what they are doing in permitting these low cost workers from depressed countries to take jobs from Singaporeans thereby compelling them to work for lesser wages is simply wrong. It is even criminal.

They have to understand this. The Singaporean worker comes first in Singapore. Not the Banlgladesi, not the Malaysian or not the Indonesian. In their countries, they come first before others. In Singapore, Singaporeans come before others.

You have to send a clear message to these million dollar ministers that this cannot go on. I ask the SDP and other Singaporean workers who have been displaced by foreign workers to pick up your courage. You have to protest. I ask for a public protest and peaceful demonstration outside the Ministry of Manpower, with banners and placards and leaflets to show your anger against this outrage against Singaporeans. You have to do it now.

The argument about market forces being permitted to decide wages, the lame excuse that Lee uses to justify this pain against his people, is completely deviod of merit. The market forces within Singapore should decide the wages. Not a free for all from people around the world deciding what wages are to be paid. This way, the wages in Singapore would become that which is paid in Bangladesh. That is where it is heading.

Lee's permitting such foreigners to dampen the wages in Singapore is intended only to benefit the employers who will continue to enjoy cheap labor. But this policy is killing local Singaporeans.

Even if you did not protest about anything, this is one issue that you cannot let go of. You must stand up now. You must tell this Lee tyrant, that there are some things that will be changed. And tell him that in this case, you demand that he listen.

Thank you my friends.

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