Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day in my life in Singapore, June 19, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been in Singapore 25 days. During this time, not only all newspapers but also all television channels have splashed my face across the screen and the newsprint pages almost on a daily basis. I have been told by passers by more than once that my face in person is exactly like it appears on TV screens and newsprint. I understand unlike others. So they say, I can be easily identified.

I have seen this to be true. Very true. Each day that I walk in public, total strangers come up to me and say they saw me in the news. Everyone so far has been supportive, often with vulgarities and abuses in the various languages of Singapore hurled at the Singapore government and you know who.

I understand that the Singapore state controlled press and media is trying very hard, naturally, to make me look a heinous serial killer. But regrettably for them, they are not succeeding. The effect on the ground appears counterproductive to them. It is not anger and opposition that I face from Singaporeans. It is appreciation, admiration and acknowledgment of bravery on my part. Yes, it has been a good feeling to walk about in Singapore among Singaporeans.

As I am being forced to stay longer each day in this country, both local and international awareness in my case increases. Yesterday it was the turn of San Jose Mercury News to contact me. They are running a story on my case in their San Jose paper.

I am sure as time goes on the awareness of my case throughout the world will only heighten. As to how this is going to advantage this government is a mystery to me; just as their other mind boggling actions like calling in the riot squad to shoo off 4 peaceful unarmed protesters outside the CPF building some 2 years ago!

If the intention of the Singapore government in arresting me and keeping me in solitary for 5 days and intimidating me with repeated interrogation sessions with all manner of serious charges is to frighten all other bloggers from criticizing, I am not sure if this will be the end result. One thing I am sure. Many more educated people will permanently emigrate. Rather than frightening anyone, bloggers might become outraged, enraged and emboldened and criticize even more, not less.

Only time can tell. In the meantime, I wait in Singapore. That itself continues to be great punishment.

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

if i see you on the street, i would love to have your autograph!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for fighting the good fight.

While I (and many Singaporeans indeed) may not be able to fortell the future of your case, the very fact you are able to inspire such hate from the PAP is victory itself. Swords may shatter and spirits may break, but Mr Nair, your spirit will not break today today. For that, my generation salutes you!

Anonymous said...

So are they going to arrest foreigners, including WSJ/FEER/Times/FT reporters, who once criticized the regime, when they visit Singapore in future?

raveendran nair said...

Sun Tzu said "Thus, while we have heard of stupid haste in war, we have not yet seen a clever operation that was prolonged. History has shown that there has never been a country benefiting from prolonged warfare."

Anonymous said...

"I understand that the Singapore state controlled press and media is trying very hard, naturally, to make me look a heinous serial killer."

Look so serious! best wishes

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a university student... I may not be local but I was born & bred here... And my family is constantly telling me never to turn Singaporean. I really salute u for your bravery and persistence in your own principles. All I can say is, I really hope victory is yours to take, no matter in which form you deem victory to be. But for me, I hope that victory means that the truth be told, known, and spread. And that freedom & human rights be of ownership to all Singaporeans!

P.S. As per above commentor, I would love to get your autograph if I see you on the streets! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking... It's amazing how the SG government has actually INCREASED your "fan base/support groups" instead of intimidating us! haha!

Bukit Chandan said...

Your case has triggered the Singaporeans on the true meaning of the total freedom of speech and expression.

We hope more and more Singaporeans and ex-Singaporeans voice out all the rots in the Singapore government and society for improvement.

If we do not know the root causes, how to improve?

Best Regards.........

Anonymous said...

Don't worry and be happy. Many thinking people are with you. It is 2008 and not 1959 anymore. Do you believe in God and Karma? It will come eventually. Normally in form of sickness. By then, too late to regret. A person can own the whole world but death will take it away. 善恶到头终有报!

Anonymous said...

We support you all the way. Your fight and sacrifices for the freedoms and human rights of Singaporeans is a noble and courageous act. We are very happy and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We may not dare to outwardly express our support for you but in our hearts and minds we are with you. Keep up the good struggle and May God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, all it takes is your situation for a helpless passive person to be activated into an action man.

I do not wish to go into politics. It is not my calling.

But, I am finally persuaded to join the Amnesty International and further contribute to become a Human Rights Defender.

I do not want to be helpless anymore. I want to bring cases of authority abuses to the public.

Anonymous said...

Sir, What worries you now, masters you!!
I write to you as an Ex-citizen of Singapore (Singaporean born n bred father). For most of my life I have grown up Singapore.
I have been reading your blog for at least a year and would like to add my support in this outrageous & discreditable claims against you.

I like to leave you with the opening of John Milton’s , Areopagitica: A speech for liberty of unlicensed printing. I hope this gives some inspiration during your time on the island....


"They who to States and Governors of the Commonwealth direct their speech, High Court of Parliament, or wanting such access in a private condition, write that which they foresee may advance the public good; I suppose them as at the beginning of no mean endeavor, not a little altered and moved inwardly in their minds: Some with doubt of what will be the success, 2 others with fear of what will be the censure, some with hope, others with confidence of what they have to speak. And me perhaps each of these dispositions, as the subject was whereon I entered, may have at other times variously affected; and likely might in these foremost expressions now also disclose which of them swayed most, but that the very attempt of this address thus made, and the thought of whom it hath recourse to, hath got the power within me to a passion, far more welcome than incidental to a preface. Which though I stay not to confess ere any ask, I shall be blameless, if it be no other, than the joy and gratulation which it brings to all who wish and promote their country’s liberty."

Anonymous said...

Sir, i'm a young S'porean, who hv read ur blog since ur arrival. i want u to know tat from the bottom of my heart tat i'm proud of u. For being the person tat u r,for having the guts. thank u Sir. trust me when im telling u all this...alot of Singaporeans r behind u....they r just being quiet supporters of u due to the government.

thank u.

Anonymous said...

Sir. thank u ...thank ufor having the guts n strength that all of us lack sorry tat u hv to go tru wat ur goin tru.

best wishes n thank u

Anonymous said...

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I love you Gopalan!!
You are my Zohan...


Anonymous said...

I salute you for your bravery to stand up and challenge the Lee tyranny. This despotic regime really started to show leaks and cracks here and there.

Just yesterday, somebody could clear thru immigration, security, etc to board a plane at Changi, with his son's passport.

A truly "world class" security system, heh?

Just weeks ago, some detainees escaped from Subordinate Court, while in custody.

And of course, our all time favorite truly "world class" toilet window Houdini-David Copperfield style MSK escape. (or was MSK dead already in the hands of his custodians? hhmm...)

All this, while PAP Ministers keep cashing in MILLIONS $$$ paid from common folks' pockets, and the deteriorating living standard that goes with it.

See, this is all telling story that this despotic Lee regime is not going to last for long anymore.

More and more Singaporeans are actually realizing this.