Monday, June 23, 2008

Donations for Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been informed by many that they would like to contribute financially in donations to help me remain in Singapore to fight this case brought on unexpectedly by the Singapore government.

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to those who have already given donations to me. Please send all donations to my lawyer, on my behalf, to his Citibank account.

My lawyer' particulars are as follows:

Mr. Chia Ti Lik,
Advocate and Solicitor
Chia Ngee Thuang and Co.
24 Peck Seah Street, #05-09/11
Nehsons Building, Singapore 079314
Tel: (65) 6225 9983
Mobile Tel: (65) 9450 8496
Fax: (65) 6223 7856
EMail: chiatilik@hotmail .com

Chia Ti Lik, Citibank Account: 0534235003

Please deposit your donations direct to Mr. Chia's account. In the event of any queries, kindly contact Mr. Chia, my lawyer.

In the meantime, I wish you to know that without your support, I would not have been able to stand up to this tyrannical Lee Administration. It was made possible entirely due to your warm support. I remain ever grateful to you.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Gopalan Nair


Anonymous said...

Go Gopal!

Anonymous said...

Your support is growing.

Anonymous said...

I will donate to show my support for you. Keep up the good work. Stay strong and calm.

Anonymous said...

Divine retribution will eventually befall all tyrants. On the other hand, if you are innocent and yet persecuted, you will eventually be appreciated. Trust the divine.

Unknown said...

I sincerely admire what you're doing. I know a lot of Singaporeans are feeling the same way you do but they typically do not dare to speak out in public.
I really hope the government can learn something out of this and perhaps in the distant future change the ways the country is (mis-)managed.

a Singaporean living overseas

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you applied for American ctizenship since you cannot agree with the way the government run things here. As such, may I request that you focus your attention and energy on the affairs of your country, namely the United States, and stop meddling with ours, by deliberately setting up a blog like singapore dissident and blasting the government. I am not saying you shouldn't or you can't, I am just proposing you spend your precious time and effort elsewhere, which may be more constructive.

The majority of Singaporeans here are fully aware of the competency of the Singapore government, and they have translated this awareness through their votes during the general election. Unless the election is rigged, the voices of the people are not quite like what you have portrayed.

I believe the aim of your blog is far from being just a venue to voice your opinion. On the contrary, its reasonable to claim that the aim of your blog is to incite discontent among Singaporeans, and as such, achieve whatever agenda you might have. This is sedition in the purest sense. By coming here and challenging the authorities to arrest you, you have achieved your aim. I wish you all the best in this legal case.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gopal you're my idol! stand strong!

europhia core said...

Welcome back!

As you said in your earlier post

"Since I am going to be here for the foreseeable future, and there is nothing that I can do to change it, I might as well make the best of it."

I think what the government is trying to say is this. I would strongly suggest you tour S'pore as much as possible, because when you finally get deported (with or without charge), you can bet your sweet life that you will be banned from entering S'pore (ie. not be granted a visa), not as least until LKY bites the dust.

So be happy! Put yourself in a foreigner's shoes. Take your time to see how this government attempts to impress foreigners while bearing a litle less aberrance from a Western State.

But sadly, these foreigners would never see the other side of it from a true born and bread Ex-citizen.

Anonymous said...

i will donate to u. the pap people won;t know my identity right?? i m very scared~~

Anonymous said...

No, I will not donate. I want free lunch. I am truly Singaporean, I want to watch Gopalan Nair in action but not willing to donate at my cost. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We are fedup with the performance of the government.They screwed up one instance after another. We are also angry with their could'nt careless attitude to our plights. You bravely stand up to tell them on our behalf. We thank you and are fully behind you.

Anonymous said...

I think you are really a pathetic fellow or rather a fool by calling the high court judge a prositute and challenging the authority to arrest you. You think being American grant you immunity?

Does freedom of speech means it's okay to call a judge a prostitute?
Freedom of speech must come with responsibility!! I think you deserved to be jailed.

Based on your writing, i can see you have a deep hatred for the Lee regime.

Gopalan Nair said...

Hello Anonymous,

I never called Judge Belinda Ang a prostitute. I said during the 3 days in court she "prostituted herself by being nothing more than Lee Kaun Yew's agent." To prostitute oneself also means in the English language to abuse one's authority for an illegal purpose.

I cannot help you if your English is bad. Try to get someone who knows the language to help you understand these things; rather than accusing me of calling her a prostitute.

Gopalan Nair

Anonymous said...

You didn't call her a prostitute per se. However, the intent is there. If that is not your intent, I don't know what that is.

Actually, as a Singaporean, I would like to thank you for your past services to Singapore (via giving Singaporeans a chance during elections).

However, I agree with anonymous' posting on 24 June that it would be far wiser for you to spend your time on your country, the United States of America. Things appear to be in a mess right now (internally).

The fact that you can afford to fly back to Singapore to attend Chees' hearing (air ticket cost approximately $2000 SGD for a round trip, or perhaps 2/3 of the price for a one-way ticket) shows that 1) You are deeply concerned about them and 2) You can relatively well-off.

Think about it, how many Singaporeans can afford a one-month or more salary just for such a purpose? Very few.

I wouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gopalan, we all know you are a mighty lawyer whose command of the English language should be assumed to be above average.

However, the aim of language is to communicate your ideas in a manner most people understand what you are writing, especially since you are expressing your opinions to the general public who, on average, cannot match your command of English.

You are not writing a literature novel. By using the word prostitute, you are deliberately inviting misunderstanding of the meaning of the word. Being the great lawyer you are, being a role model for your English competency, you chose not to use alternative words which are less sensational. Obviously, your aim is to ridicule the government, and fan negative feelings towards the government among the general public.

That, my dear lawyer, is sedition. You should know that better than me. I hope you will take responsibility towards your actions, and not resorting to language play to evade taking responsibility.

Freedom of speech does not grant you immunity from sedition and slander.

Anonymous said...

hello Gopalan Nair,
After reading all your posts in the blog, some are really true but some are extremely exaggerating like the old lady drop dead while working as a cleaner.Freedom of speech is something we ,young generation desire in the new era because we can judge what right or what wrong in the administration.
You are right ,without criticism, no improvement and no growth in economy. It is no longer in 1950s , it is now 2008s. everyone has his or her right for speaking what he feels. If you have clear conscience ,you will never be bothered about what others say, right? Being a university graduate with both engineering and accounting degree, i have to work part time as a taxi driver due to the high living standard in Singapore. In fact, i took up 3 jobs to meet the living standard of this country. Work full time in MNC, drive taxi in the weekend sand work part time property agent in the evening time.
Money was never enough , the country has become wealthy but not the peoples. What was it so? Why did we have to work hard from yound till old. Why can't we take a break ? Because we are always stressed up with everything in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

if calling someone a prostitute could result a person being sued for defamation.This is not law anymore, that is injustice.

Gopolan ,be strong .You have done well by relating our concern to government.At least by now, They will understand our citizen worries and not rising the living standard of singapore anyhow they like.
Just to make known to everyone, I have both the accounting and engineering degree from local and oversea university degree and yet i have to moonlight some other trade to earn extra carn .Not only i work 8 - 5pm everyday , do part time property in the evening and drive taxi at the weekend. I barely meet the living expenses in singapore. Why do we have spend so much time to earn money in singapore.Sometimes I just feel like i am living in the world just like the movie title matrix .We are the power charging devices for the matrix program

Anonymous said...

We need inspiration from time to time. And i thought the recent commencement speech at Harvard was might relate to some Singaporeans.

Dude, we've got your back.

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous, please buck up on your command of english before posting here.

The freedom of speech which Singapore 'offers' is very different from the one in America.

In America, its okay to make racist comments and noting will happen to you.

On the contrary, in Singapore, racist comments will be dealt will harshly.

You cannot blame Mr.Nair

@Mr.Nair, i'm a 15 year old boy, very interested in the political scene of Singapore, my country.

Feel free to read my blog and comment.

Anonymous said...

So since you can explain the meaning of prostituting oneself well, why do you want to use that term in your blog? Can't you just say "Judge Belinda Ang is abusing her authority to please the Lees."

Clearly, your intent is not just that. You have a secret intention to call her a prostitute.

I guess you are afraid to own up --apparently not in your blog, at least.

Agagooga said...

Unfortunately I do not think most Singaporeans appreciate the sacrifices made by you and other dissidents. Oh well, perhaps history will remember you.

However, I think that by such provocative and extravagant actions, dissidents like you are just perpetuating PAP hegemony by discrediting alternatives to it and subscribing to what 66% of the population considers to be Evil Western Values.

Anonymous said...

It's a battle between the "prostituted" and the "prosecuted". May the latter win.

Unknown said...

It seems particularly telling that the attacks on Mr. Nair are all done from Anonymous accounts. Are the PAP/TOC Internet brigade experiencing the flip side of the politics of fear for once?

Mr. Gopalan, well done! Thank you very much for coming back and for caring, even when you have already managed to extradite yourself from this increasingly unlivable cesspit. I wish you all the best for your case.

Ignore the brainwashed sheep that the Leegime are sending in here to bleat. You've met the people on the streets, you know the support that exists on the ground. We really do appreciate you coming back.

Anonymous said...

Why should we be supporting you when you brought yourself into trouble? You should know better than anyone else the consequences of it and of course the amount of money that is going to be wasted. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You should be supporting him simply because he stands for what is right. And because he, unlike the rest of us, has dared to voice out against a tyrannical government on behalf for justice for the people. If you dont want democracy, stay in your tiny little bubble of a world and dont burden the rest of us with your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

To all you fools who talk about "secret intention" of calling Belinda
Ang a prostitute, read the fucking dictionary, or dictionaries.

The verbal definition of the word prostitute is to use your talents or abilities to unworthy use. That it is a pun with one who sells herself for money is something for literature students to discuss.

Do yourself and everyone a favour of reading up before showcasing your idiocy. If you ARE indeed part of the PAP internet Brigade, (we wont know now will we?) it's good to know that this is the best they can do. Safely pathetic really.

Anonymous said...

What's so wrong about using the word "prostituting", a game uses that in the intro video:
I don't see any reason why a blog cannot.

europhia core said...

Dear Mr Nair,

Please update your blog as the contents are getting stale. The last time you postesd was about 10 days ago. At least tell us what you have boon doing in S'pore.

We wnat to know you are still alive and kicking!


Anonymous said...

Exactly! I don't see what the big deal is here with the word. What? Now, even our words have to pass sensorship of the bloody PAP before they can be uttered? If that's the case, let me offer you a better solution: add poison the your monopolized water supply and mute all Singaporeans. That will even save you time to bring someone to court for defamation... Oh, wait. That'll take a big chunk out of your already high income, won't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anomymous,

Are you telling me to that the phrase "prostituting oneself" cannot be used to describe "Hey look, there's someone prostituting herself right there. Should we go and check out how much she cost?"

Are you saying that?

Clearly, it has dual meaning and there's no point to play language to insult someone and then play language for evasion.

Besides, 15-year old boy, there is no rule to say that people with poor commmand in English cannot post in the comments. You must be proud of yourself that you, being 15 years old, do have such powerful command of English. Cheers

Anonymous said...

This is stupid.. not gonna support you for sure..

Anonymous said...

Singapore Govt's lack of acceptance for critics is well know to most who have been there.
Any Govt. which does not allow it people to develop critical thinking is not that encouraging at all. I lived in Singapore for several years and realized that people don't dare talk about any topic which involves criticism.
Couple of years back, Lee Kuan was awarded a honorary title by one Australian University in the subject of LAW. I read Australian Newspapers were very critical of this award to LKU because of his intolerance to criticism.

Anonymous said...

Who is belind Ang ? Is she young and pretty or just a old hag working for government.
I get to know Belinda Ang is a prostitute after reading your blogs. How much does she charge per night ? one time or overnight.
Yuck so ugly . I think she don't even worth for a free fuck .Ha ha ha.
Gopalan , I support you spiritually. Go to Changi airport and protest infront of the tourists.The impact can be very great, you bet.

Anonymous said...

Slimy fellow you. Want to set Singapore burning like other vulnerable countries in the world today? Singaporeans in general are not a gullible lot though they ventilate a lot aloud at times. We all have eyes to see how others are being burned and we aren't that stupid to follow suit. Right Nair? So Go Pal. Go back to your new-found home; have a beer and watch football and not S'pore burning.

Anonymous said...

I've posted several comments in your blog which is rationally critical of your actions in Singapore.

None of them has been cleared by you for inclusion.

Fuck! you are worst than the singapore media which you denigrate for being the mouthpiece of the government.

In fact, I think you are a trouble maker out to destabilize Singapore. You are probably an agent provocateur working for unfriendly governments against Singapore.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Some Singaporeans command of English is really pathetic. Obviously the finer points of the English Language is not within the grasp of these people. This is the reason why they cannot differentiate what you have written and quoted you out of CONTEXT. This is also the reason why that chap who has two degrees and has to work parttime as a taxi driver could not differentiate the difference between STANDARD of living and COST of living and kept confusing over the two by stating that Singapore's standard of living is the reason for him to work so hard. This is also the reason why some people misread Dr Catherine Lim's use of the phrase "Little People" literally. LKY's English is certainly more powerful and he should be quite unhappy that his decades of trying to raise the standard of English in Singapore is anything but sterling. I do hope this time round I do not have people questioning why I am using the English pound to describe our English standard.


Anonymous said...

Why was David Marshall's use of "prostituting" (to describe local journalists) more acceptable to the shitheads here making a mountain of a molehill?

And I like the comment above: it's a battle of wills
between "prostitute" and "persecute"

Anonymous said...

Do you have a donation address for contributions from the US?