Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The continued need to expose this dictatorship.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An appeal for donations
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you are aware, my forced stay in Singapore for 6 months by the Singapore government by their holding my passport and preventing me to travel, has resulted in severe financial burden to me. I have to get my law practice back into swing and get all other small matters taken care of. I am therefore badly in need of financial assistance. Your donations at this time will be greatly appreciated.If you can donate, please send the moneys through Western Union which is available at any post office in Singapore. Same applies to those in other countries.Any amount will be appreciated.When sending the funds, please email me the reference number to nair.gopalan@yahoo.com. Payable to "Gopalan Nair".

Many thanks Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every Singaporean, yes, I mean every Singaporean, knows that Lee Kuan Yew rules through fear. That the payment he calls salary of $3.7 million is in fact corruption by another word. The same applies to all his Ministers who are thieves just like him. Everyone knows that he may in fact be taking even more money without telling it. Everyone knows that if any Singaporean were to question him about it, he will be destroyed. And everyone knows that the method he uses for the destruction is his courts. And we all know that his courts are his tools to silence and destroy his opponents. Everyone knows this. He too knows that everyone knows this.

So my purpose is to say it as it is. Call a rat a rat, and not rabbit, because it is not. So saying this publicly; publicly calling his judges corrupt is necessary. As with more people publicly saying this, his control weakens, because he only stays in power as long as the people believe in him. When, as is now, the entire public treat him and his courts as a pretence, and the office holders pretenders; consequences damaging follow.

Singaporeans leave the country. Those remaining in Singapore live in a unhealthy state of self denial. It makes them lose interest in what they do, lose interest in their jobs, and they worry about their futures. Their children's futures.

So my purpose is quite clear. I say these things publicly. Yes it is true, I now write from the protection of the United States, but that makes no difference to my object. Which is to publicly expose this dictatorship. Which I believe is bad for Singapore, it's people and it's children.

Needless to say, you in Singapore face unimaginable hardships if you were to write like me. You will suffer the wrath of the dictator. But I say this. What choice do you have? Would you rather continue to live in silence and in fear and shame, or would you rather stand up like a man, and live like a man.

I have made my choice as you can see. I live in America. But it is you that has to make this choice as to how you live. I may be criticized for saying that living like a man is preferable anytime to living like sheep, because I live in America, but I cant help it. This is where I am.

I have not said much more than you already know, but it still has to be said. And I said it.

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Your letters are welcome. We reserve the right to publish your letters. Please Email your letters to nair.gopalan@yahoo.com And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. You will be helping democracy by distributing this widely. This blog not only gives information, it dispels government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.


Anonymous said...

so you are supposed to be our hero?
no? ok. then let me put it in perspective : you came back here, you spoke your mind. you have done what you believed needed to be said and done. just go. you are american. we are singaporean. chee soon juan and the others are still here. let them do what they too believed is their moral cause. and now we have tan kin lian who goes to speakers corner regularly with some others. they'll do some public-fighting work just like you. tell you what. i'd prefer listening to them than you because you are an an american. we are too far dettached. now this blog? it's nothing to those who surf the net. these english educated here knows too much to be told by you or others how we should think. but we read for interest sake. oh, how we live our lives here? same la. still need to work like you. still need toilet paper to shit like you. still need to %$#@ like you. still need to think, worry, see doctor...what the hell!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Doc Lee and Baby Doc Lee and their crime family's pretty much every other member, almost every one of them having long ago passed Chairman Harry's dictatorially imposed 'retirement' age, are also drawing full pensions. An additional several Millions of Dollars more for every one of the corrupt SE-Asia drug-industry-financing and profits' laundering basta*ds!

Anonymous said...

Please get a PayPal account!!

I would like to donate but any other way through SingPost can be tracked easily. I don't want to be tracked.

I would like to be an anonymous sponsor. Please...

Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh said...

Our system here is imperfect, as is the one in the US. The same way you have fled Singapore in search of freedom in the US, there are many Americans who have come here in search of, amongst other things, personal safety and security.

By saying that you "live like a man" in the US, and by comparing us in Singapore to sheep, you are being disingenuous, and horribly insulting.

What's more, I find this statement condescending:
"Those remaining in Singapore live in a unhealthy state of self denial."

How do you know?

There are many people here, inside and outside the ruling party, who are trying to change things for the better.

Finally, while I do believe that anybody should be free to comment on anybody else's countries, I'd like to suggest that you spend your time more judiciously and work on some of the problems in your country: income inequality, broken healthcare, and corruption, to name a few.

Anonymous said...

A few points Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh might care to clarify.

[1] "many Americans fleeing to S'pore for security"

— and just how many thousands are fighting to abandon the Land of The Free for the golden period of the Land of The Lee, hmmm? Surely they must be surrendering their US passports by the hundred at least, aren't they? Erm, tens, perhaps?

[2] "Insulting about S'porean sheep"

— how would you characterise people who remain resolutely silent in the face of arbitrary justice, gross jerrymandering, their rulers' self-awarded obscene wages, blatant nepotism, abuse of their constitutional rights...to name but a few? Lions?

[3] "many people here, inside and outside the ruling party, who are trying to change things for the better"

— so, having had 50 years to bring about this change for the better, the outcome of this on-going mighty labour by many people is...just...exactly...WHAT?

[4] "Keep your nose out of our business and work on some of the problems in your country"

— But that very same sentence asserted, "I do believe that anybody should be free to comment on anybody else's countries". Not to worry, nobody noticed the glaring contradiction of course.

LOL! Now, see why other people think you live in a narcoleptic state of self-denial?

Anonymous said...

Business Blog Posting on Singapore's Dictator's Marketing Spin:

Singapore - a family dictatorship with corporate business sense and spin


Anonymous said...

Singapore - a family dictatorship with corporate business sense and spin

Singapore would appear PRO-BUSINESS on the outside, yet when you actually live there you will see that if you don't follow the COMPANY/COUNTRY policy you will endure and suffer the consequences of the Singapore Family Owned/Monopolistic Corporate Tactics.

So what happens if you disagree with the Singapore's country's/company policy? Well, the ruling Family Dictatorship through it's People's Action Party (PAP), will use it's country/company LAWYERS, to sue you to near bankruptcy. Next, the county, through it's LEGAL SYSTEM will force you into bankruptcy and then if you can't pay, or the courts find you with criminal behavior, they will put you in jail.

Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) is a one-party system that is unlike America's two party system via Democrats and Republicans. The People's Action Party has never lost a general election since Singapore was founded in the 1960's. And they win 99% of the time!
Singapore Ruling Family - The Firm with Tom Cruise (1993)
If you have ever seen Tom Cruise in the movie, The Firm released in 1993, and you compare that to Singapore, you would think that Singapore is the same except with Asian actors and law firm is the familiy of Lee Kuan Yew and the People's Action Party. Where as Tom Cruise's house is bugged, Singapore requires mandatory voting, which is essentially a "mind/thought" control accounting audit of every citizen in Singapore. Just as the law firm in the movie, The Firm showered the young lawyer Tom Cruise and his wife with job, salary, car, so it is with the young professionals recruited overseas to work in Singapore. The Firm was fantastic in coverup, marketing spin and legal tactics just as the so called "democratically" elected ruling familiy is with business and marketing spin. Who is to know what Singapore and ruling party is hiding?

Anonymous said...

To all you current Singaporeans out there. The best thing you can do is leave this ridiculous cruel corrupt dictatorship run country. The children living in this country have no social skills. The government is corrupt and yes based on your writings on this blog, most of you are fools. The rest of the world can see it ... but can you? no you can't. Do what this man did. Leave and you will actually change for the better and realise what a joke you are to the rest of the world ...