Saturday, January 3, 2009

The juggernaut will fall like a house of cards

Readers of this blog who are unfamiliar with the goings on in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, may think reading the comments that there are many who think Singapore is a democracy based on the rule of law. The reader is warned that they may be Singapore government employees whose job is to discredit those who criticize Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule. Please use your discretion as to how much weight you will give these comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For anyone watching Singapore, some things must be clear. The monument that Lee Kuan Yew created is weak and unable to stand the demise of the dictator. It must unravel and fall like a house of cards.

Singapore is one place where everything depends on Singapore's dictator. The pulse of the country beats to his dictates. He picks compliant judges to do his bidding. He uses willing policemen to arrest and torture his detractors. He uses corrupt journalists to write accolades for him and his government. In short, he uses people in positions of authority to misuse the law and oppress his critics, for large financial gain. In the lower ranks of the government, he uses ignorant half educated civil servants to blindly carry out his orders.

The question is, will this system based on dishonesty and personal greed outlive him? I think not.

Take Singapore's judges. For mind boggling astronomical salaries of millions of dollars, they deliberately use the law to silence his critics. The result of this is the people bitterly hating these judges. They lose all respect among the citizenry being looked upon as nothing more than their tormentors. These judges know this too. They are English educated and at the slightest indication that their positions are in jeopardy, they will be the first to leave Singapore for good, taking with them whatever they have and leaving Singapore to its chances.

The same with every other civil servant in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore who know they are surviving by short changing Singaporeans. Those in authority in the Civil Service. Those in the Police Force. Those in government linked companies. Men and women everywhere who earn their existence by denying their fellow Singaporeans their just rights to prop up Singapore's dictator will find the going too hot with his demise.

As you see now, there are serious cracks in the Singapore system. Educated Singaporeans are leaving Singapore for freer countries. There is a dearth of children. Singapore economy which is totally dependant on foreign investment finds it unable to survive with the economic depression in the rest of the world. Singapore itself has nothing to offer on its own. Everything it has is dependent on the good will of the rest of the world.

For instance there is no longer any local manufacturing. It has outpriced itself to cheaper countries. Tourism declines with declines in the economies of the rest of the world. Singapore Airlines facing stiff competition from cheaper carriers is unable to cope. The port of Singapore is losing shipping trade at an alarming rate to Malaysia's Tanjong Pelapas.

With Lee Kuan Yew losing his advantage in all sectors, he turns Singapore into a money laundering center for Burmese drug lords and illegal money from Indonesian embezzlers. But even this dirty money is shrinking. Indonesia is tightening its screws and demanding extradition of their exiled fraudsters. The European Union and the USA are demanding greater transparency for the foreign money in Singapore's banks; money that has avoided taxation in their home countries.

If Singapore had an independent press, you would be hearing of much worse news. But because the press is nothing more than Lee Kuan Yew's mouthpiece, you hear nothing but good news. But it is quite apparent that it is not as rosy as it is.

For instance, is anyone aware that the legal profession in Singapore is actually shrinking. Yes, shrinking. And should it be any surprise after the International Bar Association in their 72 page report has condemned the administration of law in Singapore as being nothing more than corrupt.

And having lost every possible advantage, Singapore turns to what is left, to turn it into a gambling hub. 3 casinos are being built in the hope that at least gambling will save Singapore, if everything else is gone.

Which reminds me of a Pacific Island atoll, Nauru. For decades, it sold phosphates, or rather fossilized bird dropping, as fertilisers for companies in Australia. As must happen, the phosphate eventually ran out. When that happened, and when every prospect was lost, in desperation, it turned into a money laundering tax haven. Then the US forced it to shut down its illicit off shore banking. Then they turned to leasing island space to Australia to house refugees who were apprehended at sea. From an island where the people had enjoyed the highest standard of living in the region, it descended to nothing. Question is, whether Singapore will turn out to be another Nauru.

The trigger for change will be the demise of the 85 year old dictator. I reckon it will be like this. When the dictator dies, Singaporeans who have money and in position of authority will begin to leave the country. The first to go will be the judges who know they are hated by the public. When a single person in authority leaves, the flow out of the island will increase and gain momentum. And with that, with the dictator gone, the people will become emboldened to question authority. There will be protests against poverty, protests against the CPF regulations, protests by the Malays for lack of equal opportunity, protests against HDB costs. Yes, the bottled up anger of the people will be released. And when that happens, together with massive numbers of people leaving the island, change will have to come about.

And if Singporeans see what I see, they should seize the moment. This is the moment. Seize it. Demand change.

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Anonymous said...

The stench is getting stronger each day. Can't really tell when the canisters will explode and the whole island will stink up. There's only so much one can hide and contain, you know. The day is coming...very soon.
Then all that they have strenuously fought tooth and nail to defend will seem like nothing more than a bad lie. A deception meant to serve the interests of the few bad hats.

What will they say then when all is exposed and there's nowhere to hide?

I know what they'll say- "It's an honest mistake."

Hehehe! Now, doesn't that ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Singapore - a family dictatorship with corporate business sense and spin

Singapore would appear PRO-BUSINESS on the outside, yet when you actually live there you will see that if you don't follow the COMPANY/COUNTRY policy you will endure and suffer the consequences of the Singapore Family Owned/Monopolistic Corporate Tactics.

So what happens if you disagree with the Singapore's country's/company policy? Well, the ruling Family Dictatorship through it's People's Action Party (PAP), will use it's country/company LAWYERS, to sue you to near bankruptcy. Next, the county, through it's LEGAL SYSTEM will force you into bankruptcy and then if you can't pay, or the courts find you with criminal behavior, they will put you in jail.

Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) is a one-party system that is unlike America's two party system via Democrats and Republicans. The People's Action Party has never lost a general election since Singapore was founded in the 1960's. And they win 99% of the time!
Singapore Ruling Family - The Firm with Tom Cruise (1993)
If you have ever seen Tom Cruise in the movie, The Firm released in 1993, and you compare that to Singapore, you would think that Singapore is the same except with Asian actors and law firm is the familiy of Lee Kuan Yew and the People's Action Party. Where as Tom Cruise's house is bugged, Singapore requires mandatory voting, which is essentially a "mind/thought" control accounting audit of every citizen in Singapore. Just as the law firm in the movie, The Firm showered the young lawyer Tom Cruise and his wife with job, salary, car, so it is with the young professionals recruited overseas to work in Singapore. The Firm was fantastic in coverup, marketing spin and legal tactics just as the so called "democratically" elected ruling family is with business and marketing spin. Who is to know what Singapore and ruling party is hiding?

Arturp Siew said...

If they really want more skilled singaporean to work for them, at least allow them to keep dual citizenship.

Anyway, Singapore is already a sinking ship that only exploit cheap foreign labour, sex trade, casino, tourism, cheap ass food.

All this (except for cheap labour as Hong Kong have minimum wages after a massive strike in the city of nine dragons) I think that small city such as HK and Macau SAR can perform better as they have Mainland China backing them, better to live in Hong Kong SAR than Singapore.