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Lee Kuan Yew's son, giving us the run around in Parliment

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This time the title of the article in Singapore's state controlled online edition of the newspaper the Straits Times of May 28, 2009 was "Changes to Parliament, In sync with aspirations". This is about a speech given the previous day in Parliament by Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom he appointed Prime minister. Since he is so insignificant and inconsequential, totally bereft of any ability one way or the other, rather than call him by name, let us refer to him as the "son".

The son has clearly said a lot of words, being a long speech, which was nothing more than hogwash. Which begs the question, how does the son, make such a speech with a serious face in a so-called first world island! The answer lies in a number of facts. First, Lee Kuan Yew his father has deliberately over the last 50 years made sure that the vast majority of Singaporeans are kept ignorant of their legal rights.

Singaporeans are literate with primacy and secondary education. They are taught algebra, mathematics, they are taught to read and write simple English but are deliberately not told of their legal rights, their constitutional rights or the fact that they are the masters of their own destiny or that Singapore is supposed to be a democracy.

Second, Lee Kuan Yew and his son control the print media and every single media. No one else can dispute anything they say in the Singapore press since there is no independent press. In this case, the son, as it is here, can make any speech he wants, such as this, and order it published the next day in his newspaper as he has in fact done.

Third, the son doesn't care one bit what the people think of him. Since his father and him control all the judges, one example being Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean of the Singapore High Court about whom I wrote which landed me in prison (read the posts in this blog), no one dares to question the nonsense that he says in Parliament, since it might result in your conviction, imprisonment and being bankrupted by any one of his judges.

There is no need to waste any time in going into the details of his nonsense in the speech. But I would like to mention the following.

The son says he wants to increase the number of Nominated Members of Parliament because, according to him, they help publicise and argue opposing views. This is total nonsense. The Constitution of Singapore provides for representative government. Nominated people are not representing anyone. They have not been elected by anyone. When they speak, they are not speaking for any citizen. As such I am not interested in listening to them. They are invited to make their speeches in their bathrooms or shower in private. They can make speeches to their friends. But they do not represent me. I do not know them or neither do I want to hear them.

If this is not bad enough, these are selected by the organizations such as the Law Society, which themselves are controlled by the government. You know of course, I hope that every profession, every society, every group of individuals are controlled by the government in this one party state. Let us not forget this is a one party state with Lee Kuan Yew, the supreme dictator. So when the Law Society recommends a candidate such as Siew Kum Hong, who has made provocative speeches such as the need to liberalize homosexuality, we know that these are in fact servants of Lee Kuan Yew, his son and their government, and these speeches which are pre approved and even written for them by the son and his government. They are sworn not to disclose the ruse and in return for the high salary, engage in a make believe as if they were in fact making their own speeches. We need nothing of this. We don't need the charade,the satire and the comedy of this parliament. We need our representatives in Parliament or none at all. Not selected stooges put in place as Nominated MPs.

If the son is serious about his alleged intentions to bring about a more open democratic country, rather than this lugubrious drollery that goes on there, let us be serious. Let us treat Singaporeans with a little more respect rather than the zombies he takes them to be.

Stop corrupting the judiciary and sack Judges like Belinda Ang Saw Ean. Stop using defamation actions to destroy political opponents. Let Singapore have a free press and the right of people to free speech expression and assembly. Stop the racial discrimination against the Malays and Indians by stopping indiscriminate immigration from the People Republic of China. Reverse the politically motivated judgements against Dr. Chee Soon Juan and permit him to stand for elections. Return the money that you stole from him, with interest in the defamation awards against him. Restore him to his position as Professor in the National University of Singapore.

My message to the son is this. Do what is right. Stop making a fool of yourself. Stop making these silly speeches. We are not listening.

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