Monday, June 28, 2010

Singapore a flooded city

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper's online edition of June 28, 2010 has the story "Singapore cannot be flood free". The until recently very silent, Lee Kuan Yew's son finally admitted it; that parts of Singapore, already tiny as it is, will be underwater on a regular basis.

The most damaging fact is that the prime shopping location of Singapore, the Orchard Road Scotts Road junction, which has the most expensive land with the most expensive shopping in the entire island is sadly also in one of the lowest areas of the island; meaning it is going to be flooded very often. What we saw there a few days ago is not going to be unexpected anymore, it is going to be the norm.

Unfortunately for Lee Kuan Yew and son who run the place, it is also where the most expensive international brands names, Emelldo Guuci, Roberto Idioci and Italiano Mafiosi or whatever other Italian fancy name you can think of are located. During the last 2 floodings there, only a few days apart, millions had been lost.

I understand that many if not all these fancy Italians no longer want to do business in an underwater location. They have packed up, cancelled their leases and left for parts of the world still on dry land.

If Singapore's premier father and son team who run Singapore want to be honest, they should zone these flood prone areas as uninhabitable for floods, compensate both landlords and tentants and assist them to depart Singapore without loss.

Large tracts of Singapore, small as it is, are clearly unsuitable for habitation for flood; Bukit Timah, Orchard, Serangoon Road and several other locations.

Mohammad Mustafa Samsuddin in Serangoon Road reported heavy losses due to flooding on ground level. The cheap 2 penny Tamil food stalls in Veerasamy Road were all damaged by water in several thousands of dollars almost 2 days in a row, and the Tamils there are so worried seriously considering whether to pack now and catch Indian Airlines.

The Chinese in Hong Kong Street Chinatown are similarly thinking of calling it a day and boarding Air China for good.

These concerns of permanent flooding is no longer imaginary, it is now real. Never has so much flooding occurred in Singapore as it does now. And if there is so much rain in June, which is normally considered a dry month in the South West Monsoon, what is going to happen during the North East in December, you tell me that.

In a dictatorship like Singapore run by the father and son team, it is impossible to say anything edgeways anyway, since they think they know all. And this is exactly why these pompous fools have led Singapore into the state it is in, a permanent watery mess.

The reasons which they conveniently put forward such as insufficient drainage is clearly wrong, either because they are ignorant or because they are dishonest. Regardless of how much drainage you have, the fact remains Singapore is a very low lying island, being only a few inches above sea level. Second, the heat generated over Singapore partly due to global warming and partly due to construction of massive concrete structures means a great deal of heat in the atmosphere.

This means the air can withstand much more water vapour, the sea level rises through expansion because the water sea water temperature is very high, and finally the rain now occurring is not monsoonal but due to daily condensation, cooling and precipitation.

So what you have is daily rain after the land surface has heated in the morning and huge deluge of water in the afternoon after moisture condenses and cools into massive quantities of rain. No matter what father or son do, the water simply cannot flow out to sea because with the tides, the water from the sea is coming in.

I bet with a few more days of these floods in a row with millions of dollars lost by exclusive Imeldo Moroni or Italiano Idioci, there would be no longer any more business in Orchard Road. It may be better to turn the entire place into a water sports hub called Singapori Absoluti Idiotic City.

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Anonymous said...



Neat isn't it


Venice of the East said...

Dear Gopalan,

I thought the Lees should be happy since they do not need to buy water from Malaysia now.

With Orchard Road reservoir, Chinatown reservoir and Serrangoon reservoir, and more people swimming away from the island - The water problem is at long last solved.

The Italian can now build Singapore only floating casino,
Rialto Venezia II

Anonymous said...

"Singapori Absoluti Idiotic City"...LOL! That's a damn good one.

more temporary reservoirs said...

Heavy rain causes flash floods in MacPherson & Paya Lebar
By Joanne Chan | Posted: 01 July 2010 1858 hrs

SINGAPORE: Heavy rain on Thursday afternoon caused localised flash floods at MacPherson Road and Tai Seng Drive.

National water agency, PUB, said the flash floods subsided within 30 minutes.

A caller to the MediaCorp Hotline, Jerry Hanis, who works in Kampong Ampat, said that traffic had to be diverted.

"The worst was at MacPherson Road, the flooding was very bad. And Kampong Ampat is a small road near the Mazda showroom. There were two lanes where vehicles couldn't pass through. Only the right-most lane was left for traffic. This is not the first time that it was flooded here. It floods whenever it rains," he said.

Anonymous said...

When will Stinkaporeans realize that their island is only a few inches above sea level? With global warming, there will be more frequent flooding on the island. Do not wait for the water to be above your heads before considering moving out! You cannot live even when the water reaches your ankles! LKY and cronies certainly has done a good job keeping you in ignorant bliss about your tiny island! Wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

With global warming, Singapore will be more flood prone. The rising seas will certainly back up into all the canal drains choking them with the inevitable floods. Singaporeans need to realize this and start preparations for migrating out. Do not wait for the situation to get so bad that you will have to compete with millions of enviromental refugees from countries like Bangladesh, whose land is below sea level.

This coupled with the stiffling humidity in Singapore, its a wonder why Singaporeans have not migrated out sooner.