Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore. Is the clock still ticking

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Of course, I am referring to 88 year old Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's super strongman, who has continued to rule since 1959, who pays himself, his family and friends millions of dollars openly and several more millions under the table, who will sue you even if you as much as coughed, and who surrounds himself with bootlickers whose only job is to make sure that he is kept on his seat.

Not too long ago, when I had caused a stir over there by my hoax that he suffered a heart attack, we were immediately informed by the Prime Ministers office that despite his age of 88 years, he was fine and had gone to London. Up till today most really doubt whether he in fact went to London or for that matter anywhere else, because contrary to the island dictatorship's usual practice, we were never told why or when he had gone, and neither were we shown any pictures in their state controlled newspapers. My guess is that he was there all along, and the lie about London was to ally the fears many had that indeed he had breathed his last breath.

Lee Kuan Yew's government, you see, is fully aware, like everyone else, that Singapore unfortunately depends on just one man, himself, and once he is gone, Singapore, as we know, will also be gone like him. That is why we see the immediate response, once my hoax was published, from the Prime Minister's Office about him and about the Singapore stock market.

You will recall the utter chaos in the island immediately resultant on the hoax, the stock market momentarily dipped although it immediately picked up once I had revealed it to be a hoax, many had or were in the process of selling their shares, people were planning to leave the island, and although I do not have first hand knowledge of this, Singapore Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who abuses the law to please Mr. Lee nearly had a heart attack herself, in her case because of her fear of what will happen to her if Lee, her patron and benefactor, is gone.

Well, we have not seen him for some time. Is he still alive, or is he sleeping long hours as men of his age do before they die, or is he, as I had remarked in my hoax, really in hospital?

None of these questions are irrelevant since the man, no matter which way you want to look at it, is 88 years old anyway. And what is more he is walking around with a pacemaker with an iodine battery in it.

Since everything that goes on in the island, including everything that his minister of Law K Shanmugam says, depends on this man alone, I can assure you that Singapore will change overnight when he kicks the bucket. I expect mass demonstrations, even revolution; his son might flee the country; the stock market will collapse for good; mass exodus of people and money out of the country; and Judge Belinda Ang Sew Ean in the first plane out to Nanking China.

I truly believe, with Lee's impending demise Singapore will collapse overnight. His son is incapable of doing anything.

That is why I ask, where is Lee Kuan Yew. His clock has begun to tick and will soon stop.

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Anonymous said...

There's a saying "Don't count your chicken before they hatch"

When Soviet Union's Stalin died the Eastern Europe thought it was time for freedom too and war erupted to fight for their freedom, wars that failed.

When North Korea's Kim Il- Sung died the west predicted the collapse of the entire regime because they thought Kim Jong Il wasn't up to the task and wasn't much of a leader compared to his father.

So I would not be so sure about Singapore fate when Harry Lee's gone.

What is obvious is if the regime doesn't change and persisting to becoming hindrance to freedom and democracy and wouldn't shed its arrogance then Singapore is bound to lose its advantages sooner or later and risk becoming a failed city state. There's absolutely no excellence in dictatorial regime.


Gopalan Nair said...


You are comparing apples with oranges. Not the same. Singapore is not Hungary of 1956, and neither is it an entirely closed society like North Korea.

It is 2010 if you forget. You can fly from Singapore to Sydney in 4 hours, and you are reading Singapore Dissident because of the Internet.

I have more optimism that you have. The time speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Look what I found.

In case Singaporeans forget your contributions to your homeland.

Anonymous said...

LKY's birthday is Sep/16/1923, so his age is 86 years and 9 months.
Not 88

Anonymous said...

will be PAP be fractured into 2 factions once LKY passes on?
it is inevitable that one faction will set to topple LHL once harry goes

Anonymous said...

THE BATTERY IS GETTING FLAT. And it is beyond charging life. Time is finally up. Be patient.