Saturday, July 3, 2010

Singapore's daily floods

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Can anyone advise over there? Did Singapore flood again yesterday and if so, by how many feet of water this time?

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mycroft said...

Yes, they enjoyed another delicious dose of Mother Nature's wrath for turning a once green and pleasant land into a sealed concrete slab incapable of soaking up floods the way it naturally used to in the past. The same spots on Orchard Road were hit and now MacPherson and Upper Thompson Roads too. Stalled vehicles on the TPE, I was reliably informed. You can see the pictures for yourself here.

And if you look here, you can have a hearty belly laugh when they bragged about 'THE timely installation of five debris-trap gratings at Stamford Canal on Thursday seems to have worked during Friday morning's heavy downpour...' Heh. That was rushed out after the first debacle and it cost the NEA a miserable cheapskate $25,000. That's $25k down the drain you might say because plain old gratings unable to rotate for debris to be removed are practically useless after 5 minutes and in fact they aggravate the problem as a moment's thought will show.

After the 'once-in-50-years freak event', 'people littering the canals', 'caught off-guard' excuses, one can hardly wait to hear what the increasingly desperate minds of PAP spin doctors can come up with for a fourth Horseman. If the PM has anything to do with it, it'll probably involve burning chilli and onions to ward off the evil rain spirits, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore govt suggests that flood is caused by blockage. Uncle Yap found out that the blockage is upstream.

Singapore special water? flow against gravity? go upstream one?

Hahahaha Good joke from million$ministers

mycroft said...

Another staggering flood drowned the island between 4 and 9 am today and swamped Bukit Timah, Braddell Road and Changi amongst other low-lying areas. Water in car park basements was deep enough to come up to window height and half-way up the doors on some roads.

These 'once-in-50-years' freak storms are great fun. I've never ever seen it this bad before to be honest - and it's not even the monsoon season proper yet! At this rate we won't need to import any more water from Johore - the whole island will become one giant reservoir. With MacRitchie, Pierce, Seletar reservoirs already, it's only fair that an island-wide Harry Lee reservoir be created in honour of the self-proclaimed founder of the nation.