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Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew's son's call for young leaders.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times Online edition of July 4, 2010, Lee Kuan Yew's son, whom he appointed Prime Minister is calling out for young leaders to join his party to run the country.

To quote the state controlled newspaper "Speaking at a grand dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the People's Association, Mr. Lee (the son), reminded 5,000 grassroots leaders of the need to bring in new members and steadily hand over leadership positions to a younger generation!"

This statement doesn't sound like what you would hear in a democracy at all, but rather what you would expect in Stalin's Russia or present day Communist China, where the eternal communist party would select suitable candidates and "groom" them into positions of leadership, never mind who the people want! This is not a democracy, it is Fascism, Communism or Totalitarianism. This is just plain dictatorship, a blatant abuse of the Constitution.

Consider, the son does not even appear to recognize that Dr. Chee Soon Juan is an opposition politician in the SDP, a legally constituted opposition political party and that he or his colleagues may, at least in theory, be elected into power by the people, yet being not not one of those selected by him!

The son (let us call him that), appears not to appreciate that Singapore is supposed to be a constitutional democracy, which requires periodical elections from which political leaders are chosen; not how the son goes about it by personal invitation.

And that is why repeated statements, a blatant disregard of the Constitution, such as this by the father Lee Kuan Yew and his son should have made it very plain to anyone what Singapore really is, simply a Stalinist one party central planning state, where leaders are chosen by the dictator, not by universal free and fair elections.

And that is why I say Singapore's minuscule opposition political parties should see what is plain to anyone including me, that they should not be wasting their time contesting elections. Boycott elections. Take to the streets, not by violence but peaceful protest and demonstrations and civil disobedience.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, for whom I have great respect, and his colleagues, whom I consider the only real political opposition in Singapore is fully aware of this pathetic hopeless situation as I am. Yet he (Dr. Chee)appears to have decided, a decision which he has every right to make of course, to follow the decision of those around him that they should continue contesting elections because any mass political protests would alienate the people instead of winning their support.

In the present political situation, any true observer can see that this view, whether real or imaginary is wrong. Second, a political party should not be pandering to anyone for votes but should do what is right regardless of consequence. And third, history has shown that doing what is right always works.

The son here once again confirms that he has no intention whatsoever of complying with the Constitution. Democracy is the last thing on his mind. And if he did get any grassroots leaders to join him, you can expect them to be the same as what we now have, bootlickers, sycophants, trumpeters and hypocrites like the Minister for Law K Shanmugam who passes a law requiring even one peaceful protester to have a police permit, which by the way would be automatically denied ever if applied for.

Singapore is going to the dogs with the father and son duo. You are ending up with massive emigration of the educated, a fast declining population, Chinese human imports with no English nor any sense of democracy and a population of commercial thugs and crooks running away from their countries to hide in Singapore with their money.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan is not getting anywhere with contesting elections with the father and son controlling the reins. He will not now or ever. In this sort of situation, Dr. Chee has to do what is necessary even if it means the dismantling of his entire apparatus. From the streets and civil disobedience, a new Singapore will arise. The father and son are doing enough damage to the country. They have to be stopped.

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Future people's leaders needed!

Professional at the very least holding respected bachelor tertiary degree.

COMPLETE OBEDIENCE to Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

HAVE NO OTHER OPINION AND SAY NONE except what's told to keep and say.

DO NOTHING unless ordered to.

LYING WHEN TOLD TO is part of daily procedures and civic engagement.

NO CONSCIENCE needed in fact it should be blatantly ignored

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