Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Great Singapore Standoff, Alan Shadrake

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Alan Shadrake was arrested 2 months ago for criticizing Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and his courts for corruption and misuse of power. His passport was held preventing him from leaving the island. He is awaiting trial for contempt of court and criminal defamation which no one knows when. Shadrake is British and does not ordinarily live in Singapore. He stays in a Singapore hotel while he waits.

As for Lee Kuan Yew, he appears undecided as to what to do. No one knows when the trial will be or how long Shadrake will have to stay there at his expense.

For the moment, last 2 months, the standoff between them continues.

While there Shadrake has been using his time to reiterate and hammer home the offending statements he had made in his book. Utube has a series of videos made by well known Singapore dissident, Yap Keng Ho, better known by his nickname Uncle Yap. In them, Shadrake repeats and expands his charge that Singapore courts are not impartial, they selectively hang uneducated poor and unconnected victims while rich and connected criminals are allowed to go scot free. He even equates Singapore's hangings with that of Hitler who selectively eliminated the weak and mentally handicapped by simply killing them. Just like Hitler, Shadrake refers to Lee Kuan Yew's speeches of the past for the need to improve the genes of the species by destroying the weak and incompetent. A Lee Kuan Yew policy of justified murder as that of Hitler.

And while Shadrake uses his time in Singapore, waiting for his trial, to escalate and expand his attacks against Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore and the corruption of the Singapore judiciary, which the government has found offensive in the first place, Singapore government and Lee Kuan Yew's courts appears completely helpless and incapable of doing anything about it.

And by their inability to shut up and silence Shadrake, they are in fact proving what he has said all along, that there is one law for the connected and strong and another for the weak helpless Singaporean masses. Shadrake is in the former of the 2 categories being an internationally known English author. Messing with him is not the same as messing with a humble Singaporean tea boy.

And that is why I continue to say this government is simply a bunch of cowardly bullies. They abuse the law any which was they can with local Singaporeans who are no better than their slaves but when they make a mistake with someone like Shadrake, they shrivel and shrink like a cowardly mouse.

They are now completely helpless while Shadrake continues calling them a bunch of thugs and his courts as those run by Kangaroos. I must say, one cannot help but feel sorry for Lee Kuan Yew and his friends at the top with a troublesome Shadrake taking them on at their word. Never have we seen the Singapore government who have all along instilled fear in the people, appear so helpless as we see now with Shadrake.

One thing is certain. They have made a mistake with Shadrake. They picked the wrong victim this time. This time, Shadrake is going to bite.

Carpe Diem or in Latin, seize the day. This time it is not Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore government seizing Shadrake. Shadrake is going to seize Lee Kuan Yew's government.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are right this time. I will be celebrating too.

Anonymous said...

The situation will be different if the old fart goes any time from now. Let's see.

Anonymous said...

you are right.