Monday, September 6, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, I may appear at my trial in Singapore on Sept 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My disciplinary hearings in Singapore is scheduled to be heard from Sept 20 to Sept 24, 2010 at 10am in Room 2A, High Court.

So far I have said I will not come to Singapore fior the hearings because of the danger of getting arresting again. The danger of that is obvious. I have written numerous blog posts after my return to California in 2008 attacking the Singapore judiciary as corrupt and retracted my apology to the Singapore court in 2008 not to criticize its judiciary again, which according to Singapore or Lee's law is contempt.

There are many advantages to my coming for the hearing. I can defend myself robustly against these silly charges. Although the hearings will be in private, I can write a verbatim account daily as to what happened in this blog, which they cannot stop me from doing. The world already alerted to my high profile arrest in 2008, would cry foul from the capitals of the world. This will be an even greater embarrassment for the Lee Kuan Yew administration of Singapore.

It would give me tremendous pleasure to embarrass Lee Kuan Yew's government this way, not to mention that it would be an even bigger adventure than the last time. Just imagine the headlines "Gopalan Nair arrested again by this tin pot dictatorship". Wouldn't it be lovely!

If they arrested me, it will be even bigger news worldwide and even more embarrassment to this regime. Singapore will go down another notch in the eyes of the world.

Although I cannot officially enter the island without permission, they would look silly if they denied me entry for my trial.

On balance therefore, considering the very bad publicity if they arrest me again in Singapore, I think probably they will not this time again.

On the other hand, if they did arrest me and did the same they did last time, confiscating my passport and keeping me there for long periods, my California law practice will suffer as it did last time. In any case, it would be wrong on my part to take such a risk knowing the dangers.

So I am balancing the options. If I did, I will be arriving a few days before the 20th of September 2010, either by air into Changi or via land at the Woodlands border post.

The Singapore Immigration might want to alert these ports to keep a look out. Gopalan Nair may be coming.

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Anonymous said...

Don't Gopalan...these people have no shame you're better off taking care of your health to see the impending doom and fall of this corrupt regime
They like to drain people like us dissident and critics, psychologically, mentally, physically and financially

If you were young I'd advise you to go but you're not that young.


Gopalan Nair said...

To Renaldi,
Thanks but I am really younger than you think, and instead of their draining me psychologically, it may well be the other way round. But we will see.

Anonymous said...

Well if you still decide to go eventually maybe the following could help

Never ever take them seriously because they are the people who do not respect their own law or any law above or below.

Do not expect them to do what they supposed to do as required by domestic or international law or to respect any of your God-given rights. See them as brat or children with some serious attitude and behavior problems.
Never consider them an adult. That's just their costume.

Laugh at them a lot. They're funny.
They are actually.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,
This is beginning to sound like a trap. Is lee so stupid to just organise this disciplinary hearings for nothing. lee is probably playing chess with you so you will end up in a coward's den and start doing dirty tricks on you. They know your weaknesses since the last detention and will exploit them to kill 2 stones. Running a fear campaign to clean up all those dissident bloggers before starting an election campaign.


Anonymous said...

Haha, they will sure arrest you. Because they are angry with your blog post. The purposely disbar you (though they know it has no real effect cos you are no more practising law in Singapore) so that you may come and arrest you, that is so called "引君入甕"in Chinese.

Anonymous said...

My advice is Don't ever step into Stingapore. They will arrest you the moment you disembark and charge you with all the remarks you have so far made in your blogs.
The old fart is setting a trap for you. Don't forget those Singaporeans who were already arrested for expressing their views on the internet. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

IMHO, it's better for your cause to continue your blog than sitting in their jail. They will have shut you up and one fewer critics during the upcoming election. Why would their let you go when they execute drug convicts without exceptions?

Anonymous said...

Show the world that you ahve some balls (and please get arrested so world can witnesss a stop to your whining).

Anonymous said...

Two words: Don't go.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,
Please take care. Personal safety is utmost important. Have a long life so that you can be our lucky star.

Anonymous said...

hi Gopalan. Pls dont come to singapore. I wish you a long life. there is nothing better to do than to come and face harsh stresses again??
Pls continue these postings if possible. I hope you can remove your address and personal verifications and let no one find you any trouble again. GOOD LUCK.