Friday, February 3, 2012

"Shrinking population will hurt economy, says Lee Kuan Yew" the Singapore strongman

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Feb 4, 2012 has this story "Shrinking population will hurt economy, says Lee Kuan Yew". It relates to a speech Singapore authoritarian leader made to his Tanjong Pagar constituents yesterday for the Chinese New Year.

In it, he talked about the need to continue increasing immigration into Singapore because the birth rates of Singaporeans have been falling even further. And by immigration, he means exclusively Chinese immigrants from Communist China, never mind the fact that here are other races in Singapore too, who may not be altogether happy in this headlong rush to turn Singapore entirely into a Chinese city.

But other than this fact that such immigration would cause the other races to be cheated by the Sinozation of the island, such a course of action which has been continuing for some time now, is unwise and deleterious to it's well being.

For one, just because the birth rate is falling, you don't simply go to another country and import millions of them into Singapore. It upsets the way of life of native Singaporeans, deprives locals of jobs and changes the socio cultural character of the country entirely, causing the very character of the island to become something else entirely.

For instance, Singapore had a British background being a former British colony. English was it's principle language and Singaporeans looked to Western Europe as their model, not to Communist China. Also, Singapore's economy is hooked to the Western world, not to China and the Chinese language.

Lee Kuan Yew's deliberate policy of transforming Singapore into another Chinese city on the pretext that it's birth rate is falling is a fraud upon native born Singaporeans and an impediment for the future growth of the island.

He goes on to say in his speech that if they do not bring in these huge numbers from China, fewer people would mean fewer business for shopkeepers, and fewer business possibilities.

Surely, just because you will lose some business due to a falling population does not mean that you have to go out and do this. The government should instead address the problem and look into why this is happening, and then find a solution. They should ask themselves why even the European countries that traditionally had a low birth rate have now begun to produce more babies, like Australia which has a much higher rate than Singapore. Perhaps the reason for Singapore's problem lies in it's bad governance. Perhaps it is because the people do not want to raise families in a country run by a despot, where there are no fundamental rights like other civilized countries.

If you looked at this situation, you can see why it is completely wrong. For example, if the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific with a population of for example 500,000 has a shrinking population, you don't solve the problem by going out to Hawaii and bringing 2 million Hawaiians to settle in Vanuatu. By doing this you completely change the character of the island, let alone the fact that you would be upsetting many natives of Vanuatu by this unwelcome influx of foreigners.

Then there is the problem of their loyalty. You simply cannot expect that foreigners will stay in the interests of the island in hard times. I can imagine at the first calamity that Singapore faces, these characters would be the first ones to pack leaving Singapore and Singaporeans in the lurch.

And this last possibility is very real, especially since Singapore is now facing the so far insurmountable and new problem of flooding which is almost certain to get worse by the day. If the island of Singapore is going to face serious island wide flooding on a weekly basis, Chinese nationals would be the first ones to leave Singapore. You cannot expect them to have any loyalty to Singapore, an island to which they arrived yesterday to make a buck.

Of course in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, none dares to challenge him, regardless of how wrong you can see he is. Noone would dare to challenge Kim Jong An in his North Korea. Doing so can result in all sorts of dangers to yourself. So Singaporeans keep quiet while Singapore's dictator drives the island into the dirt.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
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No Drive, No Hunger, No Protests said...

Hong Kong people are standing up against the Chinese mainlanders.
They call it the Locust Invasion.

Hong Kong University students protest against the next China Leader visit last Aug. That event is now recorded in history as the HK 818 Incident

Singaporeans are well-fed cowards.

Singapore university students? You know better.

But there is one young author, the late Grace Chow who wrote this book "A Pain in the Neck". It contains many views on how Singapore is governed, and who it is governed by. Interesting read on the Power-that-be and how living in Singapore was suffocating for her.

Amazon shows Chapter 1 which started of with JBJ and how he was treated by God (LKY), Baby-God (LKY's PM son) and the Holy Goh.

M Mansukhani said...

An easy way to increase the population without using immigration. Offer all adults, single or married, affordable access to housing then we wont have so many people deferring starting a family because of the restrictions of staying in 'Hotel Mama'.

Immigration is needed, of course, bring in people who want to live in Singapore. Yes, some from China, some from Malaysia, some from India and some from Europe (not forgetting other ASEAN and western countries). Only bring people in who can enrich society, those who want to live in Singapore, those who want to start a family here or have a partner here, those who understand the country rather than just the opportunity. Most importantly bring in those who have skills that can improve the skills of those they work with.

Lose the paranoia about making Singapore a Chinese city and work on making it a progressive and prosperous city where the talents from all over the world can work with the local talents. Educate people that EVERYONE IS EQUAL no matter if they're Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, European, African and so on. Also treat all minority groups equally (and get rid of the bullying laws against some of them).

Do all of this and Singapore will prosper. Does it sound over the top? Well, it's not far from a description of how Hong Kong works...

Anonymous said...

Well, whose fault is it? LKY forced his birth control policy down the throats of Singaporeans. Abortion was on demand, no questions asked. Even his PAP colleagues sterilised themselves so that their children could go to good schools. His policy was not thought through and even though people told him there would be problems, he refused to listen. His big ego was in the way. Now his legacy to Singaporeans is to depend on foreigners. He doesn't even believe in his fellow Singaporeans. What happened to his spin that PAP extols excellence? Where is the excellence among his ministers and the foreign imports? LKY has shot himself in the foot.

Anonymous said...