Sunday, February 12, 2012

Singapore. Weird reasons for low birth rate.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper The Straits Times of Feb 13, 2012 has the story "More Singaporeans not mentally ready for babies:Poll". It says that "while money tops the reasons why Singaporeans are not having more babies, another factor- being not mentally prepared is proving a growing barrier". It says "about 2 in 5 polled last year said they were emotionally ill equipped to have children compared with just 3 in 20 in 2010." It says this is the second most cited reason by couples in a recent survey while the other reasons were "time, career and the lack of quality affordable childcare support".

Although it is well known that dictatorships with state controlled newspapers use it for propaganda purposes by putting forward all sorts of rubbish to advance what they conveniently claim are in their national interests (propoganda), but even so, this time they appear to have gone a little too far. Mentally not ready for babies? Really?

Why then are parents all over the world who are having children, in Europe, in America, in Latin America, in Asia, who all appear to be "mentally prepared" but for some inexplicable reason, Singaporeans are not?

Why is it that in decades past, in the 1950s, 1960s, and the 1970s they were all "mentally prepared" because then they had lots more babies then, but suddenly in Singapore, as the birth rate has dropped to the lowest in the world, the latest reason given by this state controlled press is a total surprise, "mental unpreparedness"! Thats a new one!

I tell you why Singaporeans are not having babies. It is not "mental unpreparedness" or any other nonsense. It is simply the refusal of Singaporeans who are now increasingly educated and sophisticated to have babies in an island which they are increasingly beginning to dislike, a dictatorship under Lee Kuan Yew without any rights, where you have to listen to such rubbish on a daily basis from a state controlled media, where you have no freedom of speech or expression and where the law is used to silence dissent.

These are the reasons why thousands upon thousands of educated Singaporeans in an already tiny island with a tiny population continue to emigrate to Australia and the rest of the Western world and that is why Lee Kuan Yew is compelled to bring in plane loads of Communist Chinese who know no English to replace the talented local Singaporeans who have left.

And it also because of blogs like these Singapore Dissident which continues to write about the general dissatisfaction of Singaporeans to their government which they read , which encourages even more to leave the island for their and their children's future and why no one is having any babies. Singapore continues to have the lowest birth rate in the world.

Gopalan Nair
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Kiasu Selfish Living said...

Strange, foreign talent workers are reproducing at record rates in Singapore.

Perhaps, local Singaporeans know something that foreign peers do not - The insecurities of living in Singapore under PAP rules.

Unlike a natural garden that attracts birds and frogs, the Singapore garden has a plastic appearance to give others the impression that everything is fine.

But underneath, it is barren. Poverty, Dictatorship, Expensive healthcare, Hectic Lives and Overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear this perspective from a native Singaporean. Is there any study by a Singaporean dissenter on the Lee government's use of low birth rate to suppress sexual diversity (LGBT rights)in the country? I would be interested in knowing more about this topic, if you might lead me to a source or two?