Saturday, April 28, 2012

Singapore Island finally loses battle to retain it’s citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has finally come to this. Singapore’s native born population is fast disappearing and it’s rulers, the Lee family have finally admitted that they just have to accept that fate. This sad fact has been made clear from a number of press releases in it’s state controlled newspapers.

In the state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of April 24, 2012, there is the story “Government releases 5 future population scenarios”. It says if present fertility rates which are the lowest in the world “stays at it’s current low of 1.2 births per woman, Singapore’s citizen population will start to shrink and decrease by more than ½ million”. It therefore presumably argues the need to bring in foreigners mainly from Communist China and other third world countries.

In the same state controlled newspaper of April 28, 2012, it carries the story “Pro foreigner job ads top list of grievances”. In Singapore, it’s citizens are outraged by foreign companies discriminating against locals by hiring only foreigners. Surely one can understand why they should be unhappy.

In the latest report in the same government propaganda newspaper of April 29, 2012, there is this story, “Do more to help foreigners adjust: DPM Teo”. Teo, the assistant prime minister and side kick to the Singapore strongman’s son has finally admitted that his people are migrating in uncontrollable numbers to live in the West. This is what he says, “As more Singaporeans go out into the world to study, work and live overseas, more foreigners are moving here to make Singapore cosmopolitan and vibrant”.

I think he got the part “foreigners make Singapore cosmopolitan and vibrant” wrong. He should have said, “Foreigners who come in and destroy the identity, history and culture of the island and make it a third rate island of temporary travelers”.

Teo goes on to say that “there are 280 Singapore clubs in 120 cities worldwide, a network of little red dots”. What he should have said is that it is a network of non existent members who have been totally inactive for the last few years. If you took a look at the website of Singapore Club of Northern California, which is where I live, there has not been any activity since 2009! Furthermore the few committee members cannot even be contacted after changing their telephone numbers!

Finally he says “he was in New York and met 5,000 Singaporeans”. The truth is not that he met 5,000 Singaporeans. A handful may have turned up to eat the freebies put out there in the public park in New York, where anyone can come, not necessarily Singaporeans. I believe there are indeed 5,000 Singaporeans who have left Singapore for good and wish to have nothing more to do with it. That I think is more the truth.

Instead of Teo telling a pack of lies while Singaporeans emigrate in increasing numbers, children are not being born and citizens continue to die off from old age, he should instead be trying to ask why is this happening to Singapore.

I can tell you why. The Singapore constitution, which his boss the Lees have cleverly modified to fit their personal need to remain in power, is of no use other than as toilet paper. You have a list of human rights which has been deliberately changed so as to give you no rights at all. What sort of a stupid constitution is that which says, you have a right to free speech but you don’t. You have a right to free expression but you don’t. You have a right to assemble but you don’t. You have a right to the rule of law but you don’t because his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean will prostitute her judicial office to please her masters.

The Singapore Constitution’s sheets can be used for toilet paper. It has no other value beyond that.

Beside the useless Constitution which gives it’s citizens no rights, you have a kangaroo court system with kangaroo judges who abuse the law at will. And then you don’t have job security where people can be hired and fired, no free independent unions, no minimum wage, no anti discriminatory laws and no job security whatsoever.

So, with a useless system such as this and a state controlled media, no one wants to have children, live or work there, except ignorant Chinese from Communist China who have no idea about anything let alone Singapore.

For the thousands and millions of Singaporeans who have migrated abroad, Singapore will no longer even be a place worth visiting. It will no longer be even recognizable as Singapore which once was, populated entirely by Chinese people from China and other neighboring third world countries.

Singapore Dissident will continue to play a crucial part in persuading native born Singaporeans to leave the island run by the Lee ruling family dynasty and their side kicks such as this Teo. Truly it is not a country to live, work and bring up a family unless you are from Communist China and escaping the intolerable poverty of it’s rural areas.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

I've already migrated to Australia for good even before you want to persuade me to leave Singapore.. Singapore is literally a goner place which is on a downward spiral day by day and still a lot of citizens refused to accept the reality that Singapore is heading towards destruction..


Anonymous said...

If the Lees are going to bring in so many poor, rural people from Communist China, then why don't they bring in similar numbers of rural people from India, Malaysia, Philippines and Bangladesh as well? That's how it used to be when Singapore first started? Why are they discriminating against people of non-Chinese background?

John R said...

OK, suppose an immigrant thinks he/she is the luckiest person alive to get a citizenship in Singapore...what next?
They are going to realize, sooner or later, the same fate and punishment of being a Singaporean - unable to sustain life, unless you are rich and powerful.
Singapore really needs REAL change, a REAL Democracy.

Gopalan Nair said...

To John R,
One proviso. If he can crawl, lick the boots of the Lee ruling family and say that Singapore is a paradise and Lee Kuan Yew and son are the best, he may be able to continue in sucess. But the question is for how long, since the Lee ruling family themselves are collapsing.

Anonymous said...

I think that LKY and his band of scholars have finally lost the plot - their digits don't want to be ruled by the despot, become 2nd class citizens in their own country, have their sons do NS.

They are fleeing to Australia and elsewhere.

Sourced from PTADER said...

In his heyday, aided by his ISD attack dogs, his 147th running dogs and prostitute press and his corrupt, judicial kangaroos, this old fool, LKY, was in his element.

He started well but within just a few years, got intoxicated and consumed by power. He started throwing his weight around. He brook no dissent from anyone.

Those who did not nor would not surrender their beliefs, principles, morals or kneel or bow before him were, along with their innocent families, systematically destroyed.

The old fool would regularly thump his chicken breast to brag about his abilities to "demolish" anyone and everyone using his impressive array of sharp "hatchets", "knuckledusters" and a host of personal weaponry.

His abilities to break heads and bones were legendary.

In reality though, all these were not too difficult for him since he did not fight his own fights. He was too much of a dirty coward to do so. Instead, he relied on a corrupt army of attack and running dogs to fight his personal battles. He never entered a fight without first having all his running and attack dogs lined up behind him. All ever ready to sell their soul and to do his bidding for the scraps that he tossed out to them. If they were not lined up behind him, this big, brave, fearless legend would swiftly flee in fear, his quivering tail firmly tucked between his hind legs, for the safety of Cameron Highlands.

This once fearsome thug is now laughably reduced to wearing pampers and is now unable to walk without an aide by his side, waiting to catch him should he fall and break his ageing, brittle bones.

The "legacy" that he leaves behind is that of an effete society comprising a fearful, enfeebled people. It is that of a people whose emasculation over decades of his iron fist rule has left them either reluctant or unable to cope with the vagaries of life and who now hate him for what he has done to them and to their country.

The experiment that is Singapore could have been a success had this old fool not been so intoxicated and consumed with power. The experiment that is Singapore could have been a success had his personal troika of ISD attack dogs, 147th running dogs and prostitute press and his corrupt judicial kangaroos not surrender their personal morals and ethics to do his biddings.

Was it all worth it, Lee Kuan Yew? To be confined to the footnote of history as being nothing more than an insignificant, little tinpot tyrant of a small island in SEA? To lose the respect of the young (and even the old) who hold you in undisguised hatred, outright disgust and sneering contempt instead of in awe and respect?

The best of your son's propaganda after your passing will not restore that which you so crave for. That legacy of being "Bapak Singapura", the "Father of Singapore". Instead, you, your offsprings and their offsprings will be continue to be hated, despised and you will continue to be cursed and held in contempt.

Goodbye and good luck with his funeral.

Anonymous said...

HI Mr Nair,

You are absolutely true about the NY event!! I was invited through a Singaporean friends. I literally tore the invitation and spat on it!! why would i wanna be associated with that propaganda government so that they could track where in I live in NY. (Not even the food would have tempted me). I'd rather pay 30 bucks to go and get an excellent Malaysian food at Nonya in Chinatown. Its equally good or probably even better... So who ended up going to that ridiculous event!! students and their friends..what a waste of time.

In conclusion, yes the smart ones are leaving in bucket load.

Anonymous said...

I cannot forget it when they Jailed a British reporter for writing a critical book on Singapore's capital punishment policy and its inherent and fatal flaws. If one cannot write a critical book then what kind of state is Singapore? Quite obviously it is facist and paternalistic and quite ridiculous too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair,

I know of friends and family who have settled in beautiful Australia and are loving it there.Soon,I too shall be leaving this little island for uni abroad. I spent a semester at a local uni and lets just say it was not for me. In fact, in the top junior colleges around the island, I know for a fact that thousands of Singapore's brightest clamor to go abroad for college or university. Singaporeans are flooding the best academic institutions around the world- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UCLA, Brown, Oxford,Cambridge, The London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, UCL....... Many don't return.Talk about massive Brain Drain!

Singapore had its advantages - it was a clean, safe city.But this isn't the case anymore.With the influx of people from China, Singapore is no longer clean and safe.On many occasions , I have witnessed brash PRCs spitting and littering on the once pristine sidewalks of Singapore. On the topic of safety, look no further than the latest events.PRC national beats up taxi driver then killed a cleaner at Changi Budget Terminal. Reckless PRC ferrari driver kills Taxi driver and passenger. I fear for my safety and to be honest it is all quite disturbing...........Oh well! Just the other day, I was getting myself some ice cream from an ice cream parlor in a shopping mall in Orchard Road. I could not place my order because the person behind the counter was a PRC woman who did not understand or speak a word of English........

-traumatised young person

Gopalan Nair said...

To "traumatized young person"

Although what you say is true, the main reason why Singaporeans leave is because they want to live in freedom and not a dictatorship like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sultan of Brunei and Uncle Lee of Singapura. We forgive you...return "home" to Malaysia...we can "bincang" the other stuffs later. You both know you guys need "Big Daddy" :-)

Anonymous said...

hello my friend,I realise that singapore is becoming an impossible place to live.I am still a student,when I am grown up I want to migrate.Years ago i wanted to stay here,but then the government has made things unfair for us.I saw your other post too,great work friend.