Friday, September 7, 2012

Singapore. Beware. Lee Kuan Yew has other plans for you

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The problem that Singaporeans face today is their ruler, Lee Kuan Yew. His problem is that he thinks he knows far more than anyone else, and therefore, being so smart, he is not bound by anything laid down such as the rules and foundation for the island.

Singapore started off as you know with a Constitution upon which the laws and policies have to comport. But since Lee thinks he is so smart and knows better than anyone else, he has refused to follow it.

If I understand him correctly, he believes that such things as the rule of law, fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and expression are not necessary. He believes that he could rule much better by doing whatever he wants, and in the process secure his position as well, without such obstacles as human rights.

So he has done away with every single human right that Singaporeans are supposed to have. Today they have no rule of law, any free speech or expression, and all newspapers are state controlled.

And with his control over the Singapore police force who is by and large dumb ignorant fools who have never heard anything about rights, he can freely have anyone arrested at the wink of an eye.

And with the help of Kangaroo judges whom he has placed to do the dirty work, anyone whom he takes a dislike to, can easily be destroyed, which in Singaporean parlance means, being sued for libel and bankrupted.

As a result Singaporeans in Lee Kuan Yew's island, are left with no choice. They either simply go along with Lee Kuan Yew's vision of how the island is run, at any point of time according to Lee’s thinking, or simply get out of the island entirely.

Lee's minions in the island have routinely threatened that they are looking out at the countries of the world so as to tweak and change their present style of authoritarian government as and when they feel the need.

They have threatened to change the style of government anytime they want if they see the need to do it, and it is not up to the people to question them.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam, one of Lee’s minions in government has threatened that they intend to make further changes as and when necessary because, according to him, they know best on how to run the island.

He is also quoted to have said that every 5 years, the island has elections and if  Singaporeans did not like them, that is the time to boot them out. But once you elected them, they will no longer entertain any complaints, until the next 5 years!

But the disgusting thing about Lee's government is not only the fact that they adopt their own style of government instead of the lawful Constitution of Singapore, what is more disgusting is the fact that they don't have the courage to admit it.

They disgracefully continue to pretend that the Constitution exists and display the outward trappings of a Parliamentary democracy in their official functions such as the opening of Parliament, when they know that they simply ignore the Constitution as if it never existed.

If they truly believed in what they were doing, should they not openly admit that Singapore is not a parliamentary democracy, but a fascist state based on the thinking of Lee Kuan Yew and his selected minions at the top, at any point of time?

Should they not openly abolish the Constitution of Singapore and isn’t that the more honorable thing to do in the circumstances?

Today, you find the quality of its citizens is at its rock bottom. Any observation of its students shows their general inability to articulate themselves and their general lack of confidence, unlike those in the West and Australia.

This can only be explained by one thing. The best students have all packed up and left. They are either studying or living in the West, leaving mediocre students such as this in the island. And as time passes, the brain drain problem gets progressively worse.

Many other people including myself do not believe that Lee Kuan Yew is the total depository of all the wisdom on earth.

And we do not want to live in a society where Lee decides, according to what he thinks, how the country should be run, what we can say and what we can write and what newspapers we can read.

We are not prepare to live in a island where Lee and his minions would collectively decide how the government has to be changed, what rights we should have and what rights we should not have.

We want the Constitution to be the paramount law of the land, which is a good constitution, which protects our human rights.

But as Lee will not allow it, what other choice but to either stand and fight which entails being bankrupted by his Kangaroo judges or simply pack and leave for the West as many smart Singaporeans continue to do. Why not let Lee and his friends simply have their island and act as fools if they want to. Why not just leave them alone.

Lee appears to think that just because he has built these skyscrapers, roads, and bridges and the subway, people would marvel at him and stay back for even more of these things. Someone should tell Lee that that is not the human behavior he thinks humans have. What they want most is to live independent free lives, and able to think, act and say what they think is right and if necessary fight for these ideals. But since our Big Boy thinks he knows best about everything, like a fool, he now realizes his folly, I hope.

Singapore today has the highest rate of emigration in the world, the lowest fertility rate in the world (no babies) and the largest aging population in the world for a small local population of 2.5 million and for a tiny island like this, these figures are simply intolerable.

He has survived so far by importing huge plane loads of Communist Chinese from China but that is not solving the need for an English educated population.

Just like the frog in the well, he continues to push his people around while they on their part are secretly laughing at him, packing their bags and taking the next flight out.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan

Malaysia's The Star today reads: Sabah & Sarawak workers under 35 kicked out. Reason given by Singapore seems to be crimes committed by them.

Hmm..another conspiracy to discriminate the crowd in favour of those Chinamen?