Thursday, September 20, 2012

Singapore. What sort of people are they, anyway

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are the grim facts about Singapore Island.

Singapore Island is a tiny place which is not more than 26 miles across and 16 miles perpendicular, at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula. In this tiny little crowded place is packed about 5 million people, of which only about 2.5 million are born there. The rest are recent immigrants bought in mainly from Communist China which the ethic Chinese Ruling Family, the Lee Family, prefers over other races.

This tiny island has one of the most corrupted governments in the world, run by the Lee Ruling Family. Lee Senior, even though he is 89 and hardly coherent and almost senile and good for nothing, pays himself no less than about $2.7 million a year, 5 times that of Obama; taxpayers’ money. So does his son and every member of his family, and except for his son, they do no work to earn a penny of it.

As if this was not enough, they have their paws in every kitty. They give themselves directorships in every single government owned company which they created themselves using taxpayers money and siphon off even more from them, literally doing nothing for it. Their sources of income are not disclosed and any attempt to force them to do it, will result in your being bankrupted through libel actions in their Kangaroo Courts.

In fact there is anecdotal evidence that Lee Senior and his son are richer than Bill Gates by a mile, with numbered accounts in almost every single Swiss Bank in existence, villas in the French Rivera, London Paris and Rome. The only reason why they don’t live the lavish lives they can is because they don’t want to end up as another King Louis of France at the guillotine and a missing head.

The entire media is state controlled and any attempt by anyone to publish anything without a permit will result in imprisonment. Even the ownership of a printing press is illegal without government consent.

There is no right to free speech, expression, assembly or any other rights which one would take for granted in Australia or other respected countries.

Simply put, a Singaporean has no voice. Any attempt to demand answers to government actions will result in dismissals from employment, victimization, libel lawsuits, bankruptcy and even imprisonment.

But yet Singaporeans pay their taxes and appear not to complain, living their lives quietly and unobtrusively. If this sort of thing would have been happening anywhere else, the people would be up in arms, and doing summersaults outside Lee's Palace demanding to have answers this very minute come Hell or high water. Very unusual Singaporean indeed.

One cannot avoid hurting the feelings of the average Singaporean but the truth has to be told. The simple answer is, the vast majority of Singaporeans are simply ignorant. They have no idea that they have any rights, because they have never been told of it. And on the principle of what you do not know cannot hurt you, this ignorant lot simply go on with their lives in bliss.

The average Singaporean goes through life in school, learning to read and write, some science, some mathematics and the usual regular subjects. Others who are not smart enough go to trade schools and learn air conditioning, carpentry or diesel mechanics technician course. Most stop school after this and only a small percentage continue to tertiary education.

The vast majority end up as clerks in banks and government offices while others purse their trade as mechanics and technicians. Their education, if you can call it that, equips them to get a job and do their work, nothing more. They are incapable of thinking beyond that.

Those who go on to higher education become accountants, engineers or other professions. Singapore universities make no effort to educate these students more than what they need to know to do their jobs. Nothing more. Therefore the Singapore trained engineer is only able to think as far as his job is concerned. He might become a very able engineer but it will never cross his mind to question the Lee Ruling Family as to what gives them the right to steal his money in the tune of $2.7 million each since he is a taxpayer and this is simply corruption.

Not a single one of the couple of colleges in Singapore has any books on human rights, Constitutional law or John Stuart Mill on Liberty. It will never cross the mind of a Singaporean ever to articulate a phrase such as "It is far better to die a brave man than a coward" or to cry out "Defy authority" not even in his dreams.

This indifference to one's rights is reinforced through fear which the Lee Ruling Family has assiduously cultivated in the minds of Singaporeans. They fear Lee's wrath which makes them go into a state of freeze. It is even further reinforced by this stupid notion of Asian Confucius which extols the virtue of respect for authority. In the Chinese way of thinking, a good man is one that keeps his mouth shut and obeys Lee and his son because they happen to be the rulers and you happen to be no better than a slave.

In the end, I can only say this. It is a society geared to ensure the perpetual rule of the Lee Ruling Family. It is also a society which does not have much quality. People who are perennially afraid do not make good citizenship material. They can never come up with new ideas because they are programmed only to follow, not lead. You also never find true patriotism or loyalty in such a country because it is impossible to be loyal or patriotic to a government which simply steals your money in broad daylight and puts you in jail if you complain.

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