Friday, December 7, 2012

(Video of Singapore woman) Singapore. Chinese workers protests and Singaporean people's blind mindless submission to authority

Update Dec 10, 2012. Checking on the video link below, the Singapore woman who had ealier posted it has taken it off air. She might have been told how silly she looked. Well, there you have it. But I will leave this post up nevertheless

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In total contrast to the Chinese migrant worker's willingness to go on strike for equal pay and living conditions in Lee Kuan Yew's one party totalitarian police state, where there has not been a single labor strike in the last 26 years, last week about 200 bus drivers went on strike and yesterday 2 more perched atop cranes for unpaid wages, Singaporeans reaction to all this is unconfirmed one way or another.

We understand that a poll taken by the government which expectedly is suspect, as very likely the government had asked a dozen or so of their diehard staunch supporters, predictably shows complete disapproval to the strike action. As to what the average person thinks in that tightly controlled island thinks is anyone's guess.

But one woman has made a video to show her total distaste to the strikes. Although she speaks English, or a form of it, it appears she is totally incapable of thinking independently except to simply regurgitate what she has been told by her rulers in her one party police state. Her entire argument against the bus drivers is simply that they have not followed the law of Singapore because according to them, this strike was illegal and her response is simply to say that because the state calls it illegal, therefore it is indeed illegal and no one should be challenging it.

She fails or is incapable of  considering:

1. Singapore is a one party state where elections are unreliable. The state manages to secure their chosen candidates in Parliament and true opponents are finished off through defamation actions. Therefore the laws themselves must be scrutinized before accepting it as illegal.
2. For a strike to require notice, it has to be such as to affect the island's security or safety in a significant way. Bus strikes do not come within this definition worldwide and therefore do not require the giving of notice. Jailing peaceful bus strikers is illegal, not the other way around.
3. She fails to consider or is incapable of realizing, that the harsh response from the government maybe because this government needs to deny worker's their rights so as to further profit behind their backs and secure themselves in power.
4. She fails to understand that merely because a law has been made; it does not make it right. If so, Hitler would have been right in killing Jews or sending them to concentration camps because that was the law of the land.
5. It appears she has not benefited at all from an education and if this is the sort of people you have in Singapore, living there would be like living in an island of robots.

I am attaching the link to the YouTube video below:

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Anonymous said...

What dialect of English is she speaking?
Is this how they speak?

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More strikes.